The Hymnal 1982: according to the use of the Episcopal Church

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
205Good Christians all, rejoice and singGELOBT SEI GOTT
206O sons and daughters, let us singO FILII ET FILIAETextPage Scan
207Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia!EASTER HYMNText
208The strife is o'er, the battle doneVICTORYText
209We walk by faith, and not by sightST. BOTOLPHText
210The day of resurrectionELLACOMBEText
211The whole bright world rejoices nowHILARITERText
212Awake, arise, lift up your voiceRICHMONDTextPage Scan
213Come away to the skiesMIDDLEBURYText
214Hail the day that sees him riseLLANFAIRTextPage ScanAudio
215See the Conqueror mounts in triumphIN BABILONETextPage Scan
216He who was nailed to the crossSALVE FESTA DIESPage Scan
217A hymn of glory let us singJAM LUCIS ORTO SIDERETextPage Scan
218A hymn of glory let us singDEO GRACIASText
219The Lord ascendeth up on highACH HERR, DU ALLERHÖCHSTER GOTTTextPage Scan
220O Lord Most High, eternal KingAETERNE REX ALTISSIME
221O Lord Most High, eternal KingGONFALON ROYAL
222Rejoice, the Lord of life ascendsPARKER
223Hail this joyful day's returnBEATA NOBIS GAUDIAText
224Hail this joyful day's returnSONNE DER GERECHTIGKEIT
225Lo, in the likeness of fireSALVE FESTA DIESText
226Come, thou Holy Spirit brightVENI SANCTE SPIRITUS
227Come, thou Holy Spirit brightARBOR STREET
228Holy Spirit, font of lightWEBBE
229Spirit of mercy, truth, and loveCORNISHText
230A mighty sound from heavenSONG OF THE HOLY SPIRIT
231By all your saints still strivingKING'S LYNN
232By all your saints still strivingNYLAND
233The eternal gifts of Christ the KingJESU, NOSTRA REDEMPTIO
234The eternal gifts of Christ the KingGONFALON ROYAL
235Come sing, ye choirs exultantACH GOTT, VOM HIMMELREICHEText
236King of the martyrs' noble bandJESU, NOSTRA REDEMPTIO
237Let us now our voices raiseGAUDEAMUS PARITERText
238Blessed feasts of blessed martyrsHOLY MANNAText
239Blessed feasts of blessed martyrsALTA TRINITÀ BEATAText
240Hearken to the anthem gloriousFACIEM EJUS VIDETISText
241Hearken to the anthem gloriousLAUS DEOTextPage Scan
242How oft, O Lord, thy face hath shoneJACOBText
243When Stephen, full of power and graceSALVATION
244Come, pure hearts, in joyful measureALLES IST AN GOTTES SEGENTextPage Scan
245Praise God for John, evangelistNOEL
246In Bethlehem a newborn boyIN BETHLEHEM
247O sisters, tooCOVENTRY CAROLText
248To the Name of our salvationORIELTextPage Scan
249To the Name of our salvationGRAFTONTextPage Scan
250Now greet the swiftly changing yearSIXTH NIGHT
251O God, whom neither time nor spaceLONDON NEWText
252Jesus! Name of wondrous love!LOUEZ DIEUText
253Give us the wings of faith to riseSAN ROCCOText
254You are the Christ, O LordWYNGATE CANONText
255We sing the glorious conquestMUNICHTextPage Scan
256A light from heaven shone aroundCORNISH
257O Zion, open wide thy gatesEDMONTONTextPage Scan
258Virgin-born, we bow before theePSALM 86TextPage Scan
259Hail to the Lord who comesOLD 120THTextPage Scan
260Come now, and praise the humble saintTALLIS' ORDINALText
261By the Creator, Joseph was appointedCAELITUM JOSEPH
262By the Creator, Joseph was appointedBICKFORD
263The Word whom earth and sea and skyQUEM TERRA, PONTUS, AETHERA
264The Word whom earth and sea and sky adoreSONG 34
265The angel Gabriel from heaven cameGABRIEL'S MESSAGEText
266Gabriel of high degreeNOVA, NOVA
267Praise we the Lord this dayST. GEORGETextAudio
268Ye who claim the faith of JesusJULION
269Ye who claim the faith of JesusDEN DES VATERS SINN GEBOREN
270Gabriel's message does awayANGELUS EMITTITURText
271The great forerunner of the mornUT QUEANT LAXISTextPage Scan
272The great forerunner of the mornTHE TRUTH FROM ABOVEText
273Two stalwart trees both rootedAVE CAILI JAUNA
274Two stalwart trees both rootedDE EERSTEN ZIJN DE LATTSTEN
275Hark! the sound of holy voicesMOULTRIETextPage Scan
276For thy blest saints, a noble throngDUNLAP'S CREEKTextPage Scan
277Sing of Mary, pure and lowlyRAQUEL
278Sing we of the blessed MotherRUSTINGTON
279For thy dear saints, O LordST. GEORGEText
280God of saints, to whom the numberHALTON HOLGATETextPage Scan
281He sat to watch o'er customs paidBRESLAUTextPage Scan
282Christ, the fair glory of the holy angelsCAELITES PLAUDANT
283Christ, the fair glory of the holy angelsCAELITUM JOSEPH
284O ye immortal throngCROFT'S 136TH
285What thanks and praise to thee we oweDEUS TUORUM MILITUMTextPage Scan
286Who are these like stars appearingZEUCH MICH, ZEUCH MICHTextPage Scan
287For all the saints, who from their labors restSINE NOMINETextPage Scan
288Praise to God, immortal praiseDIXText
289Our Father, by whose servantsWOLVERCOTE
290Come, ye thankful people comeST. GEORGE'S, WINDSORText
291We plow the field and scatterWIR PFLUGENTextPage Scan
292O Jesus, crowned with all renownKINGSFOLDTextPage Scan
293I sing a song of the saints of GodGRAND ISLETextPage Scan
294Baptized in waterPOINT LOMATextPage Scan
295Sing praise to our CreatorCHRISTUS, DER IST MEIN LEBEN
296We know that Christ is raised and dies no moreENGLEBERG
297Descend, O Spirit, purging flameERHALT UNS, HERRPage Scan
298All who believe and are baptizedES IST DAS HEILTextPage Scan
299Spirit of God, unleashed on earthLLEDROD
300Glory, love, and praise, and honorBENIFOLDText
301Bread of the world, in mercy brokenRENDEZ À DIEUText
302Father, we thank thee who hast plantedRENDEZ À DIEU
303Father, we thank thee who hast plantedALBRIGHT
304I come with joy to meet my LordLAND OF RESTText

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