The New Laudes Domini: a selection of spiritual songs, ancient and modern for use in Baptist churches

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1Holy, holy, holy, Lord God AlmightyNICAEAPage Scan
2Again returns the day of holy restERNANPage Scan
3O come and let us all with one accordPage Scan
4Father, again in Jesus' name we meetPage Scan
5As pants the wearied hart for cooling springsFAROONPage Scan
6Hail, happy day, thou day of holy restSAVANNAHPage Scan
7The dawn of God's new SabbathGALDNESSPage Scan
8Thine holy day's returningPage Scan
9aO day of rest and gladnessAURELIAPage Scan
9bO day of rest and gladnessMENDEBRASPage Scan
10How pleasant, how divinely fairMIGDOLPage Scan
11Great God, attend, while Zion singsPage Scan
12Sweet is the work, my God, my KingPage Scan
13Awake, my soul, and with the sunCANONBURYPage Scan
14My God, my King, thy various praisePage Scan
15New every morning is the lovePage Scan
16High in the heavens, eternal GodST. ALBANPage Scan
17Angel voices, ever singingANGEL VOICESPage Scan
18Thine earthly Sabbath, Lord, we loveANVERNPage Scan
19My opening eyes with rapture seePage Scan
20Come gracious Lord, descend and dwellPage Scan
21O Christ, with each returning mornPage Scan
22The day of rest once more comes roundRAKEMPage Scan
23I'll praise my Maker with my breathNEWCOURTPage Scan
24When, streaming from the eastern skiesPage Scan
25Light of light enlighten meHINCHMANPage Scan
26Fount of all our joy and peacePage Scan
27How pleased and blest was IDALSTONPage Scan
28The Lord of glory is my Light, And myST. SAVIOURPage Scan
29Lord, in the morning thou shalt hearWARWICKPage Scan
30How did my heart rejoice to hearMEARPage Scan
31Eternal Sun of righteousnessST. GEORGE'SPage Scan
32This is the day the Lord hath madeMARLOWPage Scan
33Sing we the song of those who standOAKSVILLEPage Scan
34With joy we hail the sacred dayPage Scan
35Arise, O King of grace, arisePage Scan
36Come, thou Desire of all thy saintsDALEHURSTPage Scan
37Lord, when we bend before thy throneBEMERTONPage Scan
38Again our earthly cares we leaveWINCHESTERPage Scan
39Now that the sun is beaming brightPage Scan
40Early, my God, without delayBEATITUDOPage Scan
41When morning gilds the skiesLAUDES DOMINIPage Scan
42Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for theeNATIVITYPage Scan
43My soul, how lovely is the place to which thy GodMIRFIELDPage Scan
44Speak to me, Lord, thyself revealPage Scan
45Once more, my soul, the rising dayPETERBORO'Page Scan
46Hail to the Sabbath dayMORNINGTONPage Scan
47With joy we lift our eyesPACKINGTONPage Scan
48Now let our voices joinPage Scan
49This is the day of lightSWABIAPage Scan
50Lord of the hearts of menCLEVELANDPage Scan
51Sweet is the work, O LordPage Scan
52How charming is the placeSYDENHAMPage Scan
53Come, we who love the LordST. THOMASPage Scan
54Awake, and sing the song of Moses and the LambPage Scan
55My God, permit my tongue this joy, to call thee mineVIGILPage Scan
56Welcome, sweet day of restLISBONPage Scan
57Awake, ye saints, awake and hailZEBULONPage Scan
58Welcome, delightful mornLISCHERPage Scan
59Lord of the worlds aboveDARWALLPage Scan
60O Zion, tune thy voicePage Scan
61Now to thy sacred housePage Scan
62Come, my soul, thou must be wakingSUNRISEPage Scan
63Open now thy gates of beautyGRANGEPage Scan
64Hallelujah, fairest morningCHEERPage Scan
65Unto thee be glory givenPage Scan
66Safely through another weekSABBATHPage Scan
67Welcome, sacred day of rest!Page Scan
68Light of life, seraphic fire, Love divinePage Scan
69Pleasant are Thy courts aboveST. GEORGEPage Scan
70Lord, remove the veil awayPage Scan
71While we lowly bow before theeALVANPage Scan
72Saviour, send a blessing to usPage Scan
73God almighty and all seeingPage Scan
74Glory be to God the FatherPage Scan
75In thy name, O Lord, assemblingRAPHAELPage Scan
76Come, thou soul-transforming SpiritPage Scan
77God is in his holy templePage Scan
78Welcome days of solemn meetingPage Scan
79To thy pastures fair and largeDIJONPage Scan
80Softly fades the twilight rayPage Scan
81On this day, the first of daysFERRIERPage Scan
82To thy temple we repairDENHAMPage Scan
83Lord, we come before thee nowHENDONPage Scan
84Every morning mercies newKELSOPage Scan
85On thy church, O Power divinePage Scan
86Lord, it is thy holy dayPage Scan
87Christ, whose glory fills the skiesHALLEPage Scan
88Now, from labor and from carePage Scan
89As the hart with eager looksHEIMWEHPage Scan
90Behold, the shade of night is now recedingPALMERPage Scan
91Bending before thee, let our hymn go upwardsPage Scan
92Mid evening shadows, let us all be watchingPage Scan
93Night's shadows falling, men to rest are callingINTEGERPage Scan
94From the recesses of a lowly spiritPage Scan
95Sun of my soul! thou Saviour dearHURSLEYPage Scan
96Again, as evening's shadow fallsPage Scan
97Glory to thee, my God, this nightEVENING HYMNPage Scan
98aAt even ere the sun was setCROSTONPage Scan
98bAt even ere the sun was setANGELUSPage Scan

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