Jiří Tranovský

Jiří Tranovský
Short Name: Jiří Tranovský
Full Name: Tranovský, Jiří, 1591-1637
Birth Year: 1591
Death Year: 1637

Jiří Třanovský (Polish: Jerzy Trzanowski, Slovak: Juraj Tranovský, Latin: Georgius Tranoscius) (9 April 1592, Teschen, Silesia – 29 May 1637, Liptovský Sv. Mikuláš, Upper Hungary), was a hymnwriter from the Cieszyn Silesia. He was sometimes called the father of Slovak hymnody and the "Luther of the Slavs." His name is sometimes anglicized to George.

Třanovský was born in Teschen, and studied at Guben and Kolberg. In 1607, he was admitted to the University of Wittenberg where Martin Luther had taught less than a century earlier. He traveled in Bohemia and Silesia in 1612 and became a teacher at St. Nicholas Gymnasium in Prague. Later, he became rector of a school in Holešov, Moravia. In 1616 he was ordained a priest in Meziříčí and served as a pastor for four years. The persecution of Lutherans in Bohemia under Ferdinand II forced him into exile. After an imprisonment in 1623 and the death of two children from plague the following year, Třanovský received a call to be pastor to a church in Bielitz, Teschen Silesia. He also became personal chaplain to Count Kasper Illehazy in 1627.

Třanovský was a lover of poetry and hymns. He issued several collections of hymns, the first being the Latin Odarum Sacrarum sive Hymnorum Libri III in 1629, but his most important and most famous word was Cithara Sanctorum (Lyre of the Saints), written in Czech, which appeared in 1636 in Levoča. This latter volume has formed the basis of Czech and Slovak Lutheran hymnody to the present day. In addition to hymn collections, Třanovský translated the Augsburg Confession in 1620 into Czech. These two latter works together with Bible of Kralice are the pillars that supported the Slovak reformation.

From 1631 until 1637, Třanovský was pastor at a church in Liptovský Svätý Mikuláš in present-day Slovakia. He died on 29 May that year and was buried in an unmarked grave at his church. He was forty-six. Třanovský is commemorated on 29 May in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.


