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The Cyber Hymnal

The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1801Take the world with all its wealth[Take the world with all its wealth]TextScoreAudio
1802Give me the enlarged desire WELDTextScoreAudio
1803Give me, O Lord, a heart of graceBROOKFIELDTextScoreAudio
1804Give me the Bible, star of gladness gleaming[Give me the Bible, star of gladness gleaming]TextScoreAudio
1805Give Me thy heart, says the Father above[Give Me thy heart, says the Father above]TextScoreAudio
1806Give me the wings of faith to riseBINGHAMTextScoreAudio
1807Give of your best to the MasterBARNARDTextScoreAudio
1808Giver of concord, Prince of PeaceHAMPSTEAD (Horner)TextScoreAudio
1809Give your heart to Jesus, soul with care oppressedMADVIGTextScoreAudio
1810Give peace in these our days, O LordDA PACEMTextScoreAudio
1811Come before Jehovah with a joyful song[Come before Jehovah with a joyful song]TextScoreAudio
1812Give thanks to God the LordDIADEMATATextScoreAudio
1813O give thanks, give thanks unto the Lord[O give thanks, give thanks unto the Lord]TextScoreAudio
1814Great King of nations, hear our prayerOLD 137THTextScoreAudio
1815God, keep me safe; in You I refuge takeMORECAMBETextScoreAudio
1816Welcome, sweet dawning of the morn[Welcome, sweet dawning of the morn]TextScoreAudio
1817A gladsome hymn of praise we singCANAANTextScoreAudio
1818The Lord is our Shepherd, precious Friend and Guide[The Lord is our Shepherd, precious Friend and Guide]TextScoreAudio
1819Glad that I live am ILLANTHONYTextScoreAudio
1820While shepherds on the eastern plain[While shepherds on the eastern plain]TextScoreAudio
1821Glad tidings! glad tidings! O wonderful love[Glad tidings! glad tidings! O wonderful love]TextScoreAudio
1822Glad Christmas bells, your music tellsGLAD CHRISTMAS BELLSTextScoreAudio
1823In shady, green pastures, so rich and so sweet[In shady, green pastures, so rich and so sweet]TextScoreAudio
1824The golden morning is fast approaching[The golden morning is fast approaching]TextScoreAudio
1825Where hast thou gleaned today, Christian[Where hast thou gleaned today, Christian]TextScoreAudio
1826Glory ever be to JesusHOUSTONTextScoreAudio
1827God of the living, in whose eyesMELITATextScoreAudio
1828Glory, glory be to JesusJUNEAUTextScoreAudio
1829When I gave all to Jesus[When I gave all to Jesus]TextScoreAudio
1830Glory to God in the highest[Glory to God in the highest]ScoreAudio
1831Glorious God, accept a heartWELDTextScoreAudio
1832Jesus has loved me--wonderful SaviorGLORY TO JESUSTextScoreAudio
1833Give light, O Lord, that we may learnROTHLEYTextScoreAudio
1834The gloomy night will soon be pastAULD LANG SYNETextScoreAudio
1835Do you hear them coming, brother[Do you hear them coming, brother]TextScoreAudio
1836When the winter snow descended[When the winter snow descended]TextScoreAudio
1837Once I was bound by sin's galling fetters[Once I was bound by sin's galling fetters]TextScoreAudio
1838The glorious gates of righteousnessZERAHTextScoreAudio
1839Glory to God! The morn appointed breaksGIBEONTextScoreAudio
1840Are you at your station ready[Are you at your station ready]TextScoreAudio
1841There's a glorious hope thrilling Christian souls today[There's a glorious hope thrilling Christian souls today]TextScoreAudio
1842A glorious day is dawningMISSIONARY HYMNTextScoreAudio
1843Praise the Lord who ransomed you[Praise the Lord who ransomed you]TextScoreAudio
1844Glorious Majesty, before TheeWACHET AUFTextScoreAudio
1845Glorious things of thee are spokenAUSTRIA (Haydn)TextScoreAudio
1846God the Lord is King: before HimARDUDWYTextScoreAudio
