Singing the New Testament

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1Isaiah gave the promiseLANCASHIRE
2"The reign of God is near at hand"PUER NOBIS
3In the beginning was the Word eternal[In the beginning was the Word eternal]
4In Matthew's Gospel there are fiveFAITH-MOTHERS
5Blessed be the God of Israel, who comes to set us freeFOREST GREENText
6To a maid whose name was MaryANNUNCIATIONTextPage Scan
7My soul does magnify the Lord[My Soul Does Magnify the Lord]
8Sing out, my soul, with praiseDIADEMATAText
9From heaven above to earth I comeVOM HIMMEL HOCHTextPage Scan
10While by my sheep we watched at nightJUNGSTTextPage Scan
11Lord, bid your servant go in peaceLAND OF REST
12When Herod reigned in IsraelSALVATION
13In the midst of dreaming, warningGENEVAN 77
14See Christ, who on the river's shoreNOELTextPage Scan
15Behold the Lamb of God[Behold the Lamb of God] (Bell)Text
16Jesus, tempted in the desertEBENEZER
17When Jesus walked beside the shoreFOREST GREEN
18Jesus sat with his disciplesJOYOUS LIGHT
19Blest are they, the poor in spirit[Blest are they, the poor in spirit]
20You are the salt for the earth, O people[You are the salt for the earth]
21Why would we light a lampFESTAL SONG
22Ask and it will be given to you[Ask and it will be given to you]
23Father in heaven, hallowed be your name[Father in heaven, halllowed be your name]Text
24Look and learn from the birds of the air[Look and learn from the birds of the air]
25Foolish man builds on the sinking sandNO NOT ONE
26All those who make my wordsDIADEMATA
27Jesus the Lord said, "I am the breadYISU NE KAHA
28Whoever comes to me shall never hungerKUSIK
29I am the light of the world[I Am the Light of the World]Text
30If you would love me, keep my commandmentsMCALOON
31I am the vine; you are the branches[I am the vine, you are the branches]
32I am the holy vineLOVE UNKNOWN
33A sower's seed fell on a pathMORNING SONGText
34The kingdom of our God is likeDOVE OF PEACE
35They asked, "Who's my neighbor and whom should I loveWHO'S MY NEIGHBORTextPage Scan
36"De tu cántaro dame (The Samaritan woman)SAMARITANA
37Pull down your barns, O landlordACCEPTANCE
38There were ninety and nine that safely layTHE NINETY AND NINE
39"Shepherd, do you tramp the hillsARFON
40Far from home we run, rebelliousGOTT WILL'S MACHEN
41Poor man lazarus, sick and disabled[Poor man Lazarus]TextPage Scan
42One day when the sons of ZebedeeEN SONG TIL DEG
43James and John once came to JesusO DU LIEBE MEINER LIEBE
44"My elder son, go work todaySUSSEX CAROL
45A king put on a feastARTHUR'S SEAT
46Well, the Lord gave a party and invited the neighborsLIVING SOULS
47Keep your lamps trimmed and burningKEEP YOUR LAMPSText
48Ten virgins all were called to greet the bridegroom fair[Ten virgins all were called]
49There is a mighty questionELLACOMBE
50There will be signs in sun and moonLESTER
51Take heed, the end is coming soon[Take Heed, the End Is Coming Soon]
52"The Son of Man must suffer many things"[The Son of Man Must Suffer Many Things]
53"If you then want to follow meDUNDEE
54How shocking were the peopleWEDLOCK
55It was not peace I came to bring[It Was Not Peace I Came to Bring]
56Come to me, O weary travelerAUSTIN
57Where two or three are gathered in my name[Where two or three are gathered in my name]
58Some mothers brought their childrenBENJAMIN
59With God all things are possible[With God All Things Are Possible]Text
60We went as you told us[We went as you told us]
61What fabled names from Judah's pastUNE JEUNE PUCELLE
62Baited, the question roseDIADEMATATextPage Scan
63Scribes in long robes, expecting deferenceWE NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTT LASST WALTEN
64Jesus has come to preach the good news[Jesus has come to preach the good news]Text
65In the power of God's own SpiritTHE SPAIN
66"Are you the one," they asked him,ES FLOG EIN KLEINS WALDVOGELEIN
67Tell John his prophecy was trueBROTHER JAMES' AIR
68While Mary listened to the LordALDWICK
69Two people came to church to prayMAPLE AVENUE
70When Jesus passed through JerichoDOVE OF PEACE
71For God so loved the world he madeO WALY WALY
72God so loved the world, God so loved the worldSTAINERTextPage Scan
73A traveler unknown to meSUSSEX CAROL
74Lift up our eyes, Lord, unto the fields[Lift up our eyes, Lord, unto the fields]
75They who hear my words[They Who Hear My Words]
76When Jesus the healer passed through GalileeHEALERTextPage Scan
77They came with faith to seek the LordST. MICHAEL
78She came to Jesus from outside the foldSLANE
79"Jesus, Son of David, be merciful to me"[Jesus, Son of David, be merciful to me]
80The one born blind is silentLANCASHIRE
81The man whose little oneHEALER
82O Christ, who shared our mortal lifeKINGSFOLD
83Behold, a woman from the cityTEARSTextPage Scan
84With body bent and spirit boundA LA VENUE DE NOËL
85Banned and banished by their neighborsKAS DZIEDAJA
86Ten men, lepers in a Hebrew town[Ten men, lepers in a Hebrew town]
87Martha sent unto the SaviorRUSTINGTON
88In Cana at a wedding feastBOVINA
89Jesus, sailing on the seaABERYSTWYTHTextPage Scan
90They came a milling crowdFRANCONIA
91Where mists upon the mountain swirledDEO GRACIAS
92Mantos y palmas esparciendo (Filled with excitement, all the happy throng)HOSANNA
93"Come now, you blessed; eat at my table"COME NOW, YOU BLESSED
94If we have died with him[If we have died with him]Tune Info
95The Fathers' love I came to give[The Father's love I came to give]Text
96Jesus, greatest at the tableJULIONText
97All the world will know[All the world will know]
98O thou, who at thy Eucharist didst praySONG 1TextPage Scan
99Disciples gathered gladlyLLANGLOFFAN
100Deep night has hushed GethsemaneERHALT UNS, HERR

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