Avis B. Christiansen

Avis B. Christiansen
Avis Burgeson Christiansen
Short Name: Avis B. Christiansen
Full Name: Christiansen, Avis B., 1895-1985
Birth Year: 1895
Death Year: 1985

Avis Marguerite Burgeson was born in 1895 and lived in Chicago all her life. She attended the Moody Church, pastored for many years by Dr. Harry Ironside. In 1917, Avis Burgeson married Ernest Christiansen who later became a vice president of Moody Bible Institute. She was a modest and retiring woman, and sometimes used pen names: Avis Burgesson, Christian B. Anson and Constance B. Reid. She began writing poems in childhood, and before her death in 1985 had written thousands of them. She died in 1985.

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充滿我心境,榮耀異象 (Chōngmǎn wǒ xīnjìng, róngyào yì xiàng)Avis M. B. Christiansen (Author)2
我已尋獲主耶穌作避難所 (Wǒ yǐ xún huò zhǔ yēsū zuò bìnàn suǒ)Avis M. B. Christiansen (Author)2
何等榮耀!因主血救贖Avis M. B. Christiansen (Author)2
في مسيري مع يسوعيAvis B. Christiansen (Author)1
A glorious Lord and KingAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
All I need to know of heaven is that Jesus will be thereAvis B. Christiansen (Author)3
Are you discouraged and burdened with careAvis M. Christiansen (Author)1
As far as the east is removed from the westAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)5
At the place of prayer we wait todayAvis M. Christiansen (Author)1
Beholding Thee, Lord JesusAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)4
Christ the Lord was born in BethlehemAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
Come and let us lift our hearts in songs of praiseAvis M. Christiansen (Author)1
Come, come, ye saints, no toil nor labor fearAvis B. Christiansen (Author)4
Come, come, ye saints, no toil nor labor fearAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)5
Day by day by your words and actionsAvis B. Christiansen (Author)2
Fill all my vision, Savior, I prayAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)14
From heaven's glory Jesus cameAvis M. Burgeson (Author)2
Give me thine heart, That glad and glorious dayAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
Glory and power and dominion be unto TheeAvis M. Christiansen (Author)1
God, the Father, once plantedA. M. Christianson (Author)2
God's word shall standAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
Grant me the consciousness, Lord, of thy presenceAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
Hacia el Calvario, mi SalvadorAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
Harvest time is ready, see, the fields are whiteAvis B. Christiansen (Author)1
He careth for me! My heart on this promise can restAvis B. Christiansen (Author)2
He made me for himself aloneAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
How my soul with holy rapture thrillsAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)6
How sweet is the love of my Savior to meAvis B. Christiansen (Author)2
I am traveling toward the land of dayAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)6
I cannot tell the path that lies aheadAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
I find the Lord is blessingAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)5
I look at the cross upon CalvaryAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)17
I was a sinner, lost in the darknessAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)5
I was a sinner, no hope could I seeAvis M. Christianson (Author)4
I was straying when Christ found meAvis B. Christiansen (Author)37
I would be a loyal soldierAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
I'm abiding today in Canaan landAvis M. Christiansen (Author)3
I'm traveling to a fair countryAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
I'm under the blood of CalvaryAvis B. Christensen (Author)3
I'm walking with my SaviorAvis M. Burgeson (Author)2
In a lowly manger laidAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
In the light of thy love on Calvary shownAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
In the midst of turmoil I have peace withinAvis B. Christiansen (Author)2
In the paths of sin and darknessAvis M. Burgeson (Author)2
In the shadow of the cross I have found a safe retreatAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)9
It is glory just to walk with Him whose blood has ransomed meAvis B. Christiansen, 1895- (Author)14
I've a blest companion ever at my sideAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)6
I've found a refuge from life's care in JesusAvis B. Christiansen (Author)18
I've pitched my tent t'wards the promised landMrs. Avis Christiansen (Author)2
Jesus calls for volunteersAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)7
Jesus I come now confessingAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)5
Let me see thee, blessed JesusAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
Lift your eyes unto the heavens, ye who wait the Lord's returnAvis B. Christiansen (Author)3
Lift your heads and see the fields of goldAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
