Sheng tu shi ge = Hymnary (聖徒詩歌)

Editor: Bocheng Shi
Publisher: Meiguo jian zheng chu ban she, Culver City, 1984
Language: Chinese; English
Notes: ISBN-13: 978-0942164503
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499我今所知主恩有限[Divine grace, I know this is limited]
500當我來到我盡頭時候[When I come to the end of myself]
501路途遙遠,負擔沉重[Weary pilgrim on life's pathway]
502祂賜的十架雖然沉重[The cross that He gave may be heavy]
503日日先滿憂傷重擔[Days are filled with sorrow and care]
504神仍坐著為王[God is still on the throne]
505神未會應許:天色常藍[God hath not promised skies always blue]
506來罷,憂傷的人,隨帶你煩惱[Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye languish]
507神的路是正路[God's way is the best way]
508父,我知道我的一生你已替我分好[Father, I know that all my life]
509暗中摸索無一線亮光[O soul are you weary and troubled]
510當我在於最暗時間[When I was in the darkest time]
511主顧念嗎?當我心痛傷[Does Jesus care when my heart is pained]
512當我遇見試煉災殃[Amid the trials which I meeg]Text
513主已知道你的挫折[Lord, have to know your frustration]
514親愛主,握我手[Precious Lord, take my hand]
515現今時候已不多[Today there is not much time]
516榮耀的盼望,基督要再臨[When all my labors and trials are o'er]
517當我恩主降臨時候[When my blest Lord will come again]
518有日銀鍊將要折斷[Some day the silver cord will break]
519主耶穌回來時候[When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound]
520你要不死,你要被提見主[We may not die]
521或許在清晨,或在夢醒的黎明[It may be at morn, when the day is awaking]
522有福時刻終於來臨[The marriage supper of the Lamb]
523我將站在王面前[We shall stand before the King]
524主耶穌,我正等待[Lord Jesus, I am waiting]
525主,當我們被提上升[Lord, when we are put up]
526當那偉大日子[When that great day]
527這世界非我家[This world is not my home]
528我想我家鄉在那邊[O think of the home over there]
529我在異鄉作客[I'm but a stranger here]
530我們將要聚集河邊[Shall we gather at the river]
531何等甘甜迷人思想[Closer to my home]
532玉漏沙殘時將盡[The sands of time are sinking]
533更美地,更美地SWEET AND LOW
534我心充滿喜樂,天是我家[Heaven is my home]
535這些人是誰?安渡約但波[Who, who are these beside the chilly wave]
536當我跑盡應跑道路[When the toils of life are over]
537愛主的人都來[Come, we that love the Lord]
538歌頌耶穌奇妙大愛[Sing the wondrous love of Jesus]
539當我人生工作畢,要從漲潮橫渡過[When my lifework is ended and I cross the swelling tide]
540前去!我們口號ST. GERTRUDE
541當我歇下我工作與試煉[When all my labors and trials are o'er]
542有一地比正午更光明[There's a land that is fairer than day]
543哦,主,撒冷是你所建設[O Lord, that you build Jerusalem]
544他等候一座城[The pilgrim]
546教我禱告,主,教我禱告[Teach me to pray, Lord, teach me to pray]
547是有福禱告良辰['Tis the blessed hour of prayer]
548每一禱告都有答應[Every prayer will find its answer]
549“憑信心求,”奉主的名[Ask in faith]
550 何等朋友,我主耶穌[What a friend we have in Jesus]
551求主教我如何禱告[Teach us to pray]
552禱告之時,甘甜之時![Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer]
553你若疲倦,心靈沉悶悲歎[Are you weary, are you heavy-hearted]
554我所有苦況,要告訴耶穌[I must tell Jesus all of my trials]
555尚未蒙允?你衷心禱告祈求[Unanswered yet? The prayer your lips are pleading]
556我今如止為主爭戰[While fighting for my Savior here]
557親愛主,我不能禱告[Ah, dearest Lord, I cannot pray]
558主是我永遠的福分[Thou, my everlasting portion]
559你們尋求,若專心尋求我[If with all your hearts ye truly seek me]
560耶穌是我的,我有把握[Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine]
561祂是我愛在破曉清晨[He's the one I love in the morning]
562我有一位好朋友[I have a friend so precious]
563我心中饑渴地愛慕著耶穌[Longing for Jesus]
564人生重擔將我枷鎖[Shackled by a heavy burden]
565奇妙又奇妙的耶穌[Wonderful, wonderful Jesus]
566主,我是屬你,我聽你宣告[I am Thine, O Lord, I have heard Thy voice]
567哦,主,求你長在我心[O Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me]
568主阿,你面我正尋求[O Lord, Thy face I am seeking]
569我神,我心充滿安寧[My heart is resting, O my God]
570沒有間隔,主,沒有間隔[Nothing between, Lord, nothing between]
571我時刻需要你[I need Thee every hour]
572我如困鹿切慕溪水[As pants the hart for cooling streams]
573僕人的眼睛怎樣望主人的手[As the eyes of the servants]
574我獨自來到花園中[I come to the garden alone]
575我本軟弱主剛強[I am weak but Thou art strong]
576我靈羨慕要你[My spirit longs for Thee]
577我心感覺與主耶穌每日更加親近[To Jesus every day I find my heart is closer drawn]
578何等榮耀!因主血救贖[It is glory just to walk with Him whose blood has ransomed me]
579你是愛的溫柔氣息[I cannot breathe enough of Thee]
580在隱密處與神同關鎖[Shut in with God]
581主耶穌,我羨慕活在你面前[Lord Jesus, I long in Thy presence to live]
582親愛主!寶貝主![Dear Lord Jesus, precious Jesus,]
583釋放我的靈,使我能敬拜你[Set my spirit free that I might worship Thee]
584與神更親,我神,與你更親[Nearer, my God to Thee, nearer to Thee]
585如果我的道路引我去受苦[The path I travel]
586親近,更親近,近主懷[Nearer, still nearer, close to my heart]
587晨光掠天而過[When morning gilds the skies]
588每日早晨愛都新鮮[New every morning is the love]
589醒來,我魂,當隨朝陽MORNING HYMN
590夕陽西沉大地靜[Day is dying in the west]
591 救主耶穌,我的太陽[Sun of my soul, Thou Savior dear]
592一點星星之火,可燃起營火興旺[Pass it on]
593我愛傳講主福音[I love to tell the story]
594我們有一故事傅給萬邦[We've a story to tell to the nations]
595我有一救主,在天為我祈求[I have a Savior, He's pleading in glory]
596教會趕快遵命出去普天下[O Zion, haste, thy mission high fulfilling]
597早晨我們播種,晌午我們播種[Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness]
598每日都有千萬靈魂[A hundred thousand souls a day]

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