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The SmallChurchMusic site was commenced in 2006 grew out of the requests from those struggling to provide suitable music for their services and meetings.
Rev. Clyde McLennan was ordained in mid 1960’s and was a pastor in many small Australian country areas, and therefore was acutely aware of this music problem. Having also been trained as a Pipe Organist, recordings on site (which are a subset of the site) are all actually played by Clyde, and also include piano and piano with organ versions.
All recordings are in MP3 format. Churches all around the world use the recordings, with downloads averaging over 60,000 per month.
The recordings normally have an introduction, several verses and a slowdown on the last verse. Users are encouraged to use software: Audacity ( or Song Surgeon ( (see for more information) to adjust the MP3 number of verses, tempo and pitch to suit their local needs.

Copyright notice: Rev. Clyde McLennan, performer in this collection, has assigned his performer rights in this collection to Non-commercial use of these recordings is permitted. For permission to use them for any other purposes, please contact


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Performer: Clyde McLennan
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
7192Hianao, Jehovah Tompo (Thou, Lord Jehovah)[Thou Lord Jehovah] (Rabehiandrana)Audio
7193Hianao, Jehovah Tompo (Thou, Lord Jehovah)[Thou Lord Jehovah] (McGranahan)Audio
7194Ao am-pitan'ilay lohasaha izay (Across the valley)[Across the valley] (Doane)Audio
7195Maniry izahay ho any Aminao (We wish to come to You)[We wish to come to You] (Woodbury)Audio
7196Ny tranon'ny Raiko Trano madio (My Father's home)[My Father's home] (Major)Audio
7197He! Misy re fonenana (How sweet is the dwelling!)GRASSMEREAudio
7198Ny lapan'Andriamanitra (The God's palace)[The God's palace] (Mozart)Audio
7199Ny lapan'Andriamanitra (The God's Palace)[The God's Palace] (unknown)Audio
7205Lasa re ilay nazoto (The devotee is gone away)[The devotee is gone away]Audio
7200Ao ambony ny lapan'ny Ray (The God's palace is in heaven)[The God's palace is in heaven] (Sankey)Audio
7201Ary an-koatra ary ilay Paradisa soa (Beyond the heavens is the wonderful Paradise)BLESSED HOMEAudio
7202Iza re ireto avy (Who are these coming people?)[Who are these coming people] (Schulthes)Audio
7203Ao ny andro lehibe (A great day will come)[A great day will come] (Gabriel)Audio
7204Ny hiran'ny lanitra tsara tokoa (The song of the heaven)[The song of the heaven] (Murray)Audio
7206An-danitra, an-danitra (In the heaven, in the heaven)[In the heaven in the heaven] (Lindeman)Audio
7207Ry Jehovah Ray Tsitoha (Jehovah, mighty Father! We are meeting)CONSOLATION (ALT)Audio
7209Ry olon-kanao fanekena masina (O, people who will go to say a holy promise)[O people who will go to say a holy promise] (Hartmann)Audio
7210Ry Tompo Zanaharinay (Lord Creator! Be at our meeting)[Lord Creator Be at our meeting] (Wagner)Audio
7215Miposaka indray ny masoandro (The sun rises again)[The sun rises again] (Zinck)Audio
7217Efa lasan-davitra (I am far away, the evening is now coming)[I am far away the evening is now coming] (Lindeman)Audio
7218Alina ny andro (It is night)[It is night]Audio
7219Ry Jehovah Ray Tsitoha (Jehovah, Father and Mighty)[Jehovah Father and Mighty] (Rasoanaivo)Audio
7220O! tahio ny havanay re (O! Bless our family)VESPER HYMNAudio
7221Veloma indrindra, ry havana o! (Good bye, O my friend!)[Good bye O my friend] (Lindeman)Audio
