Jean Tisserand

Short Name: Jean Tisserand
Full Name: Tisserand, Jean, d. 1494
Death Year: 1494

Died: 1494, Par­is, France.

A Fran­cis­can monk, Tis­ser­and found­ed an or­der for pen­i­tent wo­men. He is al­so said to have writ­ten a wor­ship ser­vice com­mem­o­rat­ing Fran­cis­cans mar­tyred in Mo­roc­co in 1220.

Lyrics: O FILII ET FILIAE, Rex coe­les­tis, Rex glor­i­ae
O Sons and Daugh­ters, Let Us Sing!
Young Men and Maids, Re­joice and Sing

Texts by Jean Tisserand (11)sort descendingAsInstances
Children of God rejoice and singJean Tisserand (Author)2
¡Cristo Jesús resucitó!Jean Tisserand, d. 1494 (Author)2
Daily, daily sing the praisesJean Tisserand (Author)1
My daughters and my sons hear tellJean Tisserand, ?-1494 (Author)3
O filii et fili'Jean Tisserand (Author)17
O sons and daughters gaily singJean Tisserand (Author)2
O sons and daughters, let us singJean Tisserand (d. 1494) (Author)131
O sons and daughters, sing your praiseJean Tisserand (Author)2
Ye sons and daughters of the Lord, The King of glory, King adoredJean Tisserand (Author)16
Young men and maidens, rejoice and singJean Tisserand (Author)8
Young men and maids your praises joinJean Tisserand (Author)1
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