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Love of Jesus, all divine

Author: F. Bottome Meter: D Appears in 24 hymnals Topics: Aspiration; Burial of the Dead; Lent; Parochial Missions Used With Tune: RAMOTH
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Lord, Thou Art My Rock of Strength

Author: C. Winkworth; A. H. Francke Appears in 34 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Lord, Thou art my Rock of Strength, And my home is in Thine arms; Thou wilt send me help at length, And I feel no wild alarms. Sin nor death can pierce the shield, Thy defence has o’er me thrown; Up to Thee myself I yield, And my sorrows are Thine own. 2 When my trials tarry long, Unto Thee I look and wait, Knowing none, tho’ keen and strong, Can my trust in Thee abate. And this faith I long have nurs’d Comes alone, O God, from Thee; Thou my heart didst open first, Thou didst set this hope in me. 3 Let thy mercy’s wings be spread O’er me, keep me close to Thee; In the peace Thy love doth shed Let me dwell eternally. Be my all; in all I do, Let me only seek Thy will. Where the heart to Thee is true, All is peaceful, calm and still. Topics: God our help; Trust Used With Tune: ROSSITER

Part in peace: Christ's life was peace

Author: Sarah Flower Adams, 1805-1848 Meter: D Appears in 18 hymnals Topics: The Church The Sanctuary Used With Tune: RAMOTH
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Happiness, delightful name

Author: Augustus M. Toplady, 1740-1778 Appears in 19 hymnals Topics: Christians Blessings of; Communion with Christ; Earthly Pleasures; Happiness; Need of Christ Used With Tune: RAMOTH
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Saviour, Whom I fain would love

Author: A. M. Toplady Meter: D Appears in 9 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Saviour, Whom I would fain to love, Jesus, crucified for me, Fix my roving heart above, Draw me nearer unto Thee. Thee to praise and Thee to know Make the joy of saints below: Thee to see and Thee to love Make the bliss of saints above. 2 Lord, it is not life to live, If Thy presence Thou deny: Lord, if Thou Thy presence give, 'Tis no longer death to die. Source and Giver of repose, Only from Thy love it flows; Peace and happiness are Thine, Mine they are, if Thou art mine. Amen. Topics: General; Faith; Fellowship with God; Lent Used With Tune: RAMOTH

A Little That The Righteous Hold.

Meter: 8.8.6 D Appears in 4 hymnals First Line: A little that the righteous hold Topics: Punishment Of The Wicked; Rewards Of The Righteous; Righteous And Wicked Contrasted; Vanity Of Riches Scripture: Psalm 37 Used With Tune: RAMOTH
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Lord, we come before Thee now

Author: Rev. William Hammond (1719-1783) Appears in 797 hymnals Used With Tune: RAMOTH
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Depth of mercy, can there be

Author: Charles Wesley Appears in 808 hymnals Topics: Repentance Used With Tune: RAMOTH
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Day by day the manna fell

Author: J. Conder Appears in 160 hymnals Used With Tune: DAY BY DAY THE MANNA FELL
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Savior, when in dust to thee

Meter: D Appears in 440 hymnals Used With Tune: RAMOTH


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