Charles Albert Tindley

Charles Albert Tindley
Short Name: Charles Albert Tindley
Full Name: Tindley, Charles Albert, 1851-1933
Birth Year: 1851
Death Year: 1933

Charles Albert Tindley was born in Berlin, Maryland, July 7, 1851; son of Charles and Hester Tindley. His father was a slave, and his mother was free. Hester died when he was very young; he was taken in my his mother’s sister Caroline Miller Robbins in order to keep his freedom. It seems that he was expected to work to help the family. In his Book of Sermons (1932), he speaks of being “hired out” as a young boy, “wherever father could place me.” He married Daisy Henry when he was seventeen. Together they had eight children, some of whom would later assist him with the publication of his hymns.

Tindley was largely self-taught throughout his lifetime. He learned to read mostly on his own. After he and Daisy moved to Philadelphia in 1875, he took correspondence courses toward becoming a Methodist minister. He did this while working as a sexton (building caretaker) for the East Bainbridge Street Church. Beginning in 1885, he was appointed by the local bishop to serve two or three-year terms at a series of churches, until coming full circle to become pastor at East Bainbridge in 1902. Under his leadership, the church grew rapidly. They relocated in 1904 to the East Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church, then again in 1924 to the new Tindley Temple, where the membership roll blossomed to about ten thousand.

Tindley was known for being a captivating preacher, and for also taking an active role in the betterment of the people in his community. His songs were an outgrowth of his preaching ministry, often introduced during his sermons. Tindley was able to draw people of multiple races to his church ministry; likewise, his songs have been adopted and proliferated by white and black churches alike.

The songs of Charles Tindley were published cumulatively in two editions of Soul Echoes (1905, 1909) and six editions of New Songs of Paradise (1916-1941).

His wife Daisy died in 1924, before the completion of the Tindley Temple. He remarried in 1927 to Jenny Cotton. Charles A. Tindley died July 26, 1933.

Texts by Charles Albert Tindley (52)sort descendingAsInstances
سيرنا هنا محاط بهموم وآلامCharles Albert Tindley (Author)1
A better day is coming, A morning promised longCharles A. Tindley (Author)1
At times I wonder why it isCharles Albert Tindley (Author)2
Beams of heaven, as I goCharles A. Tindley, 1851-1933 (Author)16
Christ is the way, in exaltationCharles A. Tindley (Author)2
Come, everyone that loves the LordCharles A. Tindley (Author)2
Come, saints and sinners, hear me tellCharles A. Tindley (Author)1
Come, whosoever feels the needCharles A. Tindley (Author)2
Courage, my soul, and let us journey onC.A. Tindley (Author)7
Ever since I have been Living in a world of sinC. A. T. (Author)5
Go, ye humble pilgrim strangerCharles A. Tindley (Author)3
Here I may be weak and poorCharles Albert Tindley (Author)5
I am a poor pilgrim of sorrow, Cast out in this wide world to roamCharles A. Tindley (Author)3
I am free from condemnation, Jesus' blood has made me freeCharles A. Tindley (Author)3
I am thinking of friends whom I used to knowCharles Albert Tindley (Author)19
I am thinking of the danger of the life I used to liveCharles A. Tindley (Author)2
I can see down yonder where I had my dwellingCharles A. Tindley (Author)2
I have found at last the SaviorCharles Albert Tindley (Author)5
I have found the peace of heavenCharles A. Tindley (Author)2
I have heard of a tree, a great Christmas treeCharles A. Tindley (Author)5
I hear of a city, a heavenly homeCharles A. Tindley (Author)2
I often wonder why it isCharles A. Tindley (Author)3
If some disease has robbed youCharles A. Tindley (Author)2
If the Savior wants somebody just to fill a humble placeCharles Albert Tindley (Author)3
If the world from you withhold of its silver and its goldCharles Albert Tindley (Author)54
If your life in days gone byCharles Albert Tindley (Author)8
I'm on my way to heaven above Where all are free from careCharles A. Tindley (Author)2
It may be a brother with whom I did playCharles A. Tindley (Author)3
I've wandered in the darkness long enoughCharles A. Tindley (Author)3
Lifetime is like a single dayCharles A. Tindley (Author)2
Like the action of the ground, on its axis turns aroundCharles A. Tindley (Author)2
Majaribu ni mengi yanayotujiliaCharles A. Tindley 1851-1933 (Author)1
My life, as a year, had a bright springtimeCharles A. Tindley (Author)3
Nothing between my soul and the SaviorCharles Albert Tindley (Author)96
One day, a wayward boyCharles A. Tindley (Author)3
Since I began to serve the LordCharles A. Tindley (Author)4
The hills of life which you must climbCharles Albert Tindley (Author)3
The world of forms and changesCharles A. Tindley (Author)3
There is a land that is free from tearsCharles Albert Tindley (Author)3
There was Naaman the leper, that honorable manCharles A. Tindley (1851-1933) (Author)7
This world is one great battlefieldC. A. T. (Author)10
Thou, O Christ, my Lord and KingCharles A. Tindley (Author)3
Trials dark on every handCharles A. Tindley (Author)34
We are a band of strangersC.A. Tindley (Author)2
We are often tossed and driven on the restless sea of timeCharles Albert Tindley (Author)64
What if all the world was given unto meCharles A. Tindley (Author)2
When the pathway of duty seems with danger filledCharles A. Tindley (Author)3
When the storms of life are raging, Lord, stand by meCharles A. Tindley, 1851-1933 (Author)2
When the storms of life are raging, Stand by meCharles A. Tindley, 1851-1933 (Author)44
Ye pilgrims through this vale of tearsCharles Albert Tindley (Author)4
You ask me where I get the joysCharles A. Tindley (Author)4
You have waited too longCharles A. Tindley (Author)2

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