Francis Hopkinson

Francis Hopkinson
Short Name: Francis Hopkinson
Full Name: Hopkinson, Francis, 1737-1791
Birth Year: 1737
Death Year: 1791

Francis Hopkinson; grad. College of Philadelphia with master’s degree; studied law and passed Pa. bar; opened conveyancer’s office in Philadelphia; musical and literary talent; prolific writer who frequently used pen name, A. B.

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Against all those that strive with me, Assert my right, and set me freeFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
As pants the hart for cooling streams, When heated in the chace (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Bless GOD, ye Servants that attend Upon the Lord's most solemn stateFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Blest is he, who fears the LordFrancis Hopkinson (Author)1
Blest is the man, to whom the God of heavenFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
From distant times thou hast remainedFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
From lowest depths of woe, To God I sent my cry (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
From my Youth up, may Israel sayFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Give ear, thou Judge of all the earth, And listen when to thee I pray (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
God in the great assembly sitsFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
God is our refuge in distress, A present help when dangers press (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
God spake these words, O Israel, hearFrancis Hopkinson (Author)English1
Had not the Lord, may Israel say, Been kindly pleased to interposeFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Hail, Columbia! happy land!Francis Hopkinson (Author)English33
Have mercy, Lord, on me, For thou my Judge shalt beFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Hear, O my people, to my law, Your most devout Attention lendFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Heil, Columbia, glücklich' LandFrancis Hopkinson (Author)German4
He's blest whose tender careFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Hold not thy Peace O Lord, our God! Do thou no longer silent beFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
How blest is he who ne'er consents to walkFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
How long shall I repineFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
How long shall thy fierce anger burnFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
How many, Lord, there beFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
How vast must their Advantage be, How very great their pleasure proveFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
I waited meekly for the Lord, Who heard my mournful cryFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
In thee I put my steadfast trust, Lord, let me not be put to shameFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
In thee, O Lord, my hope I placeFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
In vain, O man of lawless powerFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
Judge thou my cause, O GodFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
Just Judge of Heav'n, against my Foes Do thou assert my rightFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Let all the just with one consentFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Let all the lands, Jehovah blessingFrancis Hopkinson (Author)English1
Let David, Lord, for evermoreFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
Lord, hear my cry, regard my pray'r, Which I, oppressed with heavy Grief (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Lord, hear my prayer, and to my cry (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
LORD, hear the Voice of my Complaint, And to my humble paryer give earFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Lord save me, for thy glorious Name, In thy resistless strength appearFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Lord, thou hast granted to thy land, The favors we so long imploredFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Lord, who shall to thy courts repairFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Lord, with thy wonted mercy hearFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
My chearful mind a good design shall frameFrancis Hopkinson (Author)English1
My God! my God! why leavest thou me, When I in anguish call on thee? (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
My soul doth magnify The Lord, who reigns on highFrancis Hopkinson (Author)English1
My soul for help on God relies, On God, who daily strength suppliesFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
My soul her song shall raiseFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
O give thanks unto the Lord, To his Name due praise afford!Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
O God, my heart is fully bent, To magnify thy glorious NameFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
O God, preserve me, I on thee dependFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
O Lord, how lovely is the placeFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
O Lord, I am not proud of heart, Nor do I cast a scornful eyeFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
O Lord, our God, how great art thouFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
O Lord, the Rock of my defenceFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
O praise the Lord, ye nations roundFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
O render thanks and bless the Lord, Invoke his ever sacred name (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
O sing unto the Lord, Him let the righteous praiseFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
O 'twas a joyful sound to hear Our numerous tribes devoutly sayFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Our Father, who in heaven art, The Spirit of prayer to us impartFrancis Hopkinson (Author)English1
Our fathers, Lord, repeatedlyFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Praise God in that bless'd placeFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Praise the Lord with one consentFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Preserve me, Lord, from crafty Foes, Of base and treacherous intentFrancis Hopkinson (Author)English1
Resolv'd to watch o'er all my Ways, I strove to keep my Tongue in AweFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Save me O God from floods that rollFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Since in the Lord my hope secure is placedFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Sure wicked fools, devoid of shameFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
The fullness which the world affordsFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
The heathen hosts, O GodFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
The Heavens declare thy Glory, Lord, Which that, and that alone can fill (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
The King, O Lord! with songs of praise (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
The Lord himself doth condescendFrancis Hopkinson (Author)English2
The Lord himself is KingFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
The Lord, the only Godis great, And therefore greatly to be praisedFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
The wicked Fools must sure supposeFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Though wicked Men grow rich or great (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson, 1737-1791 (Adapter)English2
Through all the scenes of lifeFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Thy dreadful anger, Lord, restrain, Nor let thy Wrath on me remainFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Thy mercies, Lord, shall be my themeFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
Thy mercy, Lord, to me extend, Against my foes my life defendFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Thy wonted mercy, Lord, to me extendFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
To God be endless praise addressedFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
To God I lift my heart and voiceFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
To God I raised my mournful voiceFrancis Hopkinson (Author)English1
To God my loud complaints I madeFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
To GOD, our never failing Strength, With glad Applauses, loudly singFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
To God your grateful voices raise, Who does your patron prove (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
To my complaint thine ear inclineFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
To my just Plea and sad Complaint (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
To thee, my God and KingFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
To Thee, my God and Savior, I (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
To thee, O God, we render praise From Sion, thy blest seatFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
To thee, O God, we render praise, To thee, with daily thanks repair (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
To thee, O Lord, my cries ascend, O hasten thou to my relief (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
To Zion's hill I lift my eyes (Tate and Brady)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
We build with fruitless toil and costFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
When I pour out my Soul in Pray'r, Do thou, O Lord, incline thine Ear (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
When Zion's God her mournful sonsFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Who hath his dwelling made, beneath th' Almighty's shadeFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
Who place on Zion's God their trust, Like Zion's lofty rock shall standFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Whom should I fear, since God to me Is saving health and glorious Light (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Why dost thou now withdraw thy presence, LordFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
With ever restless, and ungoverned rageFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
With heart and voice in one accordFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
With joint consent let all the world attendFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
With my whole Heart, my GOD and King, Thy worthy praise I will proclaim (Hopkinson)Francis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
With new made songs, let God be praisedFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)1
Ye people, clap your handsFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
Ye realms of joy, your Maker's fameFrancis Hopkinson (Adapter)English1
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