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Sound the Bamboo: CCA Hymnal 2000

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1Lajahle htaora Hp'ya htaora Hp'ya (Come, O Come, let us praise Parent God)LAJAHLE
2Maa thoed rao rong phleng na matsa kaan (Come and worship God with songs of praise)NA-MAT-SA KAAN
3Lán tiíoh kèng-pài lâ-hô-hoa (Let us come to worship God)HI-A-O-HO-I-AN
4Aso, aso, aso ngane (O Come, O Come, all you people, come[Aso, aso, aso ngane]
5Bān-bîn ah, lín tióh o-ló (Let all nations praise the LORD)O-LÓ
6Mi pela i bung[Mi pela i bung]
7O datang, datang ya Roh Kudus (O O come quickly, Holy Spirit)DATANGLAH
8Esho hae Probhu Tumi dhora yeesho (Come, O Jesus Christ, make your dwelling with us)ESHO HAE PROBHU
9Namo namo mavunkarun (We worship you, Creator God)NAMO NAMO
10O Roh Kudus Ilahi (Now come, O Holy Spirit)O ROH KUDUS
11Saen suksan wan prachum nii (Day of joy, let us be glad)PHLENG KRET PHA-MA
12Siōng-tè lút-hoat tē sì kàu (Christ fulfils the Law of old)KIANG-SI
13Jin zhao wo-men gong-jing qian-bei (God, we praise you for this LORD'S day)PU-TO
14Wan ni wan santisuk (Upon this day of peace)LAOO-SOOM-DET
15Om Bhagawan (O praise the LORD)BHAGAWAN
16Deviyani obatai (O Father God, we give you praise)PRASANGSA
17Jagotho tharono korono Karono (Your throne of glory you gave up to save all peopleJOY PROBHU
18Ya Allah Bapa di surga Mahatinggi (O God, our Father, in heaven high above us)ALLAH BAPA
19Joy Probhu tomari joy (Glory be to you, O God)JOY
20Zan-mei Ye-su, lai zanmel zhu Yesu (Bless You Jesus, we praise You O Jesus)ZANMEI
21O many people of all landsMATERNIDAD
22Now let us tell of your victoryRASA SAYANG
23Praise the LORD, praise the LORDSAKURA
24Hai mari sembah Yang Mahabesar (O worship the King, all glorious above)MEDAN
25Pari suththemee pare vasemee (Jesus, you are joy, holiness and might)PANNIN DHEEN
26Thandhey nii ne thayiyu niine (You are the Father, you are the Mother)THANDHEYU
27Atarashii uta o utaoo (Now, let us sing a new song to the LORD)KAMITAKATA
28Love has filled our human storySAMAR
29Kadakilaan Mo, o Diyos sinasaysay (Our souls are full of praises to you, O gracious God)ROSEWOOD
30Sa ating pagkabagabag (When we are bothered by troubles)PURIHIN
31In great thanksgiving, O Love DivineMALATE
32Pahemeken no mita ko Tapang (Praise be to God. Let us sing with our hearts)PAHEMEKEN
33May every heart open up to your gloryINTAKO
34Rahe gaa naam sadaa tiker ma sih daa (My people, bless the name of God Messiah)PAK NAAM
35Creation sings a new song to the LordCOSMIC PRAISE
36Thandhaanei Thudhippoomee (Praise God from whom all belssings flow)THUDHI
37Aayirem, aayirem padelgillei (Thousands and thousands of songs full of praise)AAYIREM
38Sirma apom saya dana (O Father God, you're merciful)SIRMA APON
39Theereesaam nee ham heiñ aathe (We bow before you, O great and holy)JEYE HO
40Rab ki hove medha serai (Blest be God, LORD of all times and peoles)SANAA
41Dhinoñ ka dhuk har nee waalaa (Son of God and born of woman)JEI JEI YESU
42The merciful goodness of the LORD endures forever[The merciful goodness of the LORD endures forever]
43He probhu tumi doya kŏro (LORD, forgive us, LORD, forgive us)SANGEETA
44Kataku nani mo Shū o koba mi nu (Here I am, the one who turned away from my God)MIKOKORO
45We believe: Maranatha[We believe: Maranatha]
46Your word will be a lamp to guide our feetKUTHU VILLEKU
47Sarennam, sarennam, sarennam, sarennnamDHIVYA JYOTHI
48Nae pyŏngsaeng so wŏn ikotppun (This is my one, my lifelong wish)SO-WON
49Shen zai dian zhong, xintu chong-jing (God is here, as we your people meet)SZE LING
50Suka dan duka dalam hidupku (My boat of life sails on an angry sea)PRAHU
51Kasip oko sid kinoringan (We all believe in one God of love)KASIP OKO
52Uga di uga mi busha (Come, smell the scent of sweet wild flowers)TINSAGU NO HANA
53Naega sanŭl hyanghayŏ (To the high and kindly hills)NAUI DOUM
