Singing Our Faith: a hymnal for young Catholics

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101Prepare the way of the Lord[Prepare the way of the Lord]
102A time for hope![A time for hope]Page Scan
103Stay awake, be ready[Stay awake, be ready]
104Wait for the Lord, whose day is near[Wait for the Lord whose day is near]
105O Lord of Light, our only hope of glory[O Lord of Light, our only hope of glory]Page Scan
106Joy to the world! the Lord is comeANTIOCHTextPage Scan
107Gloria, gloria, in excelsis Deo![Gloria, gloria, in excelsis Deo]TextPage Scan
108Silent night, holy nightSTILLE NACHTTextPage Scan
109Cold are the people, winter of life[Cold are the people, winter of life]Page Scan
110Away in a manger, no crib for a bedMUELLERTextPage Scan
111He came down that we may have love[He came down that we may have love]TextPage Scan
112Angels we have heard on highGLORIATextPage Scan
113O come, all ye faithful (Adeste fideles)ADESTE FIDELESTextPage Scan
114While shepherds kept their watchingGO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAINPage Scan
115Jesus our brother, kind and goodORIENTIS PARTIBUSTextPage Scan
116The virgin Mary had a baby boy[The virgin Mary had a baby boy]Text
117We three kings of Orient areKINGS OF ORIENTTextPage Scan
118O come, little children, O come, one and allIHR KINDERLEIN KOMMETTextPage Scan
119What star is this with beams so brightPUER NOBISTextPage Scan
120Dust and ashes touch our face[Dust and ashes touch our face]TextPage Scan
121Again we keep this solemn fastOLD HUNDREDTH
122Jesus, remember me[Jesus, remember me]
123O Sun of justice, Jesus ChristJESU DULCIS MEMORIA
124O how good is Christ the Lord!OH QUE BUENO ES JESUSText
125Were you there when they crucified my Lord?WERE YOU THERETextPage Scan
126What wondrous love is this, O my soul, O my soul?WONDROUS LOVETextPage Scan
127I am weak and I need thy strength and pow'r[I am weak and I need thy strength and pow'r]
128Once we were people afraid[Once we were people afraid]Page Scan
129Now the time of grace has come[Now the time of grace has come]Page Scan
130O Lord, hear my prayer[O Lord, hear my prayer]Page Scan
131Christ the Lord is ris'n! GARUTextPage Scan
132Jesus is Lord of all the earthALLELUIA NO. 1
133Surrexit Christus, alleluia! (The Lord is risen, alleluia!)[The Lord is risen, alleluia]
134Jubilate Deo (Raise a song of gladness)[Raise a song of gladness]Page Scan
135Jubilate Deo (In the Lord rejoicing!)[In the Lord rejoicing]Page Scan
136New beginnings, here in our midst[New beginnings here in our midst]Page Scan
137Glory to God who does wondrous thingsO FILII ET FILIAEPage Scan
138You opened the gates of heaven[You opened the gates of heaven]
139Sing a new song[Sing a new song]
140Jesus Christ is ris'n today, Alleluia!EASTER HYMNText
141Christ the Lord is ris'n today, Alleluia! (Hail the day that sees him rise Alleluia!)LLANFAIRTextPage Scan
142Alleluia! sing to Jesus!HYFRYDOLTextPage Scan
143That Easter day with joy was brightPUER NOBISText
144All creatures of our God and KingLASST UNS ERFREUEN
145Praise for the sun, the bringer of day[Praise for the sun, the bringer of day]Page Scan
146All people that on earth do dwellOLD HUNDREDTHTextPage Scan
147I am a person, God made me special[I am a person, God made me special]
148Praise and thanksgiving let ev'ryone bringLOBET UND PREISET
149For the beauty of the earthDIXText
150Earth and all starsEARTH AND ALL STARS
151'Tis a gift to be simpleSIMPLE GIFTSText
152In the bulb there is a flowerPROMISEText
153Come, O God of all the earthSING OUT
154Sing with one another[Sing with one another]
155Praise to God, praise to GodSAKURA
156Each little flow'r that opensROYAL OAKTextPage Scan
157Sun and moon: Bless your Maker![Sun and moon: Bless your Maker]Page Scan
158Holy God, we praise thy name!GROSSER GOTTText
159Clap your hands, lift your voiceSING, SING, PRAISE AND SINGText
160Sing praise to our CreatorGOTT VATER SEI GEPRIESEN
161Blest are you, God of all Creation[Blest are you God of all Creation]
162When Jesus worked here on earth[When Jesus worked here on earth]
163I danced in the morning when the world was begunLORD OF THE DANCEText
164You are the Word who calls us out of darkness[You are the Word who calls us out of darkness]
165When Jesus saw the fishermenST. STEPHEN
166You bring me rest in green, green pasturesTHE LORD IS MY SHEPHERDText
167Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ[Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ]
168Jesus, Jesus[Jesus, Jesus]Text
169In Christ there is no east or westMC KEETextPage Scan
170Jesus' hands were kind hands, doing good to allAU CLAIR DE LA LUNETextPage Scan
171Come to us, Spirit of God[Come to us, Spirit of God]Page Scan
172Spirit of the living God[Spirit of the living God]
173Veni Sancte Spiritus[Veni Sancte Spiritus]
174O breathe on me, O breath of GodST. COLUMBAText
175O Holy Spirit, by whose breathVENI CREATOR SPIRITUS
176Call us to be your compassion[Call us to be your compassion]Page Scan
177God sends us his Spirit to befriend and help usNATOMAHTextPage Scan
178I will never forget you, my people[I will never forget you, my people]
179You are our God, and we your people[You are our God, and we your people]Page Scan
180Pues si vivimos para Él vivimos (If we are living we are in the Lord)[Pues si vivimos, para Él vivimos]Page Scan
181Moved by the Gospel, let us moveKINGSFOLD
182God of all, we look to you[God of all we look to you]Page Scan
183Here in this place new light is streamingGATHER US INPage Scan
184I come with joy, a child of GodLAND OF RESTText
185Let us build a house where love can dwellTWO OAKSPage Scan
186The church is not a buildingPORT JERVISTextPage Scan
187Praise the God who changes places[Praise the God who changes places]TextPage Scan
188We are sent two by twoTWO BY TWOPage Scan
189There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism[There is one Lord, one faith, one batism]Page Scan
190As a fire is meant for burningBEACH SPRINGPage Scan
191Now thank we all our GodNUN DANKETTextPage Scan
192You are salt for the earth, O people[You are salt for the earth, O people]Page Scan
193We are marching in the light of God[We are marching in the light of God]Page Scan
194You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord[You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord]
195Christ the Lord to us said[Christ the Lord to us said]
196We shall overcome, we shall overcome[We shall overcome, we shall overcome]
197I have all I need[I have all I need]
198Take, O take me as I am[Take, O take me as I am]Page Scan
199Kneels at the feet of his friendsCHEREPONIText
200Will you let me be your servant[Will you let me be your servant]

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