Redemption Hymnal

Publisher: Rickfords Hill Publishing, Winslow, Buckingham, UK, 2015
Denomination: Pentecostal
Language: English
Notes: 2006 resetting and republication of 1951 edition
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1Lord of all being, throned afarMARYTONTextPage Scan
2aAll hail the power of Jesu's name!DIADEMTextPage Scan
2bAll hail the power of Jesu's name!MILES LANETextPage Scan
3Praise Him, praise Him, Jesus our blessèd RedeemerJOYFUL PRAISETextPage Scan
4We worship and adore TheeBARTONTextPage Scan
5Praise, my soul, the King of heavenPRAISE MY SOULTextPage Scan
6The God of Abraham praiseLEONITextPage Scan
7With harps and with vials there stand a great throngTHE NEW SONGTextPage Scan
8Oh, for a thousand tongues to singLYNGHAMTextPage Scan
9Ye servants of GodHANOVERTextPage Scan
10O worship the KingHOUGHTONTextPage Scan
11O God, of good the unfathomed sea!MONMOUTHTextPage ScanAudio
12aO worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!SANCTISSIMUSTextPage Scan
12bO worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!WAS LEBET, WAS SCHWEBETTextPage Scan
13Come, let us join our cheerful songsLYDIATextPage Scan
14Hark! the song of jubileeST. GEORGE’S, WINDSORTextPage Scan
15O the deep, deep love of JesusEBENEZERTextPage Scan
16With gladness we worship, rejoice as we singST. DENIOTextPage Scan
17Salvation! O the joyful sound!ASHLEYTextPage Scan
18Thou, great Redeemer, dying LambHENSBURYTextPage Scan
19Praise ye the Lord! 'Tis good to raiseLUTHER’S CHANTTextPage ScanAudio
20aNow in a song of grateful praiseTRUROTextPage Scan
20bNow in a song of grateful praiseGRATEFUL PRAISETextPage Scan
21Begin, my soul, some heavenly themeST. MAGNUSTextPage Scan
22When morning gilds the skiesLAUDES DOMINITextPage Scan
23My heart and voice I raiseASCALONTextPage Scan
24Come, sound His praise abroadFALCON STREETTextPage Scan
25Lord, enthroned in heav'nly splendourCROWN THE SAVIOURTextPage Scan
26Alleluia! sing to Jesus!DEERHURSTTextPage Scan
27God is love; that anthem oldenREDEMPTIONTextPage Scan
28Praise to the Holiest in the heightGERONTIUSTextPage Scan
29Hail, Thou once despisèd Jesus!LUX EOITextPage Scan
30Come, my brethren, praise your SaviourREGENT SQUARETextPage Scan
31I'll praise my Maker while I've breathMONMOUTHTextPage Scan
32My God, how wonderful Thou artWESTMINSTERTextPage Scan
33O Lord of heav'n and earth and seaALMSGIVINGTextPage Scan
34Sing, O thou happy habitantLUTHER’S CHANTPage Scan
35O Saviour, precious SaviourMUNICHTextPage Scan
36Immortal, invisible, God only wiseST. LUKETextPage Scan
37Angel voices, ever singingANGEL VOICESTextPage Scan
38Praise the Lord! ye heavens, adore HimLAUS DEOTextPage Scan
39Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creationLOBE DEN HERRENTextPage Scan
40Eternal God! we raise to TheeST. MATTHIASTextPage Scan
41O Christ, whose glory fills our daysEDENTextPage Scan
42O magnify the Lord with me[O magnify the Lord with me]TextPage Scan
43Shall hymns of grateful loveST. GODRICTextPage Scan
44Let me sing, for the glory of heavenHEAVEN'S GLORYTextPage Scan
45Be glad in the Lord, and rejoiceREJOICE! REJOICE!TextPage Scan
