Johann Andreas Cramer

Johann Andreas Cramer
Short Name: Johann Andreas Cramer
Full Name: Cramer, Johann Andreas, 1723-1788
Birth Year: 1723
Death Year: 1788

Cramer, Johann Andreas, born Jan. 27, 1723, at Jönstadt or Johann-Georgen-Stadt, in the Saxon Harz, where his father was pastor. After studying at the University of Leipzig, where he graduated M.A. in 1745, he was in 1748 appointed preacher at Crellwitz, near Lützen, and in 1750 Court Preacher and member of the Consistory at Quedlinburg. Four years later he became German Court Preacher to King Frederick V. of Denmark, at Copenhagen. There he obtained great fame as a preacher and teacher; and was appointed in 1765 Professor of Theology in the University. But after the accession of Charles VII., in 1766, the free-thinking party in the State gradually gained the ascendancy, and procured his removal; whereupon he was appointed, in 1771, Superintendent in Lubeck. When the orthodox party regained power in 1774, he was recalled to Denmark, as Vice-Chancellor, and First Professor of Theology in the University of Kiel, and in 1784 Chancellor. He died at Kiel on the night of June 11-12, 1788 (Koch, vi. 334-344; Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, iv. 550-551; Bode, pp. 54-55—the last dating his birth, Jan. 29).

Cramer was rather a writer of religious lyrics than of hymns, though at least 80 of his compositions passed Into the hymn-books of his times. Those that have been translated into English are all included either in the Allgemeines Gesang-
, Altona, 1780, which he edited for use in Schleswig-Holstein, or in his Sämmtliche Gedichtet Leipzig, 1782-3.

They are:—
i. Die ihr des Lebens edle Zeit. The duty of the Scholar. 1780, as above, No. 820, in 12 stanzas, repeated 1782, vol. ii. p. 319. Translated as, "O ye, who from your earliest youth," by Miss Winkworth, 1869, p. 321.
ii. Erheb, erheb, 0 meine Seele. Ps. civ. In his Poetische Uebersetzung der Psalmen, Leipzig, 1763, pt. iii., p. 65, in 16 stanzas. Included, 1780, as above, No. 124. The form translated is that in the Württemberg Gesang-Buch 1791, No. 36 (1842, No. 59), beginning with stanza ii. “Herr, dir ist niemand zu vergleichen." Tr. as, "Lord, none to Thee may be compared," by Miss Burlingham, in the British Herald, Jan. 1866, p. 200, repeated in Reid's Praise Book, 1872, No. 373.
iii. Erwachet, Harf’ und Psalter. Morning. Founded on Ps. cviii. First published in Zollikofer's Gesang-Buch, Leipzig, 1766, No. 71, in 6 stanzas. Repeated, 1780, as above, No. 2, and as No. 41 of the hymns appended to his Evangelische Nachahmungen der Psalmen Davids, Kopenhagen, 1769, p. 272. Translated by H. J. Buckoll, 1842, p. 59, as:—"Wake, harp and psaltery sounding."
iv. Schuf mich Gott für Augenblicke. Immortality of the Soul. 1780, as above, No. 136, in 12 St., repeated, 1782, vol. i. p. 181. Tr. (beginning with st. vi., "Geist! das ist mein hoher Name"), by Dr. H. Mills, 1845, as:—"Man were better nam'd a spirit."
v. Sterbend für das Heilder Sunder. Ascension. In the Bayreuth Gesang-Buch, 1779, No. 173, in 4 stanzas. Included, 1780, as above, No. 319, and 1782, vol. ii. p. 33. Translated by Dr. H. Mills, 1845, as:—"Dying a guilty world to save."
vi. Unerforschlich sei mir immer. God's Wisdom. First published in his Andachten in Betrachtungen, Gebeten und Liedern, &c, vol. ii., pt. ii., Schleswig and Leipzig, 1768, and thence in Rambach, v. 54. Included in 1769 (see No. iii.), p. 250, and 1780 as above, No. 78. Translated (1) in Sacred Poems by S. R. Maxwell, 1857, p. 126, as:— “Though inscrutable may ever"; (2) by Dr. G. Walker, 1860, p. 94, as:—" Inscrutable to me although."
[Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Johann Andreas Cramer (47)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Betet an, ihr Menschen, bringet Dem Hoechsten RuhmJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)6
Dankt, dankt dem Herrn! denn er ist freundlich, Und seine Gnad währt ewiglichJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)German2
Das Amt der Lehrer, Herr, ist Dein, Dein soll auch Dank und Ehre seinJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)German31
Dein ist das Licht, das uns erhelltI. A. Cramer (Author)German2
Dein Wort, o Höchster, ist vollkommenJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)German35
Der Herr ist Gott, und keiner mehrJoh. Andreas Cramer (Author)German13
Der Herr ist in den HöhenJ. A. Cramer (Author)1
Der Herr, mein Hirt, im Schatten seiner GüteJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)German2
Dich will ich, o Jehova, lobenJoh. Andr. Cramer (1723-88) (Author)German2
Dig prise vi, o Herre! du som återJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)Swedish2
Dir Gott, sei Preis und Dank gebrachtJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)German5
Dir, Herr, sei dieses Kind empfohlenJ. A. Cramer, 1723-1788 (Author)German10
Er ist gekommen, erJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)German8
Ewig, ewig bin ich deinJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)German17
Fuer alle Menschen beten wirCramer, 1723-1788 (Author)6
Förr än menskostämmor hördesJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)Swedish2
Fuer unser N'chsten [Brueder] [Lehre] [Schueler] beten wirJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)12
Gott ist mein Hirt, im Schatten seiner GüteJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)German4
Gott, wie du bist, so warst du schonJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)7
Heilig, heilig sei der EidJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)10
Herr, Dir ist niemand zu vergleichenJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)German19
Herr! du erforschest mich, Dir bin ich nie vergogenJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)German6
Herr, höre mein gebet um deiner wahrheit willen!Johann Andreas Cramer (Author)German10
Ich soll zum Leben dringenJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)8
Ich will in stiller EinsamkeitJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)2
In deiner Liebe, Gott, nicht zu erkaltenJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)4
Jauchzt unserm Gott mit freudigem Gemüthe!J. A. Cramer (Adapter)German4
Lass, o Jesu, mich empfinden, welche seligkeitJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)10
Lord, who can be with thee comparedJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)English5
Noch immer wechseln ordentlichJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)8
Noch war kein Himmel, keine SterneJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)10
Sanft o Christ ist Jesu JochJ. A. Cramer, 1723-1788 (Author)14
Schuf mich Gott fuer AugenblickeJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)3
Sohn, der du fuer uns starbst und lebstJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)5
Soll sich mein Geist, o Gott, zu dir erhebenJ. A. Cramer (Author)5
Sollten Menschen, meine BruederJ. A. Cramer (Author)7
To thee, O Lord, be praises givenJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)2
Tobie to dziecié polecamyks. Johann Andreas Cramer, d. 1788 (Author)Polish2
Triumphire, Gottes StadtJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)German25
Warum empören sich und tobenCramer (Author)German2
Wem Weisheit fehlt, der bitteJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)German9
Wen das sanfte GottessausenJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)2
Wer, o mein Gott, aus dir geborenJohann Andreas Cramer (Author)German7
Wer unter Gottes Schutze ruhtCramer (Author)German1
Wer zählt der Engel HeereJ. A. Cramer, 1723-1788 (Author)German21
Wie freu ich mich, dass Gott zu meinem FlehnCramer (Author)German2
Wie lieblich ist doch, Herr, die StätteJ. A. Cramer (Author)German6
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