Knowles Shaw

Short Name: Knowles Shaw
Full Name: Shaw, Knowles, 1834-1878
Birth Year: 1834
Death Year: 1878

Knowles Shaw (1834-1878), a name familiar in many western households--was born near New London, in Morgan Township, Ohio, on the 13th of October, 1834. His mother's maiden name was Huldah Griffin, and by both of his parents he was of Scottish extraction. His early life was spent in Rush County, Indiana, where he first began to play the violin, furnishing the music for many a dance. While the ball was going on he was converted, ceasing to play in the middle of the piece he was performing. Very soon thereafter he entered the ministry of the Christian Church. On the 11th of January, 1855, he married Miss Martha Finley. Most of his time after entering the ministry was spent in the West and South, and on account of his wonderful vocal powers he was called the "singing evangelist."

As a singer he was considered, in some respects, equal to Sankey and Bliss. reporters of the press al spoke of his singing as something wonderful. Soon after beginning to preach, he began to compose and to write music. His first song was "The Shining Ones," still popular. He published at different times five singing-books: "Shining Pearls," "Golden Gate," "Sparkling Jewels," "The Gospel Trumpet," and the "Morning Star." "Bringing in the Sheaves" was one of the last songs from his hand.

His last meeting was held in Dallas, Texas, in May 1878. He was killed by a railroad accident, going from Dallas to McKinney, on the 7th of June, 1878. During his ministry he baptized over eleven thousand persons.

--A History and Biographical Cyclopedia of Butler County, Ohio. Cincinnati, 1882. DNAH Archives

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രാവിലെ വിതയ്ക്കാം കാരുണ്ണ്യത്തിൻ വിത്തു (Rāvile vitaykkāṁ kāruṇṇyattin vittu)Knowles Shaw (Author)Malayalam2
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By and by, our foes we'll conquerK. Shaw (Author)2
Da al Señor tus diezmos con el alma grataKnowles Shaw (Author)Spanish2
Die mit Tränen säen, ernten einst mit FreudenKnowles Shaw (Author)German3
Drifting apart, drifting apartKnowles Shaw (Author)2
Dyara mangwananiKnowles Shaw (Author)Shona2
En la madrugada el santo evangelioKnowles Shaw (Author)Spanish3
Far away in the land of the pure and brightKnowles Shaw (Author)English12
Far back in my childhoodKnowles Shaw (Author)English2
Far beyond life's fitful feverK. Shaw (Author)English2
Go thy way, for this time, go thy wayK. Shaw (Author)English5
Go work in my vineyard, bright beameth the dayKnowles Shaw (Author)2
I am sinful, Lord [and] to TheeK. Shaw (Author)English16
I am the vine, and ye are the branchesKnowles Shaw (Author)English33
I dreamed of the [a] land of the pure and brightKnowles Shaw (Author)English15
I long for a home with JesusK. S. (Author)2
I love Jesus, he died for meK. Shaw (Author)3
I love the blessed Jesus, He is my dearest FriendKnowles Shaw (Author)English3
I need Thee, precious Jesus, For I am full of sinK. S. (Arranged)English1
I soon shall leave a world where sinK. Shaw (Author)3
Intayo agmula ti bukel ti asiKnowles Shaw (Author)Tagalog2
Is it far to the land of rest?K. S. (Author)English9
Kind friends, we're glad to meet youK. S. (Author)2
Like David with Saul who had sought for his lifeKnowles Shaw (Author)English3
Lulu i na hua ma ke kakahiakaKnowles Shaw, 1834-1878 (Author)Hawaiian3
Mamafaza voa, ka aza mba malainaK. Shaw (Author)Malagasy2
Man was lost, but wonderful storyK. Shaw (Author)English3
Many children dear to us]while hereK. Shaw (Author)4
My dear, loving Savior, who died on the treeK. Shaw (Author)English3
Near the cross our station takingK. S. (Author (last vs.))English1
Not far from the kingdom, why will you delayK. S. (Author)2
Nu är såningstidenK. Shaw (Author)Swedish2
O sing of the bright morning starKnowles Shaw (Author)2
O give me a home on that beautiful shoreK. Shaw (Author)2
On the cross, O wondrous love!K. Shaw (Author)English1
Pray when the morning light is dawningK. Shaw (Author)English13
Sä' am frühen Morgen, sä' am heißen MittagKnowles Shaw (Author)German1
Säe für den Meister wohin er dich sendetKnowles Shaw (Author)German2
Säet früh am Morgen, säet edlen SamenKnowles Shaw (Author)German2
Sa din s'd hvar morgenKnowles Shaw (Author)2
Savior, Thou my way shall beShaw (Author)2
Säen guten Samen schon am frühen MorgenKnowles Shaw (Author)German4
Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindnessKnowles Shaw (Author)English569
Sparkling jewels of songK. Shaw (Author)2
The day is far spent, the night is at handKnowles Shaw (Author)2
The heart of the Savior's disciplesKnowles Shaw (Author)2
The Savior was mocked, and His crown was of thornsK. Shaw (Author)English3
'Tis the children's anthem in JerusalemKnowles Shaw (Author)2
To the tomb where they laid himKnowles Shaw (Author)3
We come with hearts of gladnessK. S. (Adapter)1
When the trump of God shall sound And the nations gather roundKnowles Shaw (Author)English9
When to all earth's pain and sorrowKnowles Shaw (Author)English2
When we cross death's stormy riverKnowles Shaw (Author)English2
With truth in every swinging tongueK. Shaw (Chorus)1
Would you lay your burden downK. Shaw (Author)4
早晨我們播種,晌午我們播種 (Zǎochén wǒmen bōzhòng, shǎngwu wǒmen bōzhòng)Knowles Shaw (Author)Chinese2
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