46My God, I thank Thee, who hast madeWENTWORTHTextPage Scan
47To God be the glory, great things He hath doneTO GOD BE THE GLORYTextPage Scan
48My Saviour suffered on the treeTHE LAMBTextPage Scan
49This is the day the Lord hath madeBISHOPTHORPETextPage Scan
50Now thank we all our GodNUN DANKETTextPage Scan
51My soul shouts glory to the Son of GodMY SOUL SHOUTS GLORYTextPage Scan
52Praise the Saviour, ye who know HimST. AUBINTextPage Scan
53Praise, praise ye the name of Jehovah, our GodLAUS DEOTextPage Scan
54Joy to the world; the Lord is comeANTIOCHTextPage Scan
55Praise the King of glory, He is God alone;PRAISE HIMTextPage Scan
56Awake, awake, O heart of mine!AWAKE, AWAKETextPage Scan
57O Jesus, King most wonderfulREDHEAD NO 66TextPage Scan
58When the morning stars were singingALLAN WATERTextPage Scan
59Father, what can to Thee be giv'nST. COLUMBATextPage Scan
60Eternal Light! Eternal Light!NEWCASTLETextPage Scan
61I need Thee, precious SaviourAURELIATextPage Scan
62Jesus, Thy boundless love to meEUPHONYTextPage Scan
63aJesus, my eyes are unto TheeHORTONTextPage Scan
63bJesus, my eyes are unto TheeTROYTE'S CHANTTextPage Scan
64Jesus, stand among usMILDMAYTextPage Scan
65Fill Thou my life, O Lord my GodWILTSHIRETextPage Scan
66Let me come closer to Thee, Lord JesusLLANTHONY ABBEYTextPage Scan
67Lord Jesus Christ, we seek Thy faceWALTONTextPage Scan
68O for a closer walk with GodILFRACOMBETextPage Scan
69O Love Divine, how sweet Thou art!PEMBROKETextPage Scan
70My goal is God Himself, not joy, nor peaceMORECAMBETextPage Scan
71Love divine, all loves excellingBLAENWERNTextPage Scan
72My God, the spring of all my joysABRIDGETextPage Scan
73Here from the world we turnTRYSTTextPage Scan
74Lord of the worlds aboveCHRISTCHURCHTextPage Scan
75Thou Shepherd of Israel, and mineCELESTETextPage Scan
76Nearer, still nearer, close to Thhy heartNEARERTextPage Scan
77It passeth knowledge, that dear love of ThineIT PASSETH KNOWLEDGETextPage Scan
78If I but knew Thee as Thou artSYMPATHYTextPage Scan
79Talk with us, Lord, Thyself revealCLAREMONTTextPage Scan
80I cannot breathe enough of TheeSPENCERTextPage Scan
81No more veil! God bids me enterIRBYTextPage Scan
82‘Within the Veil:’ Be this, belov’d thy portionWITHIN THE VEILTextPage Scan
83Come ye yourselves apart, and rest awhilePEEL CASTLETextPage Scan
84aDear Lord and Father of mankindREPTONTextPage Scan
84bDear Lord and Father of mankindRESTTextPage Scan
85aHere is love, vast as the oceanBETHANYTextPage Scan
85bHere is love, vast as the oceanDIM OND IESUTextPage Scan
86Nothing between, Lord, nothing betweenNOTHING BETWEENTextPage Scan
87The sands of time are sinkingRUTHERFORDTextPage Scan
88Speak, Lord, in Thy stillnessQUIETUDETextPage Scan
89Jesus, the very thought of TheeST. AGNES, DURHAMTextPage Scan
90Jesus, Jesus, JesusDOWSTON CASTLETextPage Scan
91My heart is resting, O my GodBERNETextPage Scan
92I lift my heart to Thee, Saviour divineSURSUM CORDATextPage Scan
93Alone upon the mount of God I standALONE UPON THE MOUNTTextPage Scan
94Jesus, I am resting, restingTRANQUILITYTextPage Scan

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