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Sheng tu shi ge = Hymnary (聖徒詩歌)

Editor: Bocheng Shi
Publisher: Meiguo jian zheng chu ban she, Culver City, 1984
Language: Chinese; English
Notes: ISBN-13: 978-0942164503
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199十架下我低頭靜默思想[Neath the cross of my Savior]
200哦,願我有千萬舌頭,前來讚美救主[O for a thousand tongues to sing]
201主接納我們的詩歌[Lord, accept our joyful song]
202我們從前所有;不過就是死亡、罪惡[All that we were]
203彷彿音樂湧在我心懷,耶穌正在柔聲說[There's within my heart a melody]
204主恩實在更多!主恩實在更多[His grace aboundeth more]
205我生命有何等奇妙的大改變[What a wonderful change in my life has been wrought]
206自從基督赦我罪惡,在地如天,年限歡樂[Since Christ my soul from sin set free]
207我的詩歌是耶穌,憐憫冠我一生[My song shall be of Jesus]
208哈利路亞,哈利路亞[Hallelujah, I've been happy]
209耶穌是我心最甜詩歌,天來音樂何美妙[I have a song that Jesus gave me]
210“不再定罪!”何等希奇!我魂,應當歡喜[No condemnation, O my soul]
211曾是罪人遠離耶穌,正陷悲慘滅亡中[Once a sinner far from Jesus]
212怎麼?竟然主已屬我[Somehow I know that Christ is mine]
213那是何等奇妙、奇妙日子,我永遠不能忘記[O what a wonderful, wonderful day]
214今日何日!心意立定,揀選我神和我救主[O happy day that fixed my choice]
215我真快樂,原因就是這樣[I'm so happy, and here's the reason]
216我主耶穌是生命源[My Jesus is the living bread]
217我魂醒來快樂歌唱[Awake, my soul, to joyful lays]
218祂是我靈魂的救主[He's the Savior of my soul]Text
219讚祂!讚祂!讚美耶穌,我救贖主[Praise Him, praise Him, Jesus our blessed Redeemer]
220切我所有,無非是接受,全是恩所賜[Naught have I gotten but what I received]
221愛主的人都來,將你喜樂敞用[Come, we that love the Lord]
222當我罪中流蕩[Jesus found me when afar I wandered]
223哦,主耶穌,每想到你,我心便覺甘甜[Lord Jesus Christ, our heart feels sweet]
224我願愛你更深[More love to Thee, O Christ]
225我耶穌,我愛你,知道你屬我[My Jesus, I love Thee]
226我晝夜常思念你的愛,耶穌![Thy love, o Lord]
227耶穌,耶穌,我的性命[O Jesus, Jesus, dearest Lord]
228我愛祂,因祂已先愛我[I love Him, because He first loved me]
229從祂莊嚴榮耀高處降卑[Down from His splendor in glory He came]
230主阿!我深愛你,甚願我永屬你[Lord, I love you]
231有一尊名我最愛聽[O, how I love Jesus]
232主,我愛你[I love Thee, Lord, yet 'tis no love]
233耶穌,你的全勝的愛[Jesus, Thine all victorious love]
234主,你所有一切工作,並非到了十架為止[In all Thy work, O Lord]
235主,求你向我吹聖靈,教我如何吸入你[O Lord, breathe thy Spirit on me]
236我在主前等候,並且專心祈禱[The Spirit dwells in me]
237何等的安慰,蒙聖靈的安慰[Walking in the comfort of the Holy Ghost]
238應當傳此喜信[O spread the tidings round]
239井阿!請你湧上水來!請將活水來湧流[Spring up, o well]
240懇求慈愛父神,聽你民呼聲[Gracious, heavenly Father, hear thy people]
241主,你能力我今在尋求[Clothe us with power we pray]
242主,我舉杯,求你來充溢![Fill my cup, Lord]
243聖靈的愛從天傾瀉[Descend on me, Spirit of love]
244 求主用血洗我清潔,洗我清潔[Lord, wash me clean]
245願主聖靈前來覆翼[Hover over me Holy Spirit]
246喜樂湧流有如河海[Joys are flowing like a river]
247聖靈發出祂光芒[Holy Ghost with light divine]
248我今舉手向你請[Come, Lord, in Thy Spirit come]
249求主寶血潔淨我[Lord, may Thy blood now cleanse me]
250你是否已長久渴慕得著主豐滿福分[Are you longing for the fullness of the blessing of the Lord]
251主,我曾否叫聖靈憂愁[Oh, have we grieved Thee?]
252我神,求你用聖靈再充滿我![Spirit of the living God]
253後是膏油先是血[First the blood, then anointing oil]
254我主,只有你的聖靈[Thy Holy Spirit, Lord, alone]
255神賜祂的能力[God sent his mighty power]
256在曠野加低斯[Fainting in the desert]
257哦,主耶穌,當你在地[Oh Jesus Lord, when Thou on earth]
258你被父神右手高舉[Exalted by Thy Father's hand]
259進來,我主,心門現已全開[Come in, O come, the door stands open now]
260何等慚愧,何等痛悔[Oh, the bitter shame and sorrow]
261我豈可再冷淡退後,使神聖靈終日擔憂[How can I ever stay away?]
262願更與神親密同行[Oh, for a closer walk with God]
263親愛的主!你今召我回來[The Lord's wonderful love]
264我帶我罪就你[I bring my sins to Thee]
265從前我亦曾熱心[Once I had a fervent heart]
266有人己離主別行他途[Someone has left the right path away]
267當向標竿力前![I press on]
268我心所追求乃是神自己[My goal is God Himself]
269進入幔內,就必出到營外[Enter the veil and go without the camp]
270願你為大,哦,主耶穌[Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ]
271神在天上有一寶貝[God in heaven hath a treasure]
272我們乃是朝聖旅客,經過疑惑與憂悒[Through the night of doubt and sorrow]
273進深,進深,進入耶穌大愛,每日更進深[Deeper, deeper in the love of Jesus]
274我今面向高處直登[I'm pressing on the upward way]
275莫把世俗來流連[Walk forward]
276主!使我更愛你[More holiness give me]
277我願更多認識基督[More about Jesus would I know]
278但願耶穌的美麗從我顯現[Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me]
279你曾覺得父愛心 ?[Have you on the Lord believed]
280主,你榮面是我所羡[Open my eyes that I may see]
281求主耶穌銘刻我心[Jesus, engrave it on my heart]
282耶穌,到底是否可能?竟然有人羞認你名?[Ashamed of Jesus, that dear fried]
283要思想耶穌,以祂作模型[Consider Him, let Christ thy pattern be]
284 為那忍受試驗的人,神給的是至好[God has his best things for the few]
285我已得佳美信息[I've believed the true report]
286只有一事,我主,只有一事 [There is one thing]
287主耶穌,我真羡慕能得完全[Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole]
288你這神的隱藏的愛[Thou hidden love of God]
289求主把我捆綁[Make me a captive, Lord]
290我要更像主,我天天追求[More like the Master, I would ever be]
291哦,我要像你!可愛的救主[O to be like Thee, blessed Redeemer]
292救主,你的如火眼睛[Savior, of your fiery eyes]
293更深進入聖潔生活[Deeper into the holy life]
294 脫離捆綁、憂愁與黑影[Out of my bondage, sorrow and night]
295我今轉身背向俗世[I've turned my back upon the world]
296主榮上加榮,正在改變我[From glory to glory]
297為你,我捨生命,為你,我流寶血[I gave my life for thee]
298將心給我!」天父呼召聲音[Give me thy heart says the Father above]

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