R. E. Winsett

R. E. Winsett
Short Name: R. E. Winsett
Full Name: Winsett, R. E. (Robert Emmett), 1876-1952
Birth Year: 1876
Death Year: 1952

Robert Emmett Winsett (January 15, 1876 — June 26, 1952 (aged 76) was an American composer and publisher of Gospel music.

Winsett was born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, and graduated from the Bowman Normal School of Music in 1899.

He founded his own publishing company in 1903, and his first publication, Winsett's Favorite Songs, quickly became popular among the Baptist and Pentecostal churches of the American South. Pentecostal Power followed in 1907; that year Winsett completed postgraduate work at a conservatory.

He married Birdie Harris in 1908, and had three sons and two daughters with her. He settled in Fort Smith, Arkansas, continuing to compose gospel songs, of which he would write over 1,000 in total. He became a minister in 1923, and was affiliated with the Church of God (Seventh Day).

Birdie Harris died late in the 1920s, and shortly thereafter Winsett moved back to Tennessee. He founded a new company in Chattanooga, and published more shape note music books. He remarried, to Mary Ruth Edmonton, in 1930, and had three further children.

Winsett's final publication, Best of All (1951), sold over 1 million copies, and in total his books sold over ten million copies. His song "Jesus Is Coming Soon" won a Dove Award for Gospel Song of the Year at the 1969 awards. He has been inducted into the Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame.


