George Matheson

George Matheson
Short Name: George Matheson
Full Name: Matheson, George, 1842-1906
Birth Year: 1842
Death Year: 1906

Matheson, George, D.D., was born at Glasgow, March 27, 1842, and although deprived of his eyesight in youth he passed a brilliant course at the University of Edinburgh, where he graduated M.A. in 1862. In 1868 he became the parish minister at Innellan; and subsequently of St. Bernard's, Edinburgh. He was the Baird Lecturer in 1881, and St. Giles Lecturer in 1882. He has published several important prose works. His poetical pieces were collected and published in 1890 as Sacred Songs, Edinburgh: W. Blackwood. In addition to his hymn "O Love that wilt not let me go" (q. v.), four others from his Sacred Songs are in Dr. A. C. Murphey's Book of Common Song, Belfast, 1890.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Matheson, G., p. 1579, i. In addition to Dr. Matheson's hymn, "O Love, that wilt not let me go," p. 1583, i,, the following from his Sacred Songs, 1890, have come into common use since 1892:—
1. Come, let us raise a common song. Brotherhood.
2. Father divine, I come to Thee. Strength for Life. This, in Horder's Worship Song, 1905, is altered to”Saviour divine, I come to Thee."
3. Gather us in, Thou Love that fillest all. One in Christ.
4. Jesus, Fountain of my days. Christian's Polestar.
5. Lend me, O Lord, Thy softening cloud. The Fire and the Cloud. In the Sunday Magazine, 1875.
6. Lord, Thou hast all my frailty made. Strength for the Day.
7. Make me a captive, Lord. Christian Freedom.
8. There are coming changes great. The Glad New Time.
9. Three doors there are in the temple. Prayer.
Dr. Matheson informed us that these hymns, together with the rest of his Sacred Songs, 1890, were written at Bow, Dumbartonshire, in 1890. The 3rd ed. of the Sacred Songs was published in 1904. He died suddenly at Avenelle, North Berwick, Aug. 28, 1906.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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George Matheson FRSE (27 March 1842 – 28 August 1906) was a Scottish minister and hymn writer and prolific author. He was blind from the age of 17.

