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Edward Henry Bickersteth

Edward Henry Bickersteth
© National Portrait Gallery
Short Name: Edward Henry Bickersteth
Full Name: Bickersteth, Edward Henry, 1825-1906
Birth Year: 1825
Death Year: 1906

Bickersteth, Edward Henry, D.D., son of Edward Bickersteth, Sr. born at Islington, Jan. 1825, and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A. with honours, 1847; M.A., 1850). On taking Holy Orders in 1848, he became curate of Banningham, Norfolk, and then of Christ Church, Tunbridge Wells. His preferment to the Rectory of Hinton-Martell, in 1852, was followed by that of the Vicarage of Christ Church, Hampstead, 1855. In 1885 he became Dean of Gloucester, and the same year Bishop of Exeter. Bishop Bickersteth's works, chiefly poetical, are:—

    (l) Poems, 1849; (2) Water from the Well-spring, 1852; (3) The Rock of Ages, 1858 ; (4) Commentary on the New Testament, 1864; (5) Yesterday, To-day, and For Ever, 1867; (6) The Spirit of Life, 1868; (7) The Two Brothers and other Poems, 1871; (8) The Master's Home Call, 1872 ; (9) The Shadowed Home and the Light Beyond, 1874; (10) The Beef and other Parables, 1873; (11) Songs in the House of Pilgrimage, N.D.; (12) From Year to Year, 1883.

As an editor of hymnals, Bp. Bickersteth has also been most successful. His collections are:—

    (1) Psalms & Hymns, 1858, based on his father's Christian Psalmody, which passed through several editions; (2) The Hymnal Companion, 1870; (3) The Hymnal Companion revised and enlarged, 1876. Nos. 2 and 3, which are two editions of the same collection, have attained to an extensive circulation.   [Ch. of England Hymnody.]

About 30 of Bp. Bickersteths hymns are in common use. Of these the best and most widely known are:—" Almighty Father, hear our cry"; "Come ye yourselves apart and rest awhile"; "Father of heaven above"; "My God, my Father, dost Thou call"; "O Jesu, Saviour of the lost"; "Peace, perfect peace"; "Rest in the Lord"; "Stand, Soldier of the Cross"; " Thine, Thine, for ever"; and "Till He come.” As a poet Bp. Bickersteth is well known. His reputation as a hymn-writer has also extended far and wide. Joined with a strong grasp of his subject, true poetic feeling, a pure rhythm, there is a soothing plaintiveness and individuality in his hymns which give them a distinct character of their own. His thoughts are usually with the individual, and not with the mass: with the single soul and his God, and not with a vast multitude bowed in adoration before the Almighty. Hence, although many of his hymns are eminently suited to congregational purposes, and have attained to a wide popularity, yet his finest productions are those which are best suited for private use.

-John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Bickersteth, Edward Henry, p. 141, ii. Bishop Bickersteth's 1890 edition of his Hymnal Companion is noted on p. 1312, i., and several of his own hymns and translations, which appear therein for the first time, are annotated in this Appendix. One of these, "All-merciful, Almighty Lord," for the Conv. of St. Paul, was written for the 1890 edition of Hymnal Companion.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Bickersteth, B. H., p. 141, ii. Bp. Bickersteth died in London, May 16, 1906.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Edward Henry Bickersteth (25 January 1825 – 16 May 1906) was a bishop in the Church of England.