Texts by R. E. Winsett (189)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A certain man of whom we readR. E. W. (Arranger)English2
A wonderful Friend is my Savior and KingR. E. Winsett (Author)2
All is right with me now, Jesus washed my sins awayR. E. Winsett (Author)English3
I've been washed whiter than snow, in the blood of the LambR. E. Winsett (Author)English3
All you sinners, plumb the lineR. E. W. (Arranger)1
Are you ready for the coming of the Lord from heavenR. E. Winsett (Author)3
As you travel the road, to your future abodeR. E. Winsett (Author)English2
Blow ye the trumpet, all ye Zion's hostR. E. Winsett (Author)English15
Brother and sister, look up toward the skyR. E. Winsett (Author)3
Built on the rock, without spot or wrinkleRobert E. Winsett, 1876-1952 (Author)10
Christians, awake, see the light has comeR. E. W. (Author)English10
Christians, the Lord says, forward go to the harvestR. E. Winsett (Author)English10
Come from the loathsome way of sinR. E. W. (Author (vs. 4, 5, 6))English6
Come, unto the SaviorR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Dear friends, I soon will be going homeR. E. Winsett (Author)3
Dear Jesus all my sins forgaveR. E. W. (Author)English15
God is my everlasting stayR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Goodbye dear one, goodbyeR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Have you given up all for Jesus?R. E. Winsett (Author)English4
Hear the invitation, to every nationR. E. Winsett (Author)4
Here in this world of sorrowR. E. Winsett (Author)3
Here we have many trials and tribulationsR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Here we have many trials and troubles each dayR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Hold me by thy handR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Holy Lord, Almighty KingR. E. Winsett (Author)2
How I long to meet my SaviorR. E. Winsett (Author)5
How sad, indeed, are all life's partingsR. E. Winsett (Author)4
I am a poor wayfaring strangerR. E. W. (Arranger)English3
I am bound for that bright cityR. E. W. (Author)English20
I am going home to glory to that city brightR. E. Winsett (Author)2
I am going to that city (Winsett)R. E. W. (Author)3
I am leaning on theeR. E. Winsett (Author)2
I am longing for the dawning of the bright and happy dayR. E. W. (Author)English6
I am now a child of God, I've been washed in Jesus' bloodR. E. W. (Arranger)English4
I am resting, sweetly resting (Winsett)R. E. Winsett (Author)2
I am traveling in the pathway, which our fathers trodR. E. Winsett (Author)English5
I am waiting for my Savior (Winsett)R. E. Winsett (Author)2
I care not today what the morrow may bringR. E. Winsett (Author (st. 4))English10
I dreamed that the great judgment morningR. E. Winsett (Author)English5
I have a friend in Jesus, one who caresR. E. Winsett (Author)2
I have found the Savior precious, and He's all in all to meR. E. Winsett (Author (Vs. 5))English2
I have heard the mesage of the Lord todayR. E. Winsett (Author)2
I have known a life of sorrowR. E. Winsett (Author)10
I know the Lord is coming soonR. E. Winsett (Author)3
I live the overcomers' lifeR. E. Winsett (Author)2
I love the blessed sunshineR. E. Winsett (Author)4
I once was a stranger to grace and to God (Winsett)R. E. Winsett (Author)English2
I once was lost but now am [I'm] foundR. E. Winsett (Author)English7
I remember how my Savior died for meR. E. Winsett (Author)English8
I soon shall go before the judgment barR. E. Winsett (Author)English4
I soon will cross the chilly tideR. E. W. (Author)3
I will follow Jesus, bless His nameR. E. W. (Author)English10
I will trust Jesus, [my] wonderful SaviorR. E. W. (Author (last verse))English1
I'd rather have Jesus, Because he died for meR. E. W. (Author)3
If you are working to win the prizeR. E. Winsett (Author)7
If you need a friend to help you as you travel on life's roadR. E. W. (Author)English2
I'll be ready to go when the Bridegroom comesR. E. Winsett (Author)English11
I'll see my Savior face to faceR. E. Winsett (Author)English2
I'm glad I have salvation in my heartR. E. Winsett (Author)English9
I'm going home to glory in the good old fashioned wayR. E. W. (Author)3
I'm going home to glory soonR. E. Winsett (Author)2
In darkness once I groped alongR. E. Winsett (Author)4
In psalms, hymns and spiritual songsR. E. Winsett (Author)2
In sorrow and in sin was IR. E. Winsett (Author)7
In the great triumphant morning When we hear the Bridegroom cryR. E. Winsett (Author)English37
In the resurrection morning, When the trump of God shall soundR. E. W. (Author (vs. 4))English8
In the resurrection morning We shall see our blessed KingR. E. Winsett (Author)7
I've been cleansed from every sinR. E. Winsett (Author)English3
Jesus! and shall it ever beR. E. W. (Arranger)English1
Jesus, help me lead someoneR. E. Winsett (Author)5
Jesus keeps us day by dayR. E. Winsett (Author)3
Jesus, my blest Redeemer, draw me to Thy dear sideR. E. Winsett (Author)English5
Jesus, my dear Savior, now is dwellingR. E. Winsett (Author)5
Jesus said of children, suffer them to comeR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Just at the close of the Mosaic ageR. E. W. (Arranger)English1
Keep my soul, dear Lord, each dayR. E. Winsett (Author)7
Let the sunshine of God's love (Winsett)R. E. Winsett (Author)4
Life's setting sun is in the westR. E. Winsett (Author)7
Lift me up above the shadowsR. E. W. (Author (stanza 4))English11
Like a ship on stormy seaR. E. Winsett (Author)3
Lord, we tarry for the powerR. E. Winsett (Author)4
Many here seek for landR. E. Winsett (Author)3
Many souls are now rejoicingR. E. W. (Author)3
Many weary hearts are aching in the world todayR. E. W. (Author (last verse))English1
Many years have come and goneR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Mother dear, I now must leave youR. E. Winsett (Author)3
Move forward, Christian soldiersR. E. W. (Author (vs. 4))1
No one has loved me like JesusR. E. W. (Author)English2
Now the time is drawing nearR. E. Winsett (Author)5
Now time is so swiftly passing byR. E. Winsett (Author)2
O come, Holy Spirit, come into my heartR. E. Winsett (Author)2
O how glad I am to know himR. E. Winsett (Author)2
How sweet are the tidings that greet the pilgrim's earR. E. W. (Arranger)English1
O how sweet to know that Jesus (Winsett)R. E. Winsett (Author)3
O I love my blessed Lord, Love to search His precious wordR. E. W. (Author)English2