1847The glory of the Lord, the heaven's declare abroadFANEUIL HALLTextScoreAudio
1848Christ is your Redeemer[Christ is your Redeemer]TextScoreAudio
1849Glory to the Father giveSABBATSDAGTextScoreAudio
1850Glory to God in the highest[Glory to God in the highest]TextScoreAudio
1851Glory, glory, all is gloryGLORYTextScoreAudio
1852Glory be to God on high, AlleluiaGWALCHMAITextScoreAudio
1853Glory be to God the FatherREGENT SQUARETextScoreAudio
1854Wake the Christmas carols[Wake the Christmas carols]TextScoreAudio
1855A glory gilds the sacred pageBURLINGTONTextScoreAudio
1856Glory to God, whose sovereign graceCANONBURYTextScoreAudio
1857For God so loved! Oh, wondrous theme[For God so loved! Oh, wondrous theme]TextScoreAudio
1858The glory of these forty daysSPIRESTextScoreAudio
1859We are never, never weary of the grand old song[We are never, never weary of the grand old song]TextScoreAudio
1860Glorious Yuletide, glad bells proclaim itRUSSIAN HYMNTextScoreAudio
1861The glory of the spring how sweetST. SAVIOUR (BAKER)TextScoreAudio
1862God loveth the righteous, His goodness is sureSANKEYTextScoreAudio
1863God of love and God of powerUNSER HERRSCHERTextScoreAudio
1864The God of love my Shepherd isUNIVERSITYTextScoreAudio
1865Gracious Lord, remember DavidALL THE WAYTextScoreAudio
1866God loved the world so that He gaveST. CRISPINTextScoreAudio
1867God make my life a little lightCAPELTextScoreAudio
1868God makes a path, provides a guideDUNDEETextScoreAudio
1869Give me the faith which can removeCAREY'S SURREYTextScoreAudio
1870God of might, God of rightADDIR HUTextScoreAudio
1871Great mover of all hearts, whose handCHAPEL ROYALTextScoreAudio
1872Give me, O Lord, right views of TheeST. CATHERINE (Walton)TextScoreAudio
1873God Most High, we praise You, honor, and exalt YouNICAEATextScoreAudio
1874Give me a new, a perfect heartOVERBERGTextScoreAudio
1875Our mighty God works mighty wondersCELEBRATIONTextScoreAudio
1876God of the nations, near and farST. AGNESTextScoreAudio
1877When comes to the weary a blessèd release[When comes to the weary a blessèd release]TextScoreAudio
1878God of the nations, hear our callTRUROTextScoreAudio
1879Go and tell unto all the Gospel storyALOHA OETextScoreAudio
1880If you would find the better land[If you would find the better land]TextScoreAudio
1881God of compassion, in mercy befriend usO QUANTA QUALIATextScoreAudio
1882God's boundless love!WINCHESTER NEWTextScoreAudio
1883God of eternity, Savior and kingOLD ORCHARDTextScoreAudio
1884God gave His Son for me[God gave His Son for me]TextScoreAudio
1885God gives His mercies to be spentHOLBORN HILLTextScoreAudio
1886The God of glory sends His summons forthYORKSHIRETextScoreAudio
1887God of all grace, Thy mercy sendOLDBRIDGETextScoreAudio
1888What light is this whose constant ray[What light is this whose constant ray]TextScoreAudio
1889Dread not the things that are ahead[Dread not the things that are ahead]TextScore
1890God is King forever; let the nations trembleNICAEATextScoreAudio
1891God in His earthly temple laysCRIMEATextScoreAudio
1892God is love! His Word proclaims itSHEPPARDTextScoreAudio
1893Come, let us all unite to singGOD IS LOVE (Lorenz)TextScoreAudio
1894O restless heart, why murmur?MARLEYTextScoreAudio
1895God of love, that hearest prayerMERCYTextScoreAudio
1896God loved the world of sinners lost[God loved the world of sinners lost]TextScoreAudio
1897God moves in a mysterious wayDUNDEETextScoreAudio
1898The God of Abraham praiseLEONITextScoreAudio
1899God of all comfort, calm and fairMEYERTextScoreAudio
1900God of our fathers, whose almighty handNATIONAL HYMNTextScoreAudio

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