The American Vocalist: a selection of tunes, anthems, sentences, and hymns, old and new: designed for the church, the vestry, or the parlor; adapted to every variety of metre in common use. (Rev. ed.)

Editor: Rev. D. H. Mansfield
Publisher: Thompson, Bigelow & Brown, Boston, 1849
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to numbers when more than one hymn is on a page.
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1Be thou, O God, exalted highOLD HUNDREDPage Scan
2aBroad is the road that leads to deathWINDHAMPage Scan
2bLife is the time to serve the LordWELLSPage Scan
3aEternal are thy mercies, LordORLANDPage Scan
3bStay, thou insulted Spirit! stayHARLEIGHPage Scan
4aCome hither, all ye weary soulsMATHEWSPage Scan
4bIn robes of judgment, lo! he comesMONMOUTHPage Scan
5aAwake, my soul, to hymns of praisePILESGROVEPage Scan
5bThe flowery spring at God's commandSEASONSPage Scan
6aGod of the seas, thine awful voice,STONEFIELDPage Scan
6bCome, saints, and view the Lamb of GodLIMEHOUSEPage Scan
7aThus far the Lord hath led me onHEBRONPage Scan
7bThere is a stream whose whose gentle flowWARDPage Scan
8aThou whom my soul admires aboveARMLEYPage Scan
8bBlest be the Father and his love,ROTHWELLPage Scan
9aHark! how the choral song of heav'n swellsPARK STREETPage Scan
9b'Tis finished, so the Saviour criedMUNICHPage Scan
10aFalse are the men of high degreeRUSSIAPage Scan
10bHe reigns, the Lord the Saviour reignsPARISPage Scan
11aDeath, like an overflowing streamMORTALITYPage Scan
11bLord, when thou didst ascend on highDUKE STREETPage Scan
12Spare us, O Lord, aloud we cryCOMPLAINTPage Scan
13aWho, from the shades of gloomy nightDARWENTPage Scan
13bNow to the Lord a noble songTRUROPage Scan
14Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we loveSURRYPage Scan
15aWho is this stranger in distressQUITOPage Scan
15bBe earth with all her scenes withdrawnCOSTELLOWPage Scan
16aWith all my powers of heart and tongueLUTONPage Scan
16bThrough every age, eternal GodHAGUEPage Scan
17aGreat God attend, while Zion singsBRIDGEWATERPage Scan
17bYe Christian herlands, go, proclaimSHARONPage Scan
18Ye sons of men with joy recordMONTAGUEPage Scan
19aKingdoms and thrones to God belongHAMBURGPage Scan
19bO could I soar to worlds abovePORTUGALPage Scan
20aShall the vile race of flesh and bloodBROOKFIELDPage Scan
20bFirm was my health, my day was brightWOBURNPage Scan
21When strangers stand and hear me tellBUCKFIELDPage Scan
22Sweet is the day of sacred restPORTLANDPage Scan
23aLord, in thy great, thy glorious nameCASTLE STREETPage Scan
23bEre the blue heavens were stretched abroadMOUNT VERNONPage Scan
24Through every age eternal GidSTRATFIELDPage Scan
25Lord, what a tho'tless wretch was IGREENWICHPage Scan
26Forgive the song that falls so lowCOWPERPage Scan
27aPeace, troubled soul, thou need'st not fearSHOELPage Scan
27bAt anchor laid, remote from homeEFFINGHAMPage Scan
28This life's a dream, an empty showSMITHFIELDPage Scan
29Come, my beloved, haste awayINVITATIONPage Scan
30My God permit me not to beLYNNFIELDPage Scan
32Now shall my soul in God rejoiceCONFIDENCEPage Scan
33aHigh on his everlasting throneNEW SABBATHPage Scan
33bDarkness and clouds of awful shadeNINETY-SEVENTH PSALM TUNEPage Scan
34aThe heavens declare thy glory, LordUXBRIDGEPage Scan
34bThou great Instructor lest I stray,WELTONPage Scan
34cMy God, permit me not to be a strangerMEDWAYPage Scan
35aSweet is the work, my God, my KingGREEN'S HUNDREDTHPage Scan
35bThe wond'ring world inquires to knowWYOMINGPage Scan
36aLord, when thou didst ascend on highBLENDONPage Scan
36bBuried in shadows of the nightBRENTFORDPage Scan
37aSweet is the day of sacred restDEVOTIONPage Scan
37bThus saith the high and lofty OneNANTWICHPage Scan
38aPass a few swiftly fleeting yearsZURICHPage Scan
38bSoft be the gently breathing notesZEPHYRPage Scan
39aThere is a stream whose whose gentle flowELEMENTPage Scan
39bShow pity, Lord, O Lord, forgiveSUNDERLANDPage Scan
40aHow pleasant, how divinely fairLINCOLNPage Scan
40bLoud swell the pealing organ's notesWILMERPage Scan
41aSweet is the work, my God, my KingHINGHAMPage Scan
41bWho shall ascend thy heavenly placeALL-SAINTSPage Scan
42aNow let our mournful songs recordPUTNEYPage Scan
42bLord, how secure and blest are theyROCKINGHAMPage Scan
43aMy God, accept my early vowsWINCHESTERPage Scan
43bIncumbent on the bending skyWINCHELSEAPage Scan
44aAll hail the great Immanuel's nameCORONATIONPage Scan
44bWith reverence let the saints appearPLYMOUTHPage Scan
45aLord, thou wilt hear me when I prayBUCKINGHAMPage Scan
45bO thou to whom all creatures bowST. MARTINSPage Scan
46My heart and flesh cry out for theeNEW CASTLEPage Scan
47aLord, who's the happy man that mayDURHAMPage Scan
47bHope looks beyond the bounds of timeBARBYPage Scan
48aGod of my life, look gently downPOLANDPage Scan
48bHis hoary frost, his fleecy snowWINTERPage Scan
49There is a land of pure delightTISBURYPage Scan
50aAs on some lonely building's topHALLOWELLPage Scan
50bO 'twas a joyful sound to hear,MEARPage Scan
51aHark, from the tombs a doleful soundFUNERAL THOUGHTPage Scan
51bSweet was the time when first I feltDEDHAMPage Scan
52On Jordan's stormy banks I standOCEANPage Scan
53aReturn, O God of love returnBANGORPage Scan
53bLet us not despair nor fell revengeDUNDEEPage Scan
54How vain are all things here belowNEW DURHAMPage Scan
55aDeath may dissolve my body nowNEW DURHAMPage Scan
55bHow long, dear SaviourNORTHFIELDPage Scan
56Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly doveTURNERPage Scan
57Why should children of a kingCANTERBURY. NEWPage Scan
58aWhen snows descend and robe the fieldsSPRINGPage Scan
58bSave me, O God, the swelling floodsSUTTON. NEWPage Scan
59Lord, in the morning thou shalt hearFLUVANNAPage Scan
60While shepherds watched their flocks by nightSHERBURNEPage Scan
61Had not thy word been my delightPSALM HUNDRED AND NINETEENTHPage Scan
62aHark! how the feathered warblers singKNARESBORO'Page Scan

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