7222Zanahary o tahio ny tanindrazanay (O Creator, bless our country)[O Creator bless our country]Audio
7223Arovy, Ry Tsitoha (Bless our nation, O Mighty)[Bless our nation O Mighty] (Richards)Audio
7224Ry Ray, tahionao i Madagasikara (O Father, bless Madagascar)[O Father bless Madagascar] (Malan)Audio
7225Ry Jehovah Tompon'aina, (O, Jehovah who leads to life)[O Jehovah who leads to life] (Naivojaona)Audio
7226He! Ny tany manontolo (O! The whole country)[O The whole country] (Main)Audio
7227Jehovah Tompo o! (O! Lord Jehovah, bless and improve our nation)[O Lord Jehovah bless and improve our nation] (Rasoanalvo)Audio
7228Zanahary no mahela (The Creator makes our lifetime longer)CANTIQUE EVANGELIQUEAudio
7229Ny andronay mandala (Our life is passing away)[Our life is passing away]Audio
7230Mifalia, ry sakaiza! (Be happy, my friend!)[Be happy my friend] (Bliss)Audio
7231Haleloia! Sambasamba! (Hallelujah! Thank You!)[Hallelujah Thank You]Audio
7232Haleloia! Sambasamba! (Hallelujah! Thank You!)[Hallelujah Thank You] (Rasoanaivo)Audio
7233Havaozy Tompo o! (O Lord! Make all universe new)[O Lord Make all universe new] (Rabary)Audio
7234Ny taom-baovao dia tonga indray (The new year is coming again)[The new year is coming again] (Dixon)Audio
7235He, vaovao ny taona (O, this is a new year)[O this is a new year] (Hey)Audio
7236Dicsérjétek az Urat (Praise the Lord)[Praise the Lord] (Bourgeois)Audio
7237Isten nagy szerelme (God's great love)[God's great love] (Sering)Audio
7238Az Úrnak irgalmát (The Lord's mercy)[The Lord's mercy] (Goudimel)Audio
7239Adjatok hálát az Istennek (Give thanks to God)[Give thanks to God] (Davantes)Audio
7240Az Úrhoz szálljon fel a hála (Give gratitude to the Lord)[Give gratitude to the Lord] (Richter)Audio
7241Mennyben lakó én Istenem (My God who is in heaven)[My God who is in heaven] (Erno)Audio
7242Nagy vagy Te, Isten (You are great, God)[You are great God] (Lajos)Audio
7243Ó, felséges Úr (O Lord Most High)[O Lord Most High] (Bourgeois)Audio
7244Nyisd ki, ó, bűnös ember (Confess, O sinner)[Confess O sinner] (Hungarian Folk melody)Audio
7245Áldott az Isten (Blessed be God, the Father of us all)[Blessed be God the Father of us all] (Debrecen)Audio
7246Csillagfényes éjszakán (Starlit night, an Angel voice sounds)[Starlit night an Angel voice sounds] (Daquin)Audio
4234Peace is flowing like a river[Peace is flowing like a river] (Anonymous)Audio
7247Várj, ember szíve (Wait my heart)[Wait my heart] (Erfurt)Audio
7248Betlehemi mezők (Bethlehem Fields)[Bethlehem Fields] (Hungarian Melody)Audio
4413Proclaim, proclaim the storyTE DEUMAudio
3088Rejoice in the Lord always and again[Rejoice in the Lord always and again] (Unknown)Audio
7249Ó, gyönyörű szép, titokzatos éj (O, beautiful, mysterious night)[O beautiful mysterious night] (Gemesi Collection)Audio
7251Pásztorok, pásztorok (Shepherds, shepherds, rejoice)[Shepherds shepherds rejoice] (Tárkányi_Zsasskovszky)Audio
7252Mennyből az angyal (The angel came to you from heaven)[The angel came to you from heaven] (Gimesi collection)Audio
7253Vigasságos, hangos (Vigasságos voice had great joy)[Vigasságos voice had great joy] (Weisse)Audio
7254Dicsőség mennyben (Glory to God in heaven)[Glory to God in heaven] (Tárkányi_Zsasskovszky)Audio
7255Ezrek ajkan kel a hozsanna (A thousand lips raise Hosanna)[A thousand lips raise Hosanna] (Kreutzer)Audio
7256Maga Jézus vitte (Jesus was on the tree)MAITLANDAudio
7257Hittel nézek keresztfádra (I look in faith to Jesus)[I look in faith to Jesus] (Swedish Melody)Audio
7258Hittel nézek keresztfádra (I look in faith to Jesus)[I am going to the cross] (Bozóki)Audio
