Hymns for Colossians 4

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TitleScriptureMatching Instances
Prayer is the soul's sincere desireColossians 4:22
Watch and prayColossians 4:22
Complete in HimColossians 4:122
Sweet Hour of PrayerColossians 4:21
Heavenly Father, sovereign LordColossians 4:21
Now Let Us Learn of ChristColossians 4:121
Christian, Do You StruggleColossians 4:21
My soul be on thy guardColossians 4:21
Awake, my soul, and with the sunColossians 4:5-61
Jesus Paid It AllColossians 4:21
So let our lips and lives expressColossians 4:61
Go to Dark GethsemaneColossians 4:21
Hark, the Voice of Jesus CryingColossians 4:3-41
O God, my strength, my hopeColossians 4:21
O thou who camest from aboveColossians 4:121
With heavenly power, O Lord, defendColossians 4:31
Give me the faith which can removeColossians 4:51
Go with Thy Servant, LordColossians 4:31
We Are CalledColossians 4:11
Pray, PrayColossians 4:71