The Morning Stars Sang Together: a book of religious songs for Sunday schools and the home circle

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1The harp at nature's advent strungPage Scan
2On Horeb's rock the prophet stoodPage Scan
3Sweet music cheers the spiritPage Scan
4The deep toned bell is calling usPage Scan
5Keep working, 'tis wiser than sitting asidePage Scan
6The birds through all the woodlands strayPage Scan
7Hark, the lilies whisper tenderly and lowPage Scan
8O never despair at the troubles of lifePage Scan
9There's learning, pleasant learningPage Scan
10Bright things can never diePage Scan
11I live for those who love me, whose heartsPage Scan
12The wild flower drinks the morning dew and greets the breezes freePage Scan
13March on, brave youth, the field of strifePage Scan
14Awake, awake the tuneful voicePage Scan
15How we love to see thee, Golden, evening sunPage Scan
16The crimson clouds across the skyPage Scan
17The morning hours of cheerful lightPage Scan
18O would you be a sunbeamPage Scan
19There's good in everything we viewPage Scan
20O what a world this might bePage Scan
21There's music in the midnight breezePage Scan
22Let tomorrow take care of tomorrowPage Scan
23Gentle ray of sunlight, gleamingPage Scan
24Truth is dawning, see the morningPage Scan
25O welcome, dear and lovely MayPage Scan
26Now on land and sea descendingPage Scan
27When the morning bells are ringingPage Scan
28All good night, now is laborPage Scan
29How beautiful the setting sunPage Scan
30Good night, good night, to all good nightPage Scan
31O beautiful rainbowPage Scan
32How brightly, how brightly the sun moves alongPage Scan
33By alpine lake, 'neath shady rockPage Scan
34Our days of youth, though not from folly freePage Scan
35Father, thy children seePage Scan
36Suppose the [a] little cowslipPage Scan
37We sing the mighty power of GodPage Scan
38The birds sing in the forestPage Scan
39See how calmly star and starPage Scan
40Full and harmonious, let the joyous chorusPage Scan
41Approach not the altarPage Scan
42When winds are raging o'er the upper oceanPage Scan
43'Tis summer, glorious summer, lookPage Scan
44Earth, sea, and sky, three minstrelsPage Scan
45The Sunday is here, It cometh sent to us from heavenPage Scan
46When the glorious morning breaPage Scan
47The light pours down from heavenPage Scan
48How dear is the thought that the spirits in blissPage Scan
49In heaven awakes the gentle strainPage Scan
50Thou art the true and loving GodPage Scan
51Earth, with her ten thousand flowersPage Scan
52Phoebus, with reins gathered firmlyPage Scan
53The sun is bright its golden lightPage Scan
54Lovely silver flowerPage Scan
55Be firm and be faithful, desert notPage Scan
56Come, ye children into our schoolPage Scan
57All hail to the light, the pure beaming lightPage Scan
58From hill and dalePage Scan
59Yea, fear not, fear not, little onesPage Scan
60O God, thy boundless love we praisePage Scan
61At dawn the clouds hang darkPage Scan
62Hail, hail to thee, melody, daughter of lovePage Scan
63Standing on the shore at morningPage Scan
64Comfort ye, Comfort yePage Scan
65If ye love on anotherPage Scan
66Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad!Page Scan
67I will say of the LordPage Scan
68The grass withereth, the flower fadethPage Scan
69O when the sun awakes the morningPage Scan
70Day of rest, day of praisePage Scan
71There was joy in heavenPage Scan
72O now depart, from every heartPage Scan
73Sometimes the heart complainethPage Scan
74Another year has passed awayPage Scan
75From the merry Christmas timePage Scan
76Welcome, welcome is the greetingPage Scan
77The dead are like the stars by dayPage Scan
78We read in sweet, quaint, ancient gloryPage Scan
79Onward, onward, may we pressPage Scan
80Holy Love from heaven descendedPage Scan
81The beautiful, the beautifulPage Scan
82We come with joy and gladnessPage Scan
83Hark, through nature's vast cathedralPage Scan
84Meek and lowly, pure and holyPage Scan
85When for me [us] the silent oarPage Scan
86Let all the world in every corner singPage Scan
87Come, one and all, around me [we] standPage Scan
88When the night doth close thePage Scan
89The Sunday bell so full and swellingPage Scan
90Come, children, and join in our festival song
91Like the eagle, upward, onwardPage Scan
92Still onward and upward our watchword shall bePage Scan
93Though faint, yet pursuing, we go on our wayPage Scan
94We lift our tuneful voices nowPage Scan
95The happy bird that carols forth its praisesPage Scan
96O praise ye the Lord! Page Scan
97Everywhere in naturePage Scan
98The clear blue sky looks full of lovePage Scan
99We are young, we are youngPage Scan
100The Lord is my Shepherd, my ShepherdPage Scan

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