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A blessed day will surely
A blessed fellowship my soul has found
A blessed peace surrounds me
A blessed thought comes to my soul
A blessing for you--will you take it?
A blessing from thy gracious hand
A blessing on our pastor's head
A blest conversion and a strange
A blind man heard the noisy throng
[A Blind Man Sat Beside the Road]
A blind man sat beside the way
A blood red rose reminds us still
A blooming paradise of joy
A bluebird over the treetops flew
A bluebird sits in the apple tree
A boat has left the distant
A bond of sweet union, how blest to behold
A boy dreamed of life full of pleasure
A Boy is born in Bethlehem
A boy once caught a tomtit gay
A boy stood by his mother's bed
A boy was born in Bethlehem
[A Branch Connected to the Vine]
A branch so fair has blossomed
A brand from the burning
A brave, loyal army of soldiers
A breath of morning now is on the air
A breath of spring, the birds want to sing
A bright and glorious hope is ours
A bright constellation illumines the sky
A bright unfading crown doth grace
A brighter, blissful day is just ahead
A brighter dawn is breaking
A brighter day is breaking
A brighter day is breaking, The nations are awaking
A brighter day is coming
A brighter day is drawing near
A brighter day will soon be here
A broken, contrite heart, O Lord
A broken heart, my God, my King
A broken heart, O Lord, Thou never wilt despise
[A Broken Spirit]
A broken spirit is to God
A brother, Lord, we would ordain
A brother of all the world am I
A bud the Gardener gave me
A bugle note of triumph
A building of beauty life may be
A burden was laid on my spirit

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