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Psalm 37
To thee, my God, my days are known3
With mines of wealth are sinners poor2
In wait, the watchful sinner lies1
Whilst sinners, brought to sad decay1
While sinful crowds, with false design1
God Is Calling through the Whisper1
Forever Trusting1
Rest in the Lord1
Psalm 37: For evil-doers fret thou not3
When Evil People Sin1
When Lawless People Thrive1
Fret Not for Those Who Do Wrong Things1
Noli Emulari3
Fret not thy self at wicked men2
Thy Way and All Thy Sorrows1
Fret Not Thyself2
A Little That The Righteous Hold.1
The Good Man's Steps Are Led Aright2
Set thou thy trust upon the Lord3
Commit Your Way to God the Lord2
Fret not thyself, tho' wicked Men1
Great comforts does the Saviour give1
Jesus, thy wand'ring sheep behold!1
Noli æmulari1
The best of counsels we can give1
Tho' wicked Men grow rich or great2
Though wicked Men grow rich or great1
Fret not thyself1
Chiuta is our sure defense1
Psalm 371
Contrasted Characters1
The Righteous and the Evil-Doer1
The Prosperity of the Upright2
Eternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Round1
Lord of All Hopefulness1
Eternal Spirit of the Living Christ1
When impious men in worldly splendor live1
Commit Thy Way1
The meek possess the earth's increase1
Commit Thy way, confiding1
Let thy heart forever delight in the Lord1
Psalm 371
Don't Be Worried1
Do Not Fret on Account of the Wicked1
Psalm 37:1
By the Waters1
Son of God, Whose Heart Is Peace1
Psalm 37:1-7
Our Help Is in the Name of God the LORD1
Our Help1
My Soul Finds Rest1
Psalm 37:1-9
Like a Child Rests1


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