Joseph of the Studium

Short Name: Joseph of the Studium
Full Name: Joseph of the Studium, Saint, 762-832
Birth Year: 762
Death Year: 832

Joseph of the Studium [Joseph of Thessalonica]. This person not the same person wrongly named by Dr. Neale in his Hymns of the Eastern Church as Joseph of the Studium, author of the great Canon for the Ascension. That Joseph is St. Joseph the Hymnographer. Joseph of Thessalonica, younger brother of St. Theodore of the Studium, q.v., was some time Bishop of Thessalonica, and died in prison, after great suffering inflicted by command of Theophilus. He was probably the author of the Triodia in the Triodion, and certainly of five Canons in the Pentecostarion to which his name is prefixed. His pieces have not been translated into English. [Rev. H. Leigh Bennett, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Joseph of the Studium (18)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
After three day Thou didst riseJoseph of the Studium (Author)English2
And wilt Thou pardon, LordJoseph of the Studium (Author)English12
Christians, come, new anthems raiseJoseph of the Studium, d. 883 (Author)1
Exalt, Exalt, the Heavenly GatesJoseph of the Studium (Author)English2
Holy Gift, Surpassing ComprehensionJoseph of the Studium (Author)English2
Jesus, Lord of Life EternalJoseph of the Studium (Author)English2
Jesus, name all names aboveTheoctistus of the Studium (Author)English2
Let our Choir new anthems raiseJoseph of the Studium (Author)English7
Let the saints new anthems raiseJoseph of the Studium (Author)English1
Now that Death by Death Hath Found His EndingJoseph of the Studium (Author)English2
O happy band of pilgrimsSt. Joseph of the Studium (Author)English23
Of Twofold Natures, Christ, the GiverJoseph of the Studium (Author)English2
Rain Down, Ye Heavens, Eternal BlissJoseph of the Studium (Author)English2
Safe home, safe home in portJoseph of the Studium (Author)English47
Stars of the morning, so gloriously brightS. Joseph of the Studium (Author)English8
That fearful day, that day of (speechless) dreadTheodore of Studium (Author)English4
The abyss of many a former sinJoseph of the Studium (Author)English12
Wafting Him Up on HighJoseph of the Studium (Author)English2
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