Lord, keep me trusting thee day after dayAvis B. Christiansen (Author)5
Lost in the love of JesusAvis B. Christiansen (Author)2
My heavenly Father cares for even meAvis B. Christiansen (Author)3
My hope blessed Jesus is anchored in theeAvis M. Christiansen (Author)13
My Savior leads, in tender love he leadethAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)5
Nearer to Jesus I now abideAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)7
O come with me into that garden stillAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
O holy night the stars are brightly shining Avis B. Christiansen, 1895- (Alterer)2
O Savior, as my eyes beholdAvis B. Christiansen (Author)5
O'er the world a gloom had fallenAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
O precious is the promise God has givenAvis B. Christiansen (Author)2
Oh Salvador, al contemplarAvis B. Christiansen, 1896-1985 (Author)2
O the love that gave my Lord to die on CalvaryAvis B. Christiansen (Author)13
O wonderful name, how my heart thrills to hear itAvis B. Christiansen (Author)6
Old days have all goneAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
Only a few more shadows, only a few more sighsAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)5
Only glory by and byA. B. C. (Author)2
Only Jesus, only JesusAvis B. Christiansen (Author)1
Only one life to offer Jesus my Lord and KingAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)15
Out of the depths to the glory aboveAvis B. Christiansen (Author)22
Praise his name, Christ the Lord of hostsA. M. Christiansen (Author)2
Praise the name of Christ, the Lamb of CalvaryAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
“¿Qué debo hacer?”, temblando preguntóAvis B. Christiansen (Author)2
Rejoice, my soul, rejoice and singAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)4
Sad and weary and worn with weepingAvis M. Burgeson (Author)2
See Him, Jesus, the Savior who came to earthAvis M. Christiansen (Author)1
Shadows of evening are fallingAvis B. Christiansen (Author)2
Sing His praise, the King of GloryAvis B. Christiansen (Author)1
Sing of the mighty love divineAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
Sing the praise of God the FatherAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)7
Somewhere the sun is shiningAvis B. Christiansen (Author (v. 2, 3, and refrain))1
Sweet is the hope that is thrilling my soulAvis B. Christiansen (Author)24
Sweet is the walk with Jesus belowAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)4
The one who once walked on the watersAvis Burgeson (Author)2
There may be tears to shed as we travel homeAvis B. Christiansen (Author)15
There's a melody that's so sweet to meAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)7
There's a song in my heart from heaven aboveAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
There's a song my soul keeps singingAvis M. Burgeson (Author)3
'Tis a great salvation that hath reached my soulAvis B. Christiansen (Author)11
To the youth of the world comes a challengeAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
'Twas at Calvary that Jesus bled and diedAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
Up Calvary's mountain one dreadful mornAvis Burgeson Christiansen, 1895- (Author)70
Walking with Jesus, O fellowship so sweetAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)2
We shall gather in the morning when our race on earth is runAvis B. Christiansen (Author)3
What a wonderful friend is JesusAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
What joy divine it is to knowAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
What makes me feel like singingAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
What must I do, the trembling jailor criedAvis B. Christiansen (Author)33
When discouraged with fearAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)6
When I, O Lord, behold thy vast creationAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)10
When I opened my heart's door to JesusAvis B. Christiansen (Author)15
When Jesus calls I will answerAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
When tempted and tried and discouragedAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)4
When your cross seems heavy, and the pathway steepAvis M. Christiansen (Author)5
Where can I go when I'm lonelyAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
Whether sowing seedAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)5
While the world is rushing blindlyAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)3
While you are heedlessly going your wayAvis Burgeson Christiansen (Author)5
Whisper a prayer in the morning, Just at the break of dayAvis Christiansen (Author)1
Who have I on earth, Lord JesusAvis B. Christiansen (Author)2
Wonderful love that rescued meAvis B. Christiansen, 1895- (Author)24
Wonderful, wonderful Savior, all glory to TheeAvis M. Christiansen (Author)3
Would you dwell today in a sunlit wayAvis B. Christiansen (Author)1
Would you like to travel up the highwayAvis B. Christiansen (Author)1

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