54Hana no akebo no (Dawn and the light of sunrise)ETENRAKU
55Aayenum se gaayenum (You are shepherd, comforter)YELLAAM YESUVEE
56Kaaleithall llaade oftaar (Never would he let me fall)KANNGELLEI
57Hp'ya shiñ bouñ takou myatne pyih souñ luñ hlah de (Mighty God, power over heaven and earth is yours)HP'YA SHIÑ
58Jyothi dho jyothi dho (Give us Light, give us Light)JYOTHI DHO
59Paar pottrum thuuye thuuye dheeveneemei (In the midst of foes I cry to your)SARENNAM
60Tama ngakau marie (Son of God, whose heart is peace)TAMA NAGAKAU MARIE
61Leicung kan Boile khamhtu (God of region and of world)FALAM CHIN
62Chuyŏ sasŭmi shinaenmul ch'attŭt (O LORD, as a deer longs for cool water)SASUMI
63You bore my trespasses, O gracious OneDHYRIAM
64Sarungŭi Chunim, sarungŭi Chunim (O God of great love, O God of great love0KIDO
65Ai zhi quan-yuan jiu-shi Shen (Fount of love, our Savior god)MAN-JIANG-HONG
66Jinliga urirŭl jayuhage (Joy found in truth surely sets the world free)JIN-LI
67Oh Tuhan pimpin lah langkahku (O LORD God, set my feet on the way)OBOR
68Isu sama ga kyookai o (Jesus built the Church in days of old)CHRISTIAN HOME
69Kono yo no tsutome ito sewashiku (Distracted by the world's concerns and filled with petty fear)UCHI NARU MIYA
70Tomar mohono mura ti herey (Our sorrows will disappear, will dissappear)JISHU ESHO
71Dong-tian yi wang, y-shui yi zhi (Winter has passed, the rain is o'er)JIA-OU (TONG QU)
72Hao mii chiiwit phraw phra jao hai (Released by love to share new life)CHIIWIT
73Meraa tan man aor dhan tere lie (All my being and all that I possess)PRABHU LELE
74Vaa Vaa Arul Arasee (Draw near, God of grace, we pray)THEVARAM
75Juŭi hyŏngsang ddarasŏ (To the One Creator of all)HŎN-SHIN
76Panginoon ng kalangitan at karagatan (O LORD who made all the heavens and all the lands and seas)HONTIVEROS
77Jalan, jalan jani, iringeng pakayun Ide (Now let us follow Jesus Christ and let us walk with him)PENYERAHAN
78Kailo ko tinan nu walai Tuhan (Know you not that your body is the Lord's?)KANOU
79Goān Chú sù-hok pó-hō li (May the LORD bless you and keep you)SÙ-HOK
80Yuan quan-neng Zhu Shang-di (May the LORD, gracious God)WEN TI
81May the grace of Christ our SaviorNEWTON
82Hindi ko maisip (Far beyond our mind's grasp)CATUROG NA NONOY
83Shū no shokutaku o kakomi (Gathering round the table of Christ Jesus)MARANATHA
84Buumiyin maandheriir kuudivaariir (All sisters, all brothers, all of the earth)BUUMIYIN MAANDHERIIR
85Mī-pau Chú Lí ūí goán lâi peh (For the bread which you have broken)BENG-LI
86Yad Yahaovaa di sab Karange (Come soon, LORD, save me!)LAHORE
87Khwaam suk yeun yong khong maa juu phuu tham chop (Happy is he who walks in god's wise way)SOIELAMPHANG
88The LORD is my Shepherd I shall want nothing[Si Yahweh ang aking Pastol]
89Nañ ho ghore yañ klachmañ vañgar thuñ (Don't act like a horse or a mule without sense)SIKHAVAÑ
90Pulbate naerinŭm danpi chŏrŏm (LORD, as the earth welcomes showers of rain)JŎNGŬIGA KKOTPINŬN
91Come now, and lift up your hearts and singSWEINDIA
92Sing a song, sing a song to the LORDSALIDUMMAY
93Pu-tian-xia dang xiang Zhu huan-hu! (Make a joyful noise all the lands!)MEI-HUA SAN-NONG
94Ae sab Zamiinde loko (Be joyful in our great God)KHUSHI RAHO
95Ever and always be praiseKANNGELLEI
96Bān-kok bän-bîn, Bān-kok bān-bîn tióh chheng-chàn lâhôhoa (Let all nations, let all nations come, praise the LORD)KATIPOL
97Nang ako'y manganib kay Yahweh dumaing (When my troubles arose I called out to the LORD)CORDILLERA
98O Dakilang Diyos S'ya ay dapat na purihin (Praise to you, O God, for your mercy lasts from age to age)MAMAYUG AKUN
99Yao gan-xie Shang-Zhu (O give thanks to the LORD)MIHAMEK
100Nyanyikanlah nyanyian baru bagi Allah (Sing the LORD a new song and praise his whole creation)NYANYIKAHLAH

[This hymnal has not been proofed - data may be incomplete or incorrect]
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