Texts by Jiří Tranovský (170)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Ach, Boze, k jakemu vekuJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Ach Boze, pohled' s vysostiJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Ach, muoj Boze, vis jak mnoheJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Aj blahoslaveny kteremuz z milostiJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Aj divna moudrost dobrotaJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Aj jiz cas odjiti mehoJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Aj Pan krluje Bozskou cest majeJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Blaznivi usty FikajJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Blizit se jiz vecnT lTtoJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Boha Otce nestfhlThoJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Bohu bud' chvßla, cest i pozehnanfJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Bohu bud' slava na nebiJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Boze, k svym hrichuom se znameJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Boze Otce nas, Kteryzv nebi masJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Boze, smiluj se nad namiJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Boze, smutnych poteseniJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Boze, v sve prchlivostiJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Budiz nam Buh milostivyJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Buoh Otec budiz s namiJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Byt' Boha s nami nebyloJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Byt' lide zli a nedbaliJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Cas radosti, veselostiJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Chramove Ducha SvatehoJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Chran nas, Pane, pri slovu svemJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Christ the Lord to us is born, Hallelujah!Jiří Tranovský (Author)English2
Chvalen bod' vecne HospodinJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Chvalmez (?) Boha, o krest'aneJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Chvalmez Pana, nebot' jest dobrotivyJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Chvaltez jiz Pana, chvaltez jiz PanaJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Chvaltez Nejmoonejsiho (?), Chvaltez Nejsvetejaiho(?)Jiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Cirkev jest panna mne milaJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Cirkev pravou poznavatiJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Clovece, chces-li zde ziti pobozneJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Come rejoicing, Praises voicing (Lutheran Hymnal)Juraj Tranovský (Author)English3
Come, rejoicing, praises voicingJiri Tranovsky, 1591-1637 (Author)English2
Dekuji', mily PaneJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Dite se nam narodiloJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Duch muoj bolesti citiJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Duch muoj velebiJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Duch Svaty kdyz na JordaneJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Evanjelium vecnehoJiří Tranovský (Author)2
God, my Lord, my strength, my place of hidingTranoscius (Author)English2
Hosanna, slava, moc, vladarstviJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Hospodine, v mem pokaniJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Hospodine vsemohouci, V moci tve jsou vsecky veciJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Hospodine, vzdycky mocnyJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Hrad prepevny je Pan Boh nasJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Hrad prepevny jest Pan Buh nasJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
I proc se tak rmoutis, o srdce meJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
In one true God we all believeJuraj Tranovský (Author)3
Jenz jsi Buoh jeden v TrojiciJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Jenz jsi trpel za nasJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Jestize mnohe dobreJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Jestlit' Buch s nami nebudeJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Jezis Kristus, nas SpasitelJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Jezis Kristus, Ont' jest ma nadejeJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Jezis Kristus, Spasitel nasJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Jezisi, darce milostiJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Jezisi, jak jest presladkaJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Jistota smrti a paduJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Jiz nastana ten cas praveJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Jiz posledni casoveJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Kdo det'atko chce mitiJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Kduz jsme v nejvetsim souzeniJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Kdyz Pan Jezis na krizi pnelJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Kdyz prisla smrti hodinaJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Kdyz s milymi ucentkyJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Ke cti Krista SpasiteleJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Krasny byl AbsolonJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Kriste, poprej milostiJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Kristovo umuceniJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Kristus Jezis, Buoh a clovek pravyJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Kristus Pan jat byl od smrtiJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Kristus Pan jest muoj zivotJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Kristus Pan nas k Jordanu selJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Kyrie eleyson, o BozeJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Let Our Gladness Banish SadnessJuraj Tranovský, 1591-1637 (Author)English2
Ma duse jest Pana toho nevestaJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Ma duse se nepoustejJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Majice pamatku nyniJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Make songs of joy to Christ, our headJiří Tranovský (Author)English4
Mocny Boze, pohled' na nasJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Mocny nebes StvoriteliJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Neplactez mnohoJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Greet now the swiftly changing yearJuraj Tranovský, 1591-1637 (Author)English1
Nuz chval, ma duse, panaJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Nuz chvalu vzdejme bohuJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
O Boze, mou modlitbu alysJiří Tranovský (Author)2
O Boze nas, Trosjice nejsvetejsiJiří Tranovský (Author)2
O Boze, tvo slovo svateJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
O bud' slava na vysostiJiří Tranovský (Author)2
O Jezisi, presladky duseJiří Tranovský (Author)2
O Krist, Knize pokojeJ. Tranovsky (Author)2
O that thou wouldst rend the heavensJiří Tranovský (Author)English2
Odvrat', o Boze, hnev svuojJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
O God, Father in heaven, have mercy upon usJiřī Tranovský, 1591-1637 (Author)English5
Otce nebeskeho Syn jednorozenyJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Otce svetel, dekujmet'Jiří Tranovský (Author)2
Pamatujmez na svatych skonaniJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Pan Jezis, puobobce spaseniJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Pana Jezise v pravostiJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Pochvalen bud', Jezu KristeJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Pochvalen bud' z nevymluvneJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Pochvalmez Boha naseho, Boha v Trojici jednohoJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Podle slov TzaiaseJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Pohled' na Pana JeziseJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Pozadejmez Ducha SvatehoJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Pri skonani dne toho zaJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Prikladem Pana JeziseJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Probud'mez s krest'aneJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Proc bouris Herode slyseJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Proc se tak rmoutis duse maJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Proc tak truchlis proc se tak svirasJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Procit'te, hlas k nam svuoj mnoziJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Prozpevujmez s radostiJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Radujtez se o krest'aneJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Rok stary miji v te dobeJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Rosu dejte, o nebesaJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Rozhneval se muoj mily panJiří Tranovský (Author)2
S nebe prisedse anjeleJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
S vysostli nebeske jdu k vamJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Sameho te boze muojJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Slßva Bohu na nebiJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Slßva Bohu na vysostiJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Slusit' Pana slavne ctitiJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Slys, o verna duse, kterakJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Slysmez z ust Pana nasehoJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Slyste, pobozni, novinuJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Smiluj se nade mnou, PaneJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Srdcem, usty nabozneJiri Tranovsky (Author)3
Srdecne zadam sobeJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
St'astny jest muz bohabojnyJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Stvoriteli, Duchu SvatyJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Tatot' jsou nam prikazaniJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Te Boha vsickni chvalime, Tbe pana vyznavameJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Ted' ja zde bidny cervicekJiri Tranovsky (Author)1
Tvrdosijni Zide, Vy prebidni lide Jiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Uprostred veku svehoJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Uzkosti na srdce meJiří Tranovský (Author)2
V den souzeni, Mdyz odnikud neniJiří Tranovský (Author)2
V radostnem plesaniJiří Tranovský (Author)2
V Tebet' jsem, o muoj Boze, doufalJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Ve jmenu Pane na cestu se davamJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Velebi Pana duse maJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Velmi miluji Te, PaneJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Verime srdecne V jedineho BohaJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Verime v Boha jednoho, Jak v Otce vsemohoucihoJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Verime v Boha jednoho, Otce nade vse mocnehoJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Verime v jednoho Boha, Otce vsemohoucihoJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Verime v vsemohoucho OtceJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Verime vsickni v Boha jednohoJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Verime vsickni v Boha, Pana nejvyssihoJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Verime z srdce uprimnehoJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Vimt' ja, ze muoj VykupitelJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Volam k Tobe, Jezu KristeJiří Tranovský (Translator)2
Vsem slusi znati beh svehoJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Vsemohouci Boze, v nynejsiJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Vstoupil na nebe rek pravyJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Vzdejmez Bohu slusnou cestJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Vzdejmez cest Panu BohuJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Vzhuoru, me srdce, nezoufejJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Vzhuoru srdce krest'ane miliJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Z celeho srdce sveho dikyJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Z hlubokosti volam k TobeJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Zname to, Pane Boze nasJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Zname to, Pane mily, S uprimnou litostiJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Znamenejme, krest'ane, Dobrodini Bozi prokazaneJiří Tranovský (Author)2
Znejmez kratkou summu vsehoJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Znejmez, o krest'ane verniJiri Tranovsky (Author)2
Zpivejmez vsickni vesele, HallelujaJiří Tranovský (Author)2
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