Hymns for Matthew 10

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TitleScriptureMatching Instances
Take Up Your Cross, the Savior SaidMatthew 10:3813
Where Cross the Crowded Ways of LifeMatthew 10:4212
Freely, FreelyMatthew 10:89
His Eye Is on the SparrowMatthew 10:297
You, Lord, Are Both Lamb and ShepherdMatthew 107
For All the SaintsMatthew 10:324
Make Me a Captive, LordMatthew 10:393
Son of God, Eternal SaviorMatthew 10:83
Will you come and follow meMatthew 10:383
The Son of God goes forth to warMatthew 10:32-342
Go, labor onMatthew 10:24-252
O Lord of heaven, and earth, and seaMatthew 10:82
Lord, Have MercyMatthew 10:20-212
He Who Would Valiant BeMatthew 10:382
Go Forth Ye HeraldsMatthew 10:7-162
Come in, thou blessed of the LordMatthew 10:40-422
God, Whose Giving Knows No EndingMatthew 10:82
How Firm a FoundationMatthew 10:24-391
No Cross, no CrownMatthew 10:381
Jesus Calls UsMatthew 10:37-381