Texts by George Matheson (117)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Amor que no me dejarásGeorge Matheson (1842-1906) (Author)Spanish2
Amor, que por amor descesteGeorge Matheson (Author)Portuguese1
അടി-മയതാക്കെന്നെ, സ്വതന്ത്രനാകുവാന്‍ (Aṭi-mayatākkenne, svatantranākuvān)George Matheson (Author)Malayalam2
Cautívame, SeñorGeorge Matheson (Author)Spanish7
Come and see a new ambitionGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
Come, let us raise a common songGeorge Matheson (Author)English5
Couldst thou love Me when suns are settingGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
എന്നെ കൈ വിടാത്തോരന്‍പെ—എന്‍ (Enne kai viṭāttēāranpe—en)George Matheson (Author)Malayalam2
Father divine, I come to TheeRev. George Matheson (Author)English6
Father, my heart has never foundRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Father, when first I pray to TheeGeorge Matheson (Author)English3
From the sunshine of Thy dwellingRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Gather us in, Thou Love that fillest allGeorge Matheson (Author)English40
Give us our bread todayRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Ho Am', tenanta min konstante!George Matheson (Author)1
How shall I tell that Thy SpiritRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
I am sitting on the steps of Thy pavilionRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
I asked my Father why my lifeGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
I asked my God to go beforeGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
I had a call to a missionGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
I had a wish deep down in my soulGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
I had toiled all night; I had toiled in vainGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
I heard a voice behind meGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
I held one day my staff in a streamRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
I long, I long for the day to breakRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
I poured a flood of sorrowGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
I sat beneath the stars of nightGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
I sat in the depth of sorrowRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
I sent a New Year wish to a friendRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
I shall look upon Thy glory when Thy presence has gone byGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
I wait for Thee at earth's gates of goldGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
Is, then, My service one incessant sigh?George Matheson (Author)English2
Jesus, fountain of my daysGeorge Matheson (Author)English8
Ke aloha i ho'oku'u ole ia'uGeorge Matheson, 1842-1906 (Author)Hawaiian3
Lend me, O Lord, Thy softening cloudRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Let all mortal flesh keep silence, and with fear and trembling standG. M. (Author)English1
Lights in the upper dwellingRev. George Matheson (Author)English3
Lord, at Thy feet my prostrate heart is lyingGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
Lord, I stand amid the nightGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
Lord, in my spirit, one by oneGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
Lord, pay the debts I oweGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
Lord, Thou hast all my frailty madeGeorge Matheson (Author)English3
Lord, Thou hast spread over earth and seaRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Make me a captive, LordGeorge Matheson (Author)English115
Maker, in whom we liveGeorge Matheson (Author (C))1
My Father! in Thy mercy kindGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
My Father, Thou hast those whose loveRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
My name is Love, and love can never be gravenRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
My voice shalt Thou hear this morningGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
你這不肯放我的愛 (Nǐ zhè bù kěn fàng wǒ de ài)George Matheson (Author)Chinese2
Nimm mich gefangen, HerrGeorge Matheson (Author)German1
O Ayat mañgigawid caniacGeorge Matheson (Author)Tagalog2
O could I fly away, Far from the ceaseless playGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
O Liebe, die mich ganz umschließtGeorge Matheson (Author)German2
O Liebe, die nicht lässet michGeorge Matheson (Author)German2
O Lord, how happy is the timeG. Matheson (Author)English1
O Lord, the seeds I sow for TheeRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
O Love that wilt not let me goRev. Geo. Matheson (Author)English646
O make my clouds Thy chariots to bear my spirit homeGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
O new born day, Day with promise beamingGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
O Thou that in the temple courtsGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
O Thou that toilest in the nightRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
O Thou upon whose ample breastGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
O Thou upon whose bosom layRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
¡Oh, Amor que no me dejarás!George Matheson (Author)Spanish13
O could we see togetherRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
O not from broken wallsRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
On the wings of the outspread morningRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Once over that wondrous wayGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
One day my Father said to meGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
求主把我捆綁 (Qiú zhǔ bǎ wǒ kǔnbǎng)George Matheson (Author)Chinese2
Rise, bridal mornGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
Savior divine, my ship of life is leavingRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Seigneur, à ton regard de flammeGeorge Matheson (Author)French2
Shall I never get back to the days of old?George Matheson (Author)English2
She had no selfish end to gainRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Shine, shine, Father DivineGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
Sometimes I long to walk abroadRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Surely some power has led me wrongRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Take my burdened heartGeorge Matheson (Author)English3
Tell me a thing that never grows oldGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
The heaven and earth are meetingGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
The isles, the isles shall waitGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
The night was dark in the silent skyGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
There are coming changes greatGeorge Matheson (Author)English22
There are things I wish to knowRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
There is a glory in the skyGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
There is a life whose vital powerRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
There is a secret down in my heartGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
There is a shadow that calms our caresGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
There is a solitude whose wasteRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
There is a song of gladness, That rings oft through hours of painGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
There is a spot beside the seaGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
There is a valley paved with tearsGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
There is no grief of man can hold so muchRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
There is no pause to lovingGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
They are all praying, prayingGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
Thou art burning on, thou ancient treeRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Thou art coming from the eastRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Thou hast been with me in the dark and coldRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Thou hast, O Lord, a wondrous planRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Three doors there are in the templeRev. George Matheson (Author)English4
Thy glory is before meRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Thy home, O Lord, is everywhereGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
Thy joy is what the world calls painGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
We shall meet around the cross, brothersGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
What shall I wish for Thee, Light of my heart?Rev. George Matheson (Author)English2
When the day is endingRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
When the light is in the westGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
Where shall I hide the memories of my pain?Rev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Who are these as a cloud that flyGeorge Matheson (Author)English2
Why is the spring so glad?George Matheson (Author)English2
Why shouldst thou mark the place?Rev. George Matheson (Author)English2
Wilt thou not let Me in? The night is coldRev. George Matheson (Author)English2
يا أيها الحب السنيGeorge Matheson (Author)Arabic1
يا كوكب الحب العجيبGeorge Matheson (Author)Arabic1
Ye who have published tidings on the mountainsRev. George Matheson (Author)English2

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