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The Psalms of David: with the Ten Commandments, Creed, Lord's Prayer, &c. in metre...for the use of the Reformed Protestant Dutch church of the city of New York

Editor: Francis Hopkinson
Publisher: James Parker, New York, 1767
Denomination: Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
Language: English
Notes: The Psalms are numbered by Psalm number, the Hymns are numbered by page number.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
IHow blest is he who ne'er consents to walk[How blest is he, who ne'er consents to walk]TextPage ScanAudio
IIWith ever restless, and ungovern'd Rage[With ever restless and ungoverned rage]TextPage ScanAudio
IIIHow many, Lord, there be[How many, Lord, there be]TextPage ScanAudio
IVHave mercy, Lord, on me[Have mercy, Lord, on me]TextPage ScanAudio
VLord, with thy wonted mercy hear[Lord, with thy wonted mercy hear]TextPage ScanAudio
VIThy dreadful Anger, LORD, restrain[Thy dreadful anger Lord restrain]TextPage ScanAudio
VIIIn thee, O LORD, my Hope I place[In thee, O Lord, my hope I place]TextPage ScanAudio
VIIIO LORD our GOD! how great art thou![O Lord, our God! how great art thou]TextPage ScanAudio
IXTo celebrate thy Name, O LORD![To celebrate thy name, O Lord]TextPage ScanAudio
XWhy dost thou now withdraw thy Presence, LORD![Why dost thou now withdraw thy presence, Lord]TextPage ScanAudio
XISince in the LORD my Hope secure is plac'd[Since in the Lord my Hope secure is plac'd]TextPage ScanAudio
XIISince Godly Men are eve'ry Day decreasing[Since godly men are every day decreasing]TextPage Scan
XIIIHow long shall I repine[How long shall I repine]TextPage ScanAudio
XIVSure wicked Fools, devoid of Shame[Sure wicked fools, devoid of shame]TextPage ScanAudio
XVLord, who shall to thy courts repair[Lord, who shall to thy courts repair]TextPage ScanAudio
XVIO GOD, preserve me; I on thee depend[O God, preserve, me, I on thee depend]TextPage ScanAudio
XVIITo my just Plea and sad Complaint[To my just plea and sad complaint]TextPage ScanAudio
XVIIINo Change of Times shall ever move[No change of times shall ever mover]TextPage ScanAudio
XIXThe Heav'ns declare thy Glory, LORD[The heavens declare thy glory, Lord]TextPage ScanAudio
XXThe Lord to thy Request attend[The Lord to thy request attend]TextPage Scan
XXIThe King, O LORD! with Songs of Praise[The King, O Lord, with songs of praise]TextPage ScanAudio
XXIIMy GOD! my GOD! why leav'st thou me[My God! my God! why leav'st thou me]TextPage ScanAudio
XXIIIThe LORD himself doth condescend[The Lord himself doth condescend]TextPage Scan
XXIVThe Fullness which the World affords[The fullness which the world affords]TextPage ScanAudio
XXVTo GOD I lift my Heart and Voice[To God I lift my heart and voice]TextPage ScanAudio
XXVIJudge thou my Cause, O GOD![Judge thou my cause, O God]TextPage ScanAudio
XXVIIWhom should I fear, since GOD to me[Whom should I fear since God to me]TextPage ScanAudio
XXVIIIO LORD, the Rock of my Defence[O Lord, the Rock of my defence]TextPage ScanAudio
XXIXYe Princes who in Might excel[Ye Princes who in might excel]TextPage ScanAudio
XXXWith Heart and Voice in one Accord[With heart and voice in one accord]TextPage ScanAudio
XXXIFrom Shame and Insult set me free[From shame and insult set me free]TextPage ScanAudio
XXXIIBlest is the Man, to whom the GOD of Heaven[Blest is the man, to whom the God of Heaven]TextPage ScanAudio
XXXIIILet all the Just with one Consent[Let all the just with one consent]TextPage ScanAudio
XXXIVThrough all the Scenes of Life[Through all the scenes of life]TextPage ScanAudio
XXXVAgainst all those that strive with me[Against all those that strive with me]TextPage Scan
XXXVIThe wicked Man's Transgression proves[The wicked man's transgression proves]TextPage ScanAudio
XXXVIIThough wicked Men grow rich or great[Though wicked Men grow rich and great]TextPage ScanAudio
XXXVIIIThy chast'ning wrath, O LORD, restrain[Thy chast'ning Wrath, O Lord, restrain]TextPage ScanAudio
XXXIXResolv'd to watch o'er all my Ways[Resolv'd to watch o'er all my Ways]TextPage ScanAudio
XLI waited meekly for the Lord[I waited meekly for the Lord]TextPage ScanAudio
XLIHe's bless'd whose tender Care[He's bless'd whose tender care]TextPage ScanAudio
XLIIAs pants the Hart for cooling Streams[As pants the hart for cooling streams]TextPage Scan
XLIIIJust Judge of Heav'n, against my Foes[Just Judge of Heav'n, against my Foes]TextPage Scan
XLIVOur Fathers, LORD, repeatedly[Our Fathers, Lord, repeatedly]TextPage ScanAudio
XLVMy chearful Mind a good Design shall frame[My chearful Mind a good Design shall frame]TextPage ScanAudio
XLVIGod is our Refuge in Distress[God is our refuge in distress]TextPage ScanAudio
XLVIIYe People, clap your Hands[Ye people clap your hands]TextPage ScanAudio
