The Lutheran Hymnal

Committee Chair: W. Gustave Polack
Publisher: Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, MO, 1941
Denomination: Evangelical Lutheran Joint Synod of Wisconsin and Other States, Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States, Norwegian Synod of the American Evangelical Lutheran Church, Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Synod of the United States of America
Language: English
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392Blest is the man, forever blestO JESU CHRIST, MEIN'STextPage Scan
393From God shall naught divide meVON GOTT WILL ICH NICHT LASSENTextPage Scan
394My faith looks up to TheeOLIVETTextPage Scan
395O God, Thou faithful GodO GOTT, DU FROMMER GOTTTextPage Scan
396Oh, for a faith that will not shrinkST. PETERTextPage Scan
397O Love, who madest me to wearHEUT' TRIUMPHIERET GOTTES SOHNTextPage Scan
398Renew me, O eternal LightHERR JESU CHRIST, MEIN'STextPage Scan
399Thee will I love, my Strength, my TowerICH WILL DICH LIEBENTextPage Scan
400Take my life and let it bePATMOSTextPage Scan
401Praise to Thee and adorationFREU DICH SEHRTextPage Scan
402O God, forsake me not!O GOTT, DU FROMMER GOTTTextPage Scan
403Savior, Thy dying loveWINTERTONTextPage Scan
404Soul, what return has God, thy SaviorO DASS ICH TAUSENDTextPage Scan
405I gave My life for theeOLD 120THTextPage Scan
406Lord, as Thou wilt, deal Thou with meHERR, WIE DU WILLSTTextPage Scan
407Farewell I gladly bid theeVALET WILL ICH DIR GEBENText
408Jesus Christ, my Pride and GloryACH, WAS SOLL ICH SÜNDER MACHEN
409Let us ever walk with JesusLASSET UNS MIT JESU ZICHENTextPage Scan
410Jesus, lead Thou onSEELENBRÄUTIGAMTextPage Scan
411From eternity, O GodLIEBSTER JESUTextPage Scan
412May we Thy precepts, Lord, fulfillMERIBAHTextPage Scan
413I walk in danger all the wayDER LIEBEN SONNE LICHT UND PRACHTTextPage Scan
414The man is ever blestST. MICHAELTextPage Scan
415Lo, many shall come from the East and the WestDER MANGE SKAL KOMMETextPage Scan
416Oh, that the Lord would guide my waysEVANTextPage Scan
417How can I thank Thee, LordO GOTT, DU FROMMER GOTTTextPage Scan
418My God, my Father, while I strayES IST KEIN TAGTextPage Scan
419O'er Jerusalem Thou weepestFREU DICH SEHRTextPage Scan
420My Jesus, as Thou wiltDENBYTextPage Scan
421Come, follow Me, the Savior spakeMACH'S MIT MIR, GOTTTextPage Scan
422Savior, I follow onWINTERTONTextPage Scan
423Jesus, I my cross have takenHYFRYDOLTextPage Scan
424My God, my Father, make me strongES IST KEIN TAGTextPage Scan
425All depends on our possessingALLES IST AN GOTTES SEGENTextPage Scan
426The Lord my Shepherd isPOTSDAMTextPage Scan
427How firm a foundation, ye saints of the LordFIRM FOUNDATIONTextPage Scan
428I am trusting Thee, Lord JesusSTEPHANOSTextPage Scan
429Lord, Thee I love with all my heartHERZLICH LIEB HAB' ICH DICH, O HERRTextPage Scan
430What is the world to meWAS FRAG' ICH NACH DER WELTTextPage Scan
431The King of Love my Shepherd isICH DANK' DIR SCHONTextPage Scan
432In hope my soul, redeemed to bliss unendingNORRLANDTextPage Scan
433Jesus, my Truth, my WaySWABIATextPage Scan
434O God of Jacob, by whose handST. SAVIORTextPage Scan
435My spirit on Thy carePOTSDAMTextPage Scan
436The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not wantBELMONTTextPage Scan
