Charles Venn Pilcher

Short Name: Charles Venn Pilcher
Full Name: Pilcher, Charles Venn, 1879-1961
Birth Year: 1879
Death Year: 1961

Pilcher, Charles Venn. (Oxford, June 4, 1879--July 4, 1961, Sydney, Australia). Anglican. Grandnephew of Charlotte Elliott. Hertford College, Oxford, B.A., 1902; M.A., 1905; B.D., 1909; D.D., 1921. Curacies at Birmingham, 1903-1905; St. James, Toronto, 1910-1916; taught theology at Auckland Castle, England, 1905-1906, and at Wycliffe College, Toronto, 1916-1936. Elected coadjutor bishop of Sydney, Australia, at the instance of a former Wycliffe colleague, Archbishop Mowll. He composed hymn tunes and other music, and long played bass clarinet in the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Also, he translated and published much devotional material from Iceland, notably Iceland Christian Classics (1950). These side interests, like his hymn writing, merely served to heighten and deepen his effectiveness and influence as a teacher.

--Hugh D. McKellar, DNAH Archives

Texts by Charles Venn Pilcher (47)sort descendingAsInstances
And then the Savior turnedC. V. Pilcher (Translator)2
Before the cock crew twiceCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)4
Behold God's Garden! Resting hereCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Beneath the cross of Jesus kneelingCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)3
Come, Lord, thyself, in all thy graceC. V. Pilcher (Translator)1
Come, Lord, Thyself with Thine abounding graceCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)5
Death is dead, the true Life liveth!Charles Venn Pilcher (Translator)3
E'er since beneath God's open skyCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Forsaken of God on CalvaryCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Full soon will fall the winter rainCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
God, grant that indwelling lifeCharles Venn Pilcher (Author)2
God of our land, our father's God, receiveCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
God's Son vile men were bindingC. V. Pilcher (Translator)2
Good Shepherd, Thou who gavestCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Here, Lord, we take the broken breadCharles Venn Pilcher (1879-1961) (Author)10
How glorious is God's greatness!Charles Venn Pilcher (Translator)8
I know that my Redeemer Lives crowned upon the throneCharles Venn Pilcher, 1879-1961 (Translator)5
I stand by the lonely breakersCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Jesus in GethsemaneCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Jesus, Lord, remember meCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Jesus, the mighty work achievedC. V. Pilcher (Translator)1
Jesus, the Son of God, was boundCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
King of love, O Christ, we crown theeBishop C. Venn Pilcher (Author)4
Let Thy summer gift, O LordCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Lo! now is the accepted time!Charles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Lord, here am I, send meCharles Venn Pilcher (Author)2
Lord, let Thy Spirit, from earthly passion weaningCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
My life I draw, Lord, from Thy DeathCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
O Canada, our heritage, our loveBishop C. Venn Pilcher (Author (verses 2 & 3))1
O Lord, my soul's true Sun, to restCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
O Thou who madest water wineCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Oft in death's shadowy vale, like screen of nightCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
On the wings of light decliningCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)5
The Lord into His Father's handsC. V. Pilcher, 1879-1960 (Translator)3
The pathway of Thy PassionCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
The Savior in GethsemaneC. V. Pilcher (Translator)2
The soldiers led the Savior outC. V. Pilcher (Translator)2
The sun sinks o'er the western seaCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
This wondrous world, my God, a book I deemCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Thou art, O Christ, the everlasting Son!Charles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Unto God's House in olden dayCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Upon the cross down lyingC. V. Pilcher (Translator)2
Upon the cross the robber prayedC. V. Pilcher (Translator)4
What though this weary earth-born flesh lie fetteredCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
What time life's early morningCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
When winds far-blown from realms of painCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
Whene'er in act or wordCharles Venn Pilcher (Translator)2
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