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The SmallChurchMusic site was commenced in 2006 grew out of the requests from those struggling to provide suitable music for their services and meetings.
Rev. Clyde McLennan was ordained in mid 1960’s and was a pastor in many small Australian country areas, and therefore was acutely aware of this music problem. Having also been trained as a Pipe Organist, recordings on site (which are a subset of the site) are all actually played by Clyde, and also include piano and piano with organ versions.
All recordings are in MP3 format. Churches all around the world use the recordings, with downloads averaging over 60,000 per month.
The recordings normally have an introduction, several verses and a slowdown on the last verse. Users are encouraged to use software: Audacity ( or Song Surgeon ( (see for more information) to adjust the MP3 number of verses, tempo and pitch to suit their local needs.

Copyright notice: Rev. Clyde McLennan, performer in this collection, has assigned his performer rights in this collection to Non-commercial use of these recordings is permitted. For permission to use them for any other purposes, please contact


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Performer: Clyde McLennan
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
6876Ry Jeso o! Sakaiza (O Jesu, my Friend)SELBORNEAudio
6877Ry Jesosy mba ampio aho ho madio fo (Help me, Jesus, to get a pure heart)[Help me Jesus to get a pure heart]Audio
6878Ny fahasoavan'i Jesosy Kristy (The grace of Jesus Christ)[The grace of Jesus Christ]Audio
6879Ry Jeso Tompo soa (Blessed Lord Jesus, my Rock)[Blessed Lord Jesus my Rock] (Abt)Audio
6880Mba tarihonao, ry Raiko (Lead my spirit and my heart, O my Father)[Lead my spirit and my heart O my Father] (Wetterling)Audio
6881Andriamanitra tahio ny mihaino (God, bless those who listen)[God bless those who listen]Audio
6911Dera re, laza anie (Be praise and glory)[Be praise and glory]Audio
6912Hianao ry Ray no mibaiko (You, O Father, ordain)[You O Father ordain]Audio
6913Fantatrao va ny Mpamonjy (Do you know the Saviour)[Do you know the Saviour]Audio
6914Mba sainonao ange sao tsy mba fantatrao (Now think over)[Now think over]Audio
6926Ny Mpamonjy no mitady fihavanana aminao (The Saviour wants to love you)[The Saviour wants to love you]Audio
6927Ry namako mahantra, manaram-po izao (O, my pitiful friend)[O my pitiful friend]Audio
6928Ry mpanota! Mihevera (Think over, O sinner)[Think over O sinner]Audio
6929Tsy renao va ny feon'ny Ray? (Don't you hear the voice of the Father?)[Don't you hear the voice of the Father]Audio
6930ba hevero, ry mpanota! (Remember, O sinner)TOPEKA (Sankey)Audio
6931Manatona, ry malala! (Come to your Lord Jesu, O dear)[Come to your Lord Jesu O dear]Audio
6932He! Ry mpanota ana, sasatra (O, sinners who are weary and tired)[O sinners who are weary and tired]Audio
6933Andeha ry hava-malala (Come, O dear friend)[Come O dear friend]Audio
6934Ry zanako mania! (Listen, O my wandering children)[Listen O my wandering children] (Sankey)Audio
6936Faingana, ry hava-malala (Hasten, dear friend)[Hasten dear friend]Audio
6937Mba henoy ny feon'i Jeso (Listen the voice of Jesu)[Listen the voice of Jesu]Audio
6938Mankanesa, ry mpanota (Come to Me, O sinners)[Come to Me O sinners]Audio
6939Ry tany o, ry tany o (O, world, the Holy and Mighty Lord is calling)[O world the Holy and Mighty Lord is calling]Audio
