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Hymn and Tune Book of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (Round Note Ed.)

Publisher: Publishing House, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Nashville , 1902
Denomination: Methodist Episcopal Church, South
Language: English
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
398My faith looks up to theeOLIVETPage Scan
399How happy are the new-born raceAITHLONEPage Scan
400Sweet the moments, rich in blessingBAVARIAPage Scan
401My God, the spring of all my joysWARWICKPage Scan
402aHow happy are theyTHE CONVERTPage Scan
402bHow happy are theyROWLEYPage Scan
403Jehovah, God the Father, blessBYRDPage Scan
404All praise to the Lamb!LYONSPage Scan
405Sons of God, exulting riseNUREMBURGPage Scan
406Jesus is our common LordNUREMBURGPage Scan
407Let him to whom we now belongBARCLAYPage Scan
408Forever here my rest shall beSPRINGPage Scan
409Jesus, thy boundless love to meYOAKLEYPage Scan
410My God, accept my heart this dayBROWNPage Scan
411Lord, I believe a rest remainsCHESTERFIELDPage Scan
412I would be thine, thou know'st I wouldCHESTERFIELDPage Scan
413I know that my Redeemer livesASHVILLEPage Scan
414When Christ doth in my heart appearASHVILLEPage Scan
415Loving Jesus, gentle LambHORTONPage Scan
416More love to Thee, O ChristOAKPage Scan
417The thing my God doth hateBOYLSTONPage Scan
418Blest are the pure in heartBOYLSTONPage Scan
419O how the thought of God attractsSILOAMPage Scan
420O for a heart of calm reposeCOVENTRYPage Scan
421Come, Lord, and claim me for thine ownNEWBOLDPage Scan
422What is our calling's glorious hopeNEWBOLDPage Scan
423Jesus the Life, the truth, the wayNEWBOLDPage Scan
424If, Lord, I have acceptance foundDUKE STREETPage Scan
425Come, O thou greater than our heartDUKE STREETPage Scan
426Ye ransomed sinners, hearWARSAWPage Scan
427O joyful sound of Gospel grace!WINCHESTER OLDPage Scan
428Jesus comes with all his graceSEYMOURPage Scan
429God of all pow'r, and truth, and graceEFFINGHAMPage Scan
430O God, most merciful and truePage Scan
431O glorious hope of perfect love!HABAKKUKPage Scan
432Give me a new, a perfect heartOVERBERGPage Scan
433Holy, and true, and righteous LordQUITOPage Scan
434Father of Jesus Christ, my LordDEDHAMPage Scan
435Come, Saviour, Jesus, from aboveASAPHPage Scan
436Father, Son, and Holy GhostDIXPage Scan
437Lord, in the strength of graceDENNISPage Scan
438Father, I dare believeDENNISPage Scan
439O God, what offering shall I giveNASHVILLEPage Scan
440O for a heart to praise my GodARLINGTONPage Scan
441Jesus, my life, thyself applyARLINGTONPage Scan
442Holy Lamb, who thee receiveALETTAPage Scan
443When, my Saviour, shall I beALETTAPage Scan
444Love divine, all loves excellingNETTLETONPage Scan
445O that my load of sin were gone!CRICHLOWPage Scan
446My God, I know, I feel thee mineHEBERPage Scan
447O that in me the sacred fireHEBERPage Scan
448God of eternal truth and graceHEBERPage Scan
449Come, O my God, the promise sealHEBERPage Scan
450Jesus hath died that I might liveMARLOWPage Scan
451Jesus all atoning lambST. GERVAISPage Scan
452Once more we come before our GodBALERMAPage Scan
453Thy presence, gracious God, affordSTONEFIELDPage Scan
454O, for a faith that will not shrinkPage Scan
455Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wingsAMSTERDAMPage Scan
456In every time and placeTHATCHERPage Scan
457Come, let us anewCOME, LET US ANEWPage Scan
458Children of the heavenly KingCOOKHAMPage Scan
459Son of God thy blessing grantCOOKHAMPage Scan
460Guide me, O thou great JehovahOLIPHANTPage Scan
461Behold the morning sunGERARPage Scan
462Lead, kindly Light, amid th'encircling gloomLUX BENIGNAPage Scan
463Gently, Lord, O gently lead usGREENVILLEPage Scan
464Lord, it belongs not to my careSERENITYPage Scan
465Rise, O my soul, pursue the pathPETERBOROPage Scan
466Talk with us, Lord, thyself revealPETERBOROPage Scan
467Cheered with thy converse, Lord, I tracePETERBOROPage Scan
468Cast thy burdens on the LordST. BEESPage Scan
469Awake my soul, stretch every nerveCHRISTMASPage Scan
470My drowsy powers, why sleep ye so?Page Scan
471O thou who all things canst controlWAREPage Scan
472Awake, our souls, away our fearsWAREPage Scan
473Nearer, my God, to theeBETHANYPage Scan
474Thee will I love, my strength, my towerSWISS TUNEPage Scan
475Lord of earth, thy forming handSPANISH HYMNPage Scan
476Jesus, my Truth, my WayFERGUSONPage Scan
477Still stir me up to striveFERGUSONPage Scan
478I want a principle withinJERUSALEMPage Scan
479Be it my only wisdom hereGREGORYPage Scan
480Jesus, my Saviour, Brother, FriendFEDERAL STREETPage Scan
481Uphold me, Saviour, or I fallFEDERAL STREETPage Scan
482It may not be our lot to wieldFEDERAL STREETPage Scan
483Thou seest my feeblenessAYLESBURYPage Scan
484Gracious Redeemer, shakeAYLESBURYPage Scan
485Ye servants of the LordAYLESBURYPage Scan
486A charge to keep I haveRICHMONDPage Scan
487God of almighty loveRICHMONDPage Scan
488When Jesus dwelt in mortal clayEVENING HYMNPage Scan
489Hark, the voice of Jesus cryingAUTUMNPage Scan
490So let our lips and lives expressLOUVANPage Scan
491Ah! lord with trembling I confessLOUVANPage Scan
492Jesus shall I never beHOLLEYPage Scan
493Who in the Lord confideLEBANONPage Scan
494Bid me of men bewareLEBANONPage Scan
495Jesus! and shall it ever beHAMBURGPage Scan
496Do not I love thee, O my Lord?HOWARDPage Scan

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