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Laudes Domini: a selection of spiritual songs ancient & modern (Abr. ed.)

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
200We may not climb the heavenly steepsSERENITYTextPage Scan
201Thou lovely Source of true delightHAVENTextPage Scan
202Majestic sweetness sits enthroned ORTONVILLETextPage Scan
203There is a name I love to hearKILMARNOCKTextPage Scan
204One there is above all othersMURIELTextPage Scan
205Thou to whom the sick and dyingMURIELTextPage Scan
206When I survey the wondrous crossROCKINGHAM (OLD)TextPage Scan
207Jesus, whom angel hosts adoreHAMBURGTextPage Scan
208I saw One hanging on a treeMANOAH TextPage Scan
209O Jesus, sweet the tears I shedMANOAHTextPage Scan
210How condescending and how kindHOLY TRINITYTextPage Scan
211Alas! and did my Saviour bleedAVONTextPage Scan
212Oh, if my soul were formed for woeCOMMUNION TextPage Scan
213aThere is a green hill far awayCONCONETextPage Scan
213bThere is a green hill far awayHORSLEYTextPage Scan
214O sacred Head, now woundedGERHARDTTextPage Scan
215Life of the world! I hail theeGERHARDTTextPage Scan
216He lives! the great Redeemer lives!ROTHWELLTextPage Scan
217Jesus, my All, to heaven is goneROTHWELLTextPage Scan
218Now to the power of God supremeROTHWELLTextPage Scan
219Oh, could I speak the matchless worthARIELTextPage Scan
220O blessed Jesus, Lamb of GodARIELTextPage Scan
221Come join, ye saints, with heart and voiceARIELTextPage Scan
222Hark! ten thousand harps and voicesHARWELL TextPage Scan
223See the Conqueror mounts in triumph!HARWELLTextPage Scan
224Mighty God! while angels bless theeAUTUMNTextPage Scan
225Crown his head with endless blessingAUTUMNTextPage Scan
226The head that once was crowned with thornsNEWBOLDTextPage Scan
227Come, let us join our cheerful songsAZMONTextPage Scan
228aAll hail the power of Jesus' name!CORONATIONTextPage Scan
228bAll hail the power of Jesus' name!MILES LANETextPage Scan
229He is coming, he is comingFORMOSATextPage Scan
230Come, thou long-expected Jesus FORMOSATextPage Scan
231Friend of sinners! Lord of glory!WILSONTextPage Scan
232Light of those whose dreary dwellingMIDDLETONTextPage Scan
233When thou, my righteous Judge, shalt comeMERIBAHTextPage Scan
234Awake, awake, O ZionTextPage Scan
235Rejoice, rejoice, believers!CHENIESTextPage Scan
236The marriage feast is readyCHENIESTextPage Scan
237When God, of old, came down from heavenROGETTextPage Scan
238Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, comeROGETTextPage Scan
239Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathedST. CUTHBERTTextPage Scan
240Why should the children of a KingELVETTextPage Scan
241Eternal Spirit, God of truthELVETTextPage Scan
242Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove!STEPHENSTextPage Scan
243O Holy Ghost, the ComforterCHESTERTextPage Scan
244Gracious Spirit, Holy GhostCAPETOWNTextPage Scan
245Holy Ghost, the Infinite!TREVESTextPage Scan
246Come, Holy Spirit, come!HAYDN TextPage Scan
247The Holy Ghost is hereARMESTextPage Scan
248Eternal Spirit, we confessWIMBORNETextPage Scan
249Come, O Creator Spirit blest!WIMBORNETextPage Scan
250Come, blessed Spirit! source of light!WIMBORNETextPage Scan
251Come, sacred Spirit, from aboveWIMBORNETextPage Scan
252Not all the blood of beastsGORTONTextPage Scan
253Oh, where shall rest be foundSHAWMUTTextPage Scan
254And wilt thou hear, O LordSHAWMUTTextPage Scan
255Can sinners hope for heavenPRAYERTextPage Scan
256Like sheep we went astrayPRAYERTextPage Scan
257Not what these hands have done PRAYERTextPage Scan
258A charge to keep I haveIOWATextPage Scan
259Not all the outward forms on earthHUMMELTextPage Scan
260How sad our state by nature is!HUMMELTextPage Scan
261How helpless guilty nature liesBALERMATextPage Scan
262God loved the world of sinners lostWONDROUS LOVETextPage Scan
263He gave back the bondAYNHOETextPage Scan
264Amazing grace! how sweet the soundARLINGTONTextPage Scan
265There is a fountain filled with bloodARLINGTONTextPage Scan
266Salvation!--oh, the joyful sound!ROGETTextPage Scan
267Great God, when I approach thy throneGLASGOWTextPage Scan
268Jesus,--and didst thou leave the skyGLASGOWTextPage Scan
269Awake, my soul, to joyful laysLOVING-KINDNESSTextPage Scan
270Arise, my soul, arise!LENOXTextPage Scan
271Blow ye the trumpet, blow;--LENOXTextPage Scan
272Ye saints, your music bringLENOXTextPage Scan
273Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye languishCOME, YE DISCONSOLATETextPage Scan
274Come to Calvary's holy mountainLIFETextPage Scan
275Return, O wanderer, to thy homeRETURNTextPage Scan
276Sinners, turn, why will ye die?MARTYNTextPage Scan
277Now is the accepted timeDETROITTextPage Scan
278The Spirit, in our hearts DETROITTextPage Scan
279Did Christ o'er sinners weep?OWENTextPage Scan
280And canst thou, sinner! slightOWENTextPage Scan
281Behold a Stranger at the door!BERATextPage Scan
282God calling yet! shall I not hear?LITLINGTON TOWERTextPage Scan
283Why will ye waste on trifling caresSEASONSTextPage Scan
284Oh, do not let the Word departASHWELLTextPage Scan
285Oh, turn ye, oh, turn ye, for why will ye dieEXPOSTULATIONTextPage Scan
286Delay not, delay not; O sinner, draw nearEXPOSTULATIONTextPage Scan
287Acquaint thyself quickly, O sinner, with GodGAYLORDTextPage Scan
288Jesus, heed me, lost and dyingIRENETextPage Scan
289Jesus, Shepherd of the sheepIRENETextPage Scan
290Take me , O my Father, take me!GAYLORDTextPage Scan
291O Holy Saviour! Friend unseenFLEMMINGTextPage Scan
292O Thou, the contrite sinner's FriendFLEMMINGTextPage Scan
293I ask not now for gold to gildFLEMMINGTextPage Scan
294Just as I am, without one pleaWOODWORTHTextPage Scan
295With broken heart and contrite sighWOODWORTHTextPage Scan
296Show pity, Lord! O Lord! forgiveWOODWORTHTextPage Scan
297Weary of earth, and laden with my sinLANGRANTextPage Scan

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