XLVIIIThe LORD, the only GOD is great[The Lord, the only God is great]TextPage ScanAudio
XLIXWith joint Consent let all the World attend[With joint Consent let all the World attend]TextPage ScanAudio
LThe Lord hath spoke, the mighty God[The Lord hath spoke, the mighty God]TextPage ScanAudio
LIThy mercy, Lord, extend to me[Thy mercy, Lord, extend to me]TextPage Scan
LIIIn Vain, O Man of lawless Pow'r[In Vain, O Man of lawless Pow'r]TextPage ScanAudio
LIIIThe wicked Fools must sure suppose[The wicked Fool's must sure suppose]TextPage ScanAudio
LIVLord save me, for thy glorious Name[Lord save me, for thy glorious Name]TextPage ScanAudio
LVGive Ear, thou Judge of all the Earth[Give Ear, thou Judge of all the Earth]TextPage ScanAudio
LVIThy Mercy, LORD, to me extend[Thy mercy, Lord, to me extend]TextPage ScanAudio
LVIIThy wonted Mercy, LORD, to me extend![Thy wonted Mercy, Lord, to me extend]TextPage ScanAudio
LVIIISpeak, O ye Judges of the Earth[Speak, O ye Judges of the Earth]TextPage ScanAudio
LIXDeliver me, O LORD, my GOD[Deliver me, O Lord, my God]TextPage Scan
LXO GOD, who hast our Troops disperst[O God, who hast our Troops disperst]TextPage Scan
LXILORD, hear my Cry, regard my Pray'r[Lord, hear my Cry, regard my Pray'r]TextPage ScanAudio
LXIIMy Soul for Help on GOD relies[My soul for help on God relies]TextPage ScanAudio
LXIIIOh GOD, my gracious GOD, to thee[Oh, God, my gracious God, to thee]TextPage ScanAudio
LXIVLORD, hear the Voice of my Complaint[Lord, hear the Voice of my Complaint]TextPage ScanAudio
LXVTo thee, O GOD, we render Praise[To thee, O God, we render Praise]TextPage Scan
LXVILet all the Lands, JEHOVAH blessing[Let all the Lands, Jehovah blessing]TextPage Scan
LXVIITo bless with Joy thy chosen Race[To bless with Joy thy chosen Race]TextPage ScanAudio
LXVIIILet GOD, the GOD of Battle, rise[Let God, the God of Battle, rise]TextPage ScanAudio
LXIXSave me, O GOD, from Floods that roll[Save me, O God, from Floods that roll]TextPage ScanAudio
LXXO LORD! to my relief draw near[O Lord, to my relief draw near]TextPage ScanAudio
LXXIIn thee I put my steadfast trust[In thee I put my stedfast trust]TextPage Scan
LXXIILORD, let thy just Decrees the King[Lord, let thy just Decrees the King]TextPage Scan
LXXIIIAt length, by certain proofs, 'tis plain[At length, by certain proffs, 'tis plain]TextPage Scan
LXXIVHow long shall thy fierce Anger burn[How long shall thy fierce Anger burn]TextPage Scan
LXXVTo thee, O GOD, we render Praise[To thee, O God, we render Praise]TextPage Scan
LXXVIIn Judah the Almighty's known[In Judah, the Almighty's known]TextPage ScanAudio
LXXVIITo God my loud Complaints I made[To God, my loud Complaints I made]TextPage Scan
LXXVIIIHear, O my People, to my Law[Hear, O my People, to my Law]TextPage ScanAudio
LXXIXThe heathen hosts, O God[The Heathen Hosts, O God]TextPage ScanAudio
LXXXO Israel's Shepherd, Joseph's Guide[O Israel's Shepherd, Joseph's Guide]TextPage ScanAudio
LXXXITo GOD, our never failing Strength[To God, our never failing Strength]TextPage ScanAudio
LXXXIIGod in the great Assembly sits[God, in the great Assembly sits]TextPage ScanAudio
LXXXIIIHold not thy Peace O LORD, our GOD![Hold not thy Peace, O Lord, our God]TextPage ScanAudio
LXXXIVO LORD, how lovely is the Place[O Lord, how lovely is the Place]TextPage Scan
LXXXVLORD, thou hast granted to thy Land[Lord, thou hast granted to thy Land]TextPage Scan
LXXXVITo my Complaint thine Ear incline[To my Complaint thine Ear incline]TextPage Scan
LXXXVIIGOD's Temple crowns the holy Mount[God's Temple crowns the holy Mount]TextPage ScanAudio
LXXXVIIITo thee, my GOD and Saviour, I[To thee, my God and Saviour, I]TextPage Scan
LXXXIXThy Mercies, LORD, shall be my Song[Thy Mercies, Lord, shall be my Song]TextPage Scan
XCFrom distant Times thou hast remained[From distant Times thou hast remained]TextPage Scan
XCIWho hath his dwelling made, beneath th' Almighty's Shade[Who hath his dwelling made, beneath th' Almighty's Shade]TextPage Scan
XCIIHow good and pleasant must it be[How good and pleasant must it be]TextPage Scan
XCIIIWith Glory clad, with Strength array'd[With Glory clad, with Strength array'd]TextPage Scan
XCIVVengeance belongs to thee, O GOD[Vengeance belongs to thee, O God]TextPage Scan
XCVO come, loud Anthems let us sing[O come, loud Anthems let us sing]TextPage Scan
XCVISing to the LORD, a new made Song[Sing to the Lord, a new made Song]TextPage Scan
XCVIIThe Lord himself is King[The Lord himself is King]TextPage ScanAudio
XCVIIIWith new made Songs, let GOD be praised[With new made songs, let God be praised]TextPage Scan
XCIXJehovah reigns, let all[Jehovah reigns, let all]TextPage Scan
CWith one Consent let all the Earth[With one Consent, let all the Earth]TextPage Scan

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