6940Hevero, ry andevom-pahotana (Think over, o salves of the sins)[Think over o salves of the sins]Audio
6941Mpanota ory sy mahantra (Distressed and pitiful sinner)[Distressed and pitiful sinner]Audio
6942Tsy mba hisy tonga ary an-danitra (Nobody will reach the heaven)[Nobody will reach the heaven]Audio
6943Ho aiza, ho aiza izao hianao (Where, where are you going now?)AHNFELT (Ahnfelt 55311)Audio
6944Mba mifohaza re, henoy izao (Wake up and listen now)[Wake up and listen now]Audio
6945He ny fiantsoana (The call full of love)[The call full of love]Audio
7084Inona, re, no atakaloko (With what I will exchange?)[With what I will exchange] (Schofield)Audio
6952He ny fiantsoana (The call full of love)[The call full of love]Audio
6953Ry olo-matory o, mba mifohaza (O, sleeping people! Wake up)[O sleeping people Wake up] (Lindeman)Audio
6954Ry olom-bery, tsy ho very foana ny andronao (O lost people, your time will not be wasted)[O lost people your time will not be wasted]Audio
6955Ny Mpamonjy be fitia (The Loving Saviour is calling)[The Loving Saviour is calling]Audio
6958He, Jesosy Tompo soa (O Blessed Jesus and Lord)[O Blessed Jesus and Lord]Audio
6959He, Jesosy Tompo soa (O Blessed Jesus and Lord)[O Blessed Jesus and Lord]Audio
6960Tsy maintsy hateraka indray hianao (You must be born again)[You must be born again]Audio
6961Ny perla madio, ny perla vaovao (The pure and new pearl)[The pure and new pearl]Audio
6962Mpanota o, mba mihevera tsara (O sinners, think well over)[O sinners think well over]Audio
6964Mpanota o, mba mihevera tsara (O sinners, think well over)GENEVAN 116Audio
6965O mba raiso izao, misy lovanao ao (Seize now, your heritage is here)MORNING STARAudio
6970Misy havana ao ala-trano ao (Friends are outside)[Friends are outside]Audio
6971O! avia ry mpanota (Come to Me, O sinners)[Come to Me O sinners]Audio
6972Modia, modia, o, ry mpanota o! (Come home, come home, O sinners)[Come home come home O sinners]Audio
6973Aizan'ny lanitra hianao (Where are you from the heaven)[Where are you from the heaven]Audio
6988Aizan'ny lanitra hianao (Where are you from the heaven)[Where are you from the heaven]Audio
6989Ry olona mbola tamana amin-dratsy (O, people who is content yet with the evil)PILGRIMSSONGERAudio
6990Tompo Tsitoha, izahay mifona (Mighty Lord, forgive us)[Mighty Lord forgive us] (Cruger)Audio
6991Izaho nivily, ka simba ny fo (I strayed and my heart became dirty)[I strayed and my heart became dirty]Audio
7001Ny fasika amoron'ny rano (The sand of the shore)[The sand of the shore] (Klug)Audio
7002Manenina aho, Ray masina o (I regret, O Holy Father)[I regret O Holy Father]Audio
7003Jehovah, Ray mahari-po (Jehovah, the patient Father)[Jehovah the patient Father]Audio
7004Ry Jeso o! Jereo (Jesu, help us for fear of being lost)[Jesu help us for fear of being lost] (McGranahan)Audio
7013Ry Mpamonjy, Tompo soa (Saviour and sweet Lord)[Saviour and sweet Lord]Audio
7014Mamindra fo amiko (Forgive me, O my Lord Jehovah)[Forgive me O my Lord Jehovah]Audio
7015Nandao Anao ela aho (I ran away from You for a long time, O Father)[I ran away from You for a long time O Father]Audio
6935Manatòna, ry mpanota (Come, O sinner)[Come O sinner]Audio
7019Jehovah Tompo o! (We are here, Lord Jehovah)[We are here Lord Jehovah]Audio
7028Amorony fo madio (Give me a pure heart)[Give me a pure heart]Audio
7029Ry Raiko o! Ry Raiko o! (O my Father, O my Father)[O my Father O my Father]Audio