O I want to walk in the heavenly wayR. E. Winsett (Author)2
O it was the love of GodR. E. Winsett (Author)2
O Jesus, we are childrenR. E. Winsett (Author)2
O let not your heart be troubled (Winsett)R. E. Winsett (Author)2
O let your heart not troubled beR. E. Winsett (Author)English4
O prodigal child, why longer roamR. E. Winsett (Author)3
O Savior, hear my humble pleaR. E. Winsett (Author)3
O sin sick one, come and be healedR. E. Winsett (Author)English3
O sinner, why wander in darkness and sinR. E. Winsett (Author)2
O soon will our Savior be calling us homewardWinsett (Author)English1
O the pearly gates stand openR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Often my footsteps, while treading life's pathwayR. E. Winsett (Author)2
On a lonely mountain, neath the sky's blueR. E. Winsett (Author)2
On the resurrection morning (Winsett)R. E. Winsett (Author)3
Once a girl stood on the cornerR. E. Winsett (Author)English3
Once I wandered in darkness unsavedR. E. W. (Author (stanza 4))5
Once my soul was astray from the heavenly wayR. E. W. (Author)1
Onward, time doth swiftly flyR. E. W. (Author)3
Our Lord shall come to earth againR. E. Winsett (Author)English2
Our Savior promised to returnR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Over yonder is a mansion, Christ prepared for meR. E. Winsett (Author (vs. 4))English2
Rouse ye now, ye soldiers, of the cross, ariseR. E. W. (Author (v. 4))English1
Savior, lead me by the [Thy] handR. E. W. (Author)English6
See the Master standing, callingR. E. Winsett (Author (Refrain))English2
Send the news everywhereR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Shall we meet again, dear motherR. E. W. (Author)4
Since baptized by Holy Ghost and fireR. E. Winsett (Author)English5
Since Christ my heart hath cleansed from sinR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Since Christ my soul from sin set freeR. E. W. (Author (vs. 4))English1
Since the dear Savior redeemed meR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Since the Lord made me wholeR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Sinner, come to the fountain of life flowing freeR. E. W. (Author)11
Sinner, turn, why will you lingerR. E. Winsett (Author)11
Sinners, now wandering in darknessR. E. W. (Author)English2
So long I wandered in darknessR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Some have never heard the storyR. E. W. (Author (Refrain))1
Soon all the labors of life will be overR. E. W. (Author)English2
Soon our troubles here will endR. E. Winsett (Author)3
Soon, so soon the night will pass, eternal day will dawn at lastR. E. Winsett (Author)3
Soon the King of kings shall descend from heavenR. E. W. (Author)English3
Soon the Lord will come and will take us homeR. E. W. (Author)English4
Soon the time will come, dear brother, to reward the faithful fewR. E. W. (Author)English5
Soon will the Bridegroom come to take us homeR. E. Winsett (Author)English3
The blood of the Lamb covers every sinR. E. Winsett (Author)English13
The gospel train is now passing alongR. E. Winsett (Author)2
The Lord is calling laborersR. E. Winsett (Author)2
The Lord shall be the hope of His peopleR. E. Winsett (Author)English4
The time for parting now has come, what sadness fills each heartR. E. Winsett (Author)English5
The time is swiftly passing onwardR. E. W. (Author)English7
The voice of the Savior is calling todayR. E. W. (Author)8
There are souls in sin which we fail to winR. E. W. (Author (4th verse))2
There is a land of pure delight (Winsett)R. E. Winsett (Author)1
There is a precious volume all finger worn and oldR. E. W. (Arranger)English1
There is coming a day when to judgment we'll goR. E. Winsett (Author)English20
There is wonder working power in the precious bloodR. E. W. (Author)English16
There's a beautiful home in that city bright and fairR. E. Winsett (Author)English6
There's a home of shining gloryR. E. Winsett (Author)2
There's a land beyond the sky (Winsett)R. E. Winsett (Author)2
There's a vacant rocking chairR. E. Winsett (Author)2
There's nothing satisfies my soul, but JesusR. E. Winsett (Author)2
They come from the east and west, they come from the lands afarR. E. Winsett (Author (stanza 5))English2
Though hard the pathway the saints must trodR. E. Winsett (Author)3
Though the world be sad and drearyR. E. Winsett (Author)2
'Tis God's dear hand that's leading meR. E. Winsett (Author)2
To a far distant land went a prodigal sonR. E. Winsett (Author)1
Troublesome times are here, filling men's hearts with fearR. E. Winsett (Author)English4
Walk close to Jesus, he is your FriendR. E. W. (Author)2
We are busy reaping in the Master's fieldR. E. Winsett (Author)3
We are pilgrims on life's journey (Winsett)R. E. Winsett (Author)6
We are waiting for a blessingR. E. Winsett (Author)English9
We have often heard the storyR. E. Winsett (Author)4
We read of scribes and phariseesR. E. W. (Author (last 2 stanzas))English1
We shall never part up yonderR. E. Winsett (Author)2
We will sing hosannasR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Weary one as you travel over life's lonesome road]R. E. W. (Author)3
We'll all be gone tomorrowR. E. W. (Author)English2
We're looking for His coming, in the clouds of heavenR. E. Winsett (Author)English22
We've often heard how Jesus came upon this earth to dieR. E. W. (Author)English7
What a meeting up in heavenR. E. Winsett (Author)2
What wondrous love of God on highR. E. Winsett (Author)4
Whate'er we sow that we shall reapR. E. Winsett (Author)English12
When Jesus comes to earth again, He'll bring with himR. E. Winsett (Author)2
When lost in darkness and in sinR. E. Winsett (Author)English7
When our pilgrimage is o'er (Winsett)R. E. Winsett (Author)4
When the days are dreary I can not be movedR. E. Winsett (Author)3
When the evening shadows gather, and the long day's work is doneR. E. Winsett (Author)English2
When the King of all kings shall descendR. E. Winsett (Author)2
When the sun refuses to shineR. E. W. (Author)20
When the trump of God shall sound (Winsett)R. E. Winsett (Author)2
When we go to meet the BridegroomR. E. Winsett (Author)2
Why should we be piningR. E. Winsett (Author)3
Yes I want to hear blessed Jesus then sayR. E. Winsett (Author)2
You may have friends in businessR. E. W. (Author)3
Your songs are recorded in HeavenR. E. W. (Author)English2

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