Henry Maxwell Wright

Short Name: Henry Maxwell Wright
Full Name: Wright, Henry Maxwell, 1849-1931
Birth Year: 1849
Death Year: 1921

Born in Lisbon, 7 December 1849 to English parents who were Christians. He returned to England and worked in business. After helping Dwight Moody in evangelism campaigns in England in 1874 and 1875 he abandoned his business career and became an evangelist in England and Scotland. He returned to Portugal on several occasions for evangelism meetings and wrote many hymns in Portuguese.

Texts by Henry Maxwell Wright (23)sort descendingAsInstances
A terra semeamosHenry Maxwell Wright (Translator)2
A ti, ó Deus, fiel e bom SenhorHenry Maxwell Wright (Author)2
Alegra o triste coração do pobre pecadorHenry Maxwell Wright (Translator)2
Amor, que por amor descesteHenry Maxwell Wright (Translator)2
Ao vale calmo irei tranqüilo com JesusHenry Maxwell Wright (Translator (refrain))2
Com tua mão segura bem a minhaHenry Maxwell Wright (Translator)2
Cristo já ressuscitouHenry Maxwell Wright (Translator)2
Eis multidões que, em trevas tão medonhasHenry Maxwell Wright (Translator)2
Eu resolvi seguir-te, Jesus, até o fimHenry Maxwell Wright, 1849-1931 (Translator)2
Mais de Cristo quer ver, mais do seu amor obterHenry Maxwell Wright (Translator)2
Meu Senhor, sou teu, tua voz ouviHenry Maxwell Wright (Translator)2
Na pátria celeste, de Deus doce larHenry Maxwell Wright (Translator)2
Não sou meu. Por Cristo salvo,Henry Maxwell Wright (Translator)2
Oh, que sangue tão preciosoHenry Maxwell Wright (Author)2
Oh, vinde adorar o excelso e bom DeusHenry Maxwell Wright (Author, stanzas 1, 2)2
Onde quer que seja, com Jesus ireiHenry Maxwell Wright (Translator)2
Quando cego, eu andeiHenry Maxwell Wright (Author (stanzas))2
Quando me cercar o mal, ao rugir o temporalHenry Maxwell Wright, 1849-1931 (Author)2
Sabeis falar de tudo que neste mundo háHenry Maxwell Wright, 1849-1931 (Translator)2
Salvador bendito, terno e bom SenhorHenry Maxwell Wright (Author)2
Santifica tua igreja, ó bendito Salvador!Henry Maxwell Wright (Author)2
Seja bendito o CordeiroHenry Maxwell Wright (Translator)2
Todo coração procura onde possa descansar.Henry Maxwell Wright (Author)2
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