7030Ry Raiko feno antra (Father full of compassion)[Father full of compassion]Audio
7031Andriamanitra o, Ray Mpamindra fo (O God, Merciful Father)[O God Merciful Father]Audio
7032Ry Andriananaharinay (Our Lord Creator, Thy Holiness)[Our Lord Creator Thy Holiness]Audio
7033He! Maharavoravo (Thy love, Jesu, gladdens)[Thy love Jesu gladdens]Audio
7034Tsaroako dia tsaroako (I really remember)[I really remember]Audio
7035Ny ratsy efa tiako (I loved the badness)[I loved the badness] (Stanley)Audio
7036Nanatona Anao, Mpanavotra o! (The poor people came to Thy, O Saviour[The poor people came to Thy O Saviour]Audio
7037Nanatona Anao, Mpanavotra o! (The poor people came to Thy, O Saviour)[The poor people came to Thy O Saviour]Audio
7038Ho vavolombelonao (To be Your witness)[To be Your witness]Audio
7039Reko izao ry Tompo (I hear Your call, O Lord)[I hear Your call O Lord]Audio
7040Endrika sariaka (Joyful look)[Joyful look]Audio
7041Na be no mahareraka (Even if many weariness strike)[Even if many weariness strike]Audio
7042Mandra-piavin'ny Tompo (Pray till the coming of the Lord)[Pray till the coming of the Lord]Audio
7043Mba taominao ny fo izao (Take our heart now)[Take our heart now]Audio
7044Avia, Jehovah Tomponay (Come, Jehovah our Lord)[Come Jehovah our Lord] (Bradbury)Audio
7045Ry Kristy o, Mpanjakako! (O Christ, my King)[O Christ my King]Audio
7046Endrey! 'ty fahotana (See! The sins)[See The sins]Audio
7047Endrey! 'ty fahotana (See! The sins)[See The sins] (Razafinrazka)Audio
7048Raiso ho Anao ny foko (Take my heart for You)[Take my heart for You]Audio
7049Ry Raiko feno antra (O my merciful Father, here are Your children)[O my merciful Father here are Your children] (Sankey)Audio
7050Ry Raiko feno antra (O my merciful Father, here are Your children)[O my merciful Father here are Your children]Audio
7051Jeso mora fo indrindra (How kind is Jesu)[How kind is Jesu] (Sweney)Audio
7053Atolotro Anao ny tenako, ry Raiko (I offer my body to You, O my Father)[I offer my body to You O my Father]Audio
7054Ry Tompo o! Tariho (Lead Your little sheep, O Lord)[Lead Your little sheep O Lord]Audio
7056Jeso Kristy be fiantra (Merciful Jesu Christ)[Merciful Jesu Christ]Audio
7057Tompo o! Tsy takatry ny saiko (My mind can't understand, O Lord![My mind can't understand O Lord]Audio
7058Tompo o! Ovay ny foko (Change my heart, O Lord)[Change my heart O Lord]Audio
7059Veloma no apetrako (I say good bye)[I say good bye]Audio
7060Ny androm-pahasoavana (The blessing day)MORNING STARAudio
7061Ario ny tahotrao (Throw your fear off)[Throw your fear off]Audio
7085Finaritra ny vorona ao an'ala (The birds in the forest are happy)[The birds in the forest are happy]Audio
7086Finaritra ny vorona ao an'ala (The birds in the forest are happy)CONSOLATIONAudio
7087Ry Jeso Tompo tsara o! (Lord and Kind Jesu, I can't reply)SWEET HOUR OF PRAYERAudio
7088Ranomasi-mampahory (Frightened sea)[Frightened sea]Audio
7089Jeso! ny hamarinanao (Jesu, Thy righteousness)SAMSONAudio
7091Jesu is our Friend, Jesu is ours[Jesu is our Friend Jesu is ours]Audio
7092Ry Jehovah Tomponay! (O Lord Jehovah! We are lost people)[O Lord Jehovah We are lost people]Audio
7093Tsara lova, ry Jeso o! (O, Jesu! Thou gave an heritage)[O Jesu Thou gave an heritage]Audio
7094An-dafin' ny efitra lava sy maina (Beyond the vast and dry desert)[Beyond the vast and dry desert]Audio
6884Kāpēc sirds tā gavilē (May my heart rejoice)PARADISE (Smart)Audio

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