Clarence A. Walworth

Clarence A. Walworth
Short Name: Clarence A. Walworth
Full Name: Walworth, Clarence A. (Clarence Augustus), 1820-1900
Birth Year: 1820
Death Year: 1900

Walworth, Clarence Alphonsus, born in 1820, graduated at Union College, 1838, admitted to the Bar 1841, studied for the ministry of Protestant Episcopal Church, but subsequently was ordained as a priest of the Roman Catholic communion, and became Rector of St. Mary's, Albany, in 1864. He was one of the founders of the Order of the Paulists in the U.S.A. He published The Gentle Skeptic, N.Y., 1863, and Andiatoroctè, or the Eve of Lady Day, &c, N.Y., 1888. His paraphrase of the Te Deum, "Holy God, we. praise Thy name," p. 1133, ii. 7, is in the Catholic Psalmist, Dublin, 1858, p. 170. In the American Episcopal Hymnal, 1892, it begins with stanza ii., slightly altered, as "Hark, the loud celestial hymn." He died in 1900. [Rev. L. F. Benson, D.D.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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Clarence Augustus Walworth (May 30, 1820 – September 19, 1900) was an American attorney, writer, ordained Roman Catholic priest, and missionary. Walworth was a well regarded writer who published numerous works related to the Roman Catholic Church.

Texts by Clarence A. Walworth (5)sort descendingAsInstances
Hark! the loud celestial hymnC. A. Walworth (Author)22
Holy God, thy name we blessClarence Walworth, 1820-1900 (Translator (stanza 2))1
Holy God, we praise Thy NameC. A. Walworth, 1820-1900 (Translator)78
Santo, Santo, Dios de amorClarence Walworth, 1820-1900 (Translator (English))2
What lovely infant can this beC. A. Walworth (Author)2

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