437Who trusts in God, a strong abodeWAS MEIN GOTT WILLTextPage Scan
438Almighty Father, heav'n and earthO HEILIGE DREFALTIGKEITTextPage Scan
439O God of mercy, God of mightISLEWORTHTextPage Scan
440Lord, lead the way the Savior wentFARRANTTextPage Scan
441We give thee but Thine ownENERGYTextPage Scan
442Lord of Glory, who hast bo't usHYFRYDOLTextPage Scan
443O Lord of heav'n and earth and seaES IST KEIN TAGTextPage Scan
444Rise! To arms! With prayer employ youWACHET AUFTextPage Scan
445Am I a soldier of the CrossWINCHESTER OLDTextPage Scan
446Rise, my soul, to watch and praySTRAF MICH NICHTTextPage Scan
447Fight the good fight With all thy mightMENDONTextPage Scan
448Brief life is here our portionEWINGTextPage Scan
449My soul, be on thy guardSCHUMANNTextPage Scan
450Soldiers of Christ, ariseAYNHOETextPage Scan
451Stand up! - stand up for JesusWEBBTextPage Scan
452The Son of God goes forth to warALL SAINTS NEWTextPage Scan
453We are the Lord's; His all-sufficient meritEIRENETextPage Scan
454Prayer is the soul's sincere desireBURFORDTextPage Scan
455Our heav'nly Father, hearST. BRIDETextPage Scan
456Approach, my soul, the mercy seatSPOHRTextPage Scan
457What a Friend we have in JesusFRIENDTextPage Scan
458Our Father, Thou in heav'n aboveVATER UNSERTextPage Scan
459Come, my soul, thy suit prepareVIENNATextPage Scan
460Behold the sure Foundation-stoneST. ANNETextPage Scan
461Hark! the Church proclaims her honorLOBT DEN HERRN, DIE MORGENSONNETextPage Scan
462I love Thy kingdom, LordST. THOMASTextPage Scan
463For all the saints who from their labors restSINE NOMINETextPage Scan
464Blest be the tie that bindsBOYLSTONTextPage Scan
465Christ is our Corner-stoneDARWALL'S 148THTextPage Scan
466Christ, Thou art the sure FoundationREGENT SQUARETextPage Scan
467Built on the Rock the Church doth standKIRKEN DEN ER ETTextPage Scan
468For all Thy saints, O LordENERGYTextPage Scan
469Glorious things of thee are spokenGALILEANTextPage Scan
470Rise again, ye lion-heartedLÖWEN, LASST EUCH WIEDERFINDEN
471Hark! the sound of holy voicesO DURCHBRECHERTextPage Scan
472Rise, ye children of salvationNEANDERTextPage Scan
473The Church's one foundationAURELIATextPage Scan
474Zion stands by hills surroundedZIONTextPage Scan
475Ye watchers and ye holy onesLASST UNS ERFREUENTextPage Scan
476Ten thousand times ten thousandALFORDTextPage Scan
477Lord Jesus, Thou the Church's HeadREUTER
478The saints on earth and those aboveST. FLAVIANText
479Zion, rise, Zion, riseFAHRE FORT
480Lord of the worlds aboveDARWALL'S 148THTextPage Scan
481Thro' the night of doubt and sorrowBALTIMORETextPage Scan
482Dear Lord, to Thy true servants giveVATER UNSER
483God of the prophets, bless the prophets' sonsOLD 124THTextPage Scan
484We bid thee welcome in the nameHERR JESU CHRIST, MEIN'STextPage Scan
485Lord Jesus, who art comeO GOTT, DU FROMMER GOTTTextPage Scan
486O Thou whose feet have climbed life's hillDUNDEETextPage Scan
487How beauteous are their feetST. MICHAELTextPage Scan
488Lord of the harvest, hearAYNHOETextPage Scan
489Lord of the Church, we humbly prayKOMMT HER ZU MIRTextPage Scan
490Pour out Thy Spirit from on highO JESU CHRIST, MEIN'STextPage Scan
491Send, O Lord, Thy Holy SpiritWERDE MUNTERTextPage Scan

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