Texts by Edward Henry Bickersteth (64)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Adda aya talna naananayEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)Tagalog2
All praise and glory to the FatherEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)2
All praise and glory to the Father beBp. Edward Henry Bickersteth, 1825- (Author)4
Almighty Father, hear our cryBp. E. H. Bickersteth (Author)English11
Arise and be baptizedEdward Henry Bickersteth (Author)2
Arise and be baptized, And washEdward Henry Bickersteth (Author)6
Art thou weary, art thou languidE. H. Bickersteth (Alterer)English1
Come ye yourselves apart and rest awhileE. H. Bickersteth (Author)26
Command thy blessing from aboveBickersteth (Author)English1
Dread Jehovah, God of nationsRev. Edward Bickersteth (Alterer)English2
Father of heaven aboveEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)6
For ever oursE. H. Bickersteth (Author)1
For my sake and the Gospel's, goEdward Henry Bickersteth (1825-1906) (Author)English28
Gracious Savior, gentle ShepherdBickersteth (Author)English5
Hark, creation's AlleluiaBishop E. H. Bickersteth (Author)3
Hark, the nightly church-bell numbers One day more with bygone thingsEdward Henry Bickersteth (Author)4
Holy Father, hear me, thou art my defenderEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)4
How lovely, how beloved is thine abodeE. H. Bickersteth (Author)2
Hush, blessed are the deadEdward H. Bickersteth, Jr. (Author)English14
Israel's shepherd, guide me, feed meBickersteth (Author)3
Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloomE. H. Bickersteth (Author (vs. 4))English4
Light of the world, shine on our soulsEdward Henry Bickersteth (Author)16
Long years I wandered far astrayE. H. Bickersteth (Author)1
My God, my Father, dost Thou callBishop E. H. Bickersteth (Author)5
Nearer, my God, to Thee, Nearer to Thee! E'en though it be a crossEdward H. Bickersteth, Jr. (Author (v. 6))English3
Not worthy, Lord, to gather up the crumbsEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)English83
O brothers, lift your voicesE. H. Bickersteth (Author)English60
O Christ, Thou hast ascendedEdward Henry Bickersteth (Author)12
O for a single heart for God!Bickersteth (Author)2
O God, forever blestEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)8
O God, I love thee, not that my poor loveEdward H. Bickersteth, 1825-1906 (Paraphraser)English7
O God, our strength, our hope, our rockEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)1
O God, the Rock of AgesEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)English184
O holy father who in tender loveEdward Henry Bickersteth, 1825-1906 (Author)7
O if we know the joyful soundEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)2
O Jesu, Savior of the lostBishop Edward H. Bickersteth (Author)English50
O Thou who camest from aboveEdward Henry Bickersteth (Alterer (stanza 2))English1
Oft in danger, oft in woeEd Bickersteth (Alterer)English8
Our children, Lord, in faith and prayerEdward Bickersteth (Author)English4
Our Savior Christ will quickly comeEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)3
Paz, dulce paz, que brota de la cruzEdward Henry Bickersteth, 1825-1906 (Author)Spanish2
¡Paz, dulce paz, que viene de la cruz!Edward H. Bickersteth, 1825-1906 (Author)Spanish2
Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin?Bishop of Exeter (Author)English314
Pererin wyf mewn anial dirEdward Henry Bickersteth (Author)Welsh1
Perfecta paz, que brota de la cruzEdward Bickersteth (Author)Spanish2
Pray, always pray, the Holy Spirit pleadsE. H. Bickersteth (Author)11
Savior, breathe an evening blessingE. H. Bickersteth (Author (v. 3))English24
So heaven is gathering, one by oneEdward Henry Bickersteth (Author)3
Stand fast, ye soldiers of the crossEdward H. Bickersmith (Author)English2
Stand, soldier of the crossEdward Henry Bickersteth (Author)English48
Staradu, kruca soldatar', Fortiĝu via kor'Edward H. Bickersmith (Author)Esperanto2
The hour is come, the feast is spreadEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)2
The sun is set the twilight's o'erEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)3
Thine, thine forever, blessed bond that knitsEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)3
Thou standest at the altarBishop Bickersteth, of Exeter (Author (vs. 2))1
Thus heaven is gathering, one by oneE. H. Bickersteth (Author)8
Til han kommer, Ord af FrydEdward Henry Bickersteth (Author)2
Till he come, O let the wordsEdward Henry Bickersteth (Author)English204
Wearied in the strife of sinRight Rev. Bishop Bickersteth (Author)2
When the morning paints the skiesEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)2
When the weary at heartEdward H. Bickersteth (Author)2
Who trusts in God, a strong abodeEdward H. Bickersteth (Arranger)English1
With thankful hearts our songs we raiseEdward Henry Bickersteth (Author)17
Wrestling in agony, wrestling aloneE. H. Bickersteth (Author)1

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