4448We have a King who rides a donkey[We have a King who rides a donkey] (Traditional)Audio
7259Jézus, világ Megváltója (Jesus, Redeemer of the world)[Jesus Redeemer of the world] (Szegedi: Cantus Catholici)Audio
7260Ott függ a néma Bárány (The silent Lamb)[The silent Lamb] (Finnish Melody)Audio
7261Királyi zászló jár elöl (Raise the Royal flag)[Raise the Royal flag] (Medieval Hymn)Audio
7262Föltámadt Krisztus (Christ is risen, today)[Christ is risen today] (Szollosi B: Cantus Catholici)Audio
7263Elmúlt az éj (Last night, in the morning)[Last night in the morning] (English melody)Audio
4452When the Spirit of the Lord[When the Spirit of the Lord] (Unknown)Audio
7264A halál legyőzőjének (The conqueror of death)[The conqueror of death] (Silcher)Audio
7265Emmausnak tart két vándor (Two wandering to Emmaus)[Two wandering to Emmaus] (Knecht)Audio
7266Az első húsvét ünnepén (The first Passover feast)[The first Passover feast] (Wiesenthal)Audio
7267Jöjjetek mind (Come all, you earnest Christians)[Come all you earnest Christians] (Czerni)Audio
7268Vonj, Mesterünk (Involve, our Master)[Involve our Master] (Leipzig)Audio
7269Minden, minden nékem Jézus (Jesus is everything to me)[Jesus is everything to me] (Gabriel)Audio
7270Ó, Jézus, Te csodálatos (O! Jesus, He is beautiful)[O Jesus He is beautiful] (Singvőgelein)Audio
7271Ó, szeretet, Te égi fény (O, I love your heavenly light)[O I love your heavenly light] (Baltzell)Audio
7272Megváltónk mennyből (The Saviour came down from heaven)FRANCKAudio
7273Én ismerem Jézust (I know Jesus, the Father has sent)[I know Jesus the Father has sent] (Unknown)Audio
7274Földre hulló égi manna (Manna fall from heaven)[Manna fall from heaven] (Silcher)Audio
7275Mondj, szívem, dalt (Sing my heart and glorify)[Sing my heart and glorify] (Smith Songbook)Audio
7276Jézus: ez a legszebb név (Jesus is the most beautiful name)[Jesus is the most beautiful name] (Popkes)Audio
7277Jövel, Szentlélek Úr Isten (Holy Spirit, fill in our hearts.)[Holy Spirit fill in our hearts] (Debrecen)Audio
7278Isten fénylő dicstrónjától (God's glory shining from the throne)[God's glory shining from the throne] (Békefi Pál)Audio
7279Szállj szívünkbe (Come into our hearts, great God)[Come into our hearts great God] (Szollosi B: Cantus Catholici)Audio
7280Igéje szól (The Word says, Word calls)[The Word says Word calls] (Páth Géza)Audio
7281Istentől jött szózat (There came a voice from God)[There came a voice from God] (Witt)Audio
7282Adjátok a szent Bibliát kezembe (Give me the Bible)[Give me the Bible] (Lorenz)Audio
7283Egy szív érettem dobogott (A heart beating for me) [A heart beating for me] (Bányai Jenő)Audio
7284Egi szózat szállt a földre (Heaven came to earth)[Heaven came to earth] (Sheppard)Audio
7285Mily drága nékünk ez a jó hír (Redemption! oh, wonderful story)[Redemption oh wonderful story] (Bilhorn)Audio
7286Ő hív, jövel (He is calling, Come)[He is calling Come] (Sankey)Audio
7287Ha földi utad véget ér (When our earthly journey ends)[When our earthly journey ends] (Singen)Audio
7288Keskeny útra lépjen (Find the narrow road)[Find the narrow road] (Lowry)Audio
7289Az üdvösség tökéletes (Perfect Salvation Jesus gives us)[Perfect Salvation Jesus gives us] (Gebhardt)Audio
7290Légy csöndben (Be silent)[Be silent] (Unknown Composer)Audio
7291Ím, eljöttem bűnterhemmel (Behold, I come)[Behold I come] (Trans'ur)Audio
7292Az Isten Bárányára (The Lamb of God)[The Lamb of God] (Roy)Audio
7293Drága kereszt a Golgotán (Marvelous Cross on Golgotha)[Marvelous Cross on Golgotha] (McConnell)Audio

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