TTT-Himnaro Cigneta

Publisher: Eldonejo Cigneto, 2009
Language: Esperanto
Notes: This was an Esperanto-language web hymnal on the old Geocities website; most of its content is archived at,,, and/or Letters after hymn numbers index alternate tunes.
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485Venu, kredantoj
486Venu nun, animo mia
487Venu, tutpova Di'! (Come, Thou almighty King, tr. Downes)
488Verdan libron verkas Dio ("La Verda Libro de Dio") (orig., Mears)
489Vespere, antaŭ longe
490Vi estas, Jesuo, por ĉiu la Vojo (orig., Hanbury)
491Vi, ho Savanto, iris al doloro
492Vi, homoj de la granda Di'
493Vi, kies mano ĉiujn regnojn mire gvidas
494Vi, kies verk' la univers'
495Vi, kreitaĵoj de l' Sinjor'
496Vi patran gloron file rebrilas
497Vibras kanta sonor'
498Vidu, la noktaj ombroj jam paliĝas
499Vin anĝeloj himnas ĉiam
500Vin, glora Dio, laŭdas ni kun ĝoj' (orig., Downes)
501Vin levu pordo kaj lintel'
502Vin obeas vento, maro
503Vokas nin Jesu'Text
504A little ship was on the seaA LITTLE SHIPTextAudio
505Across the plains one Christmas nightTHE THREE DROVERSTextAudio
506Alleluia! Alleluia! let the holy anthem riseHOLY ANTHEMTextAudio
507Amazing grace! How sweet the soundAMAZING GRACE (ORB)TextAudio
508When we've been there† ten thousand years,AMAZING GRACE (ORB)TextAudio
509Christ was born in BethlehemSLOANEText
510When Jesus had died, to Tiberias' SeaFOUNDATIONAudio
511Come, ye believers, sing to our Father!BUNESSANTextAudio
512Thee will I love, O Lord, my strengthOLD HUNDREDTHTextAudio
513Ding dong! merrily on highBRANLE DE L' OFFICIALTextAudio
514Every part of the earthJEDER TEIL DIESER ERDETune InfoTextAudio
515"For God so loved!" Oh, wondrous theme!GLORY TO GODTextAudio
516Foremothers of ChristSTELLA (HEMY)Text InfoTextAudio
517Galilee, bright Galilee, hallowed thoughts we turn to thee!BRIGHT GALILEETextAudio
518God is born, great powers trembleBÓG SIĘ RODZITextAudio
519God rest you merry, gentlemenGOD REST YE MERRY (CORNISH)TextAudio
520Hail, ye sighing sons of sorrowHOLY MANNATextAudio
521Halelu', halelu', halelu', haleluja. Praise ye the Lord! (polyglottal)Text Info
522Hush, all ye sounds of warPRINCE OF PEACETextAudio
523I would, but cannot, singWEST JEFFERSONTune InfoTextAudio
523aI would, but cannot, singST. THOMASTextAudio
524In Bethlem town the Christ was bornSPRINGFIELD MOUNTAINTextAudio
525In the flood of tribulationSWEET AFFLICTIONTextAudio
526Lift every voice and singLIFT EVERY VOICETextAudio
527Lord Eternal, God of AgesRHUDDLANText InfoTextAudio
528Men and children everywhereMAOZ TSURTune InfoTextAudio
529Men! whose boast it is that yeMENDELSSOHNText
529aMen! whose boast it is that yeSALZBURGTextAudio
530Merrily to Bethlehem the shepherds camePRZYBIEŻELI BETLEJEM PASTERZETextAudio
531Mine eyes have seen the gloryBATTLE HYMN (Beatty)Text
532Motherhood, sublime, eternalMOTHERHOODTextAudio
533My heart and voice I raise ST. ELIZABETHText InfoText
534My hope has found a resting place
535My soul's full of glory ("The Christian's Song")
536Now praise we great and famous men (4 strofoj)
537Now praise we great and famous men (modernigita, 6 strofoj)
538O God, our words cannot express
539O Jesus, my Savior, I know thou art mine
540O Jesus, my Saviour, to thee I submit ("Love to Christ")
541Oh, how good it is
542Our Father, while our hearts unlearn
543When Israel camped in Sinai, then Moses heard from God:WEBBTextAudio
544Out on the plains the brolgas are dancing
545Potato bug, potato bug ("The Potato Bug Hymn")
546Praise God in the morning
547See there, high in the sky
548Serve the Lord with gladness
549Shepherds, rejoice, lift up your eyes
550Sign the creed!
551Stand at the threshold
552The chariot! the chariot!
553The church's strong foundation
554The ribs and terrors in the whaleOLD 100THTextAudio
555The sun has now risen in heavenly glory
556The world's desire ("The Christ-child lay on Mary's lap")
557Tis the gift to be simple ("Simple gifts")
558To Thee, O mysterious, bodiless Force ("Prayer beneath the Green Banner")
559Two sails flashing bright on the royal-blue bayZWEI SEGELTextAudio
560We are the Church Alive
561We have a precious treasure
562We lift our hearts, we bring our lives ("Create us new")
563We, your people, God, confessingIN BABILONEAudio
564When great King David, sorely afflictedPSALMUS HUNGARICUSTextAudio
565When the dawn awaking found me
566Who'd have thought the Lord AlmightyCHEATING GAMETextAudio
567Who shall the Lord's elect condemn?
568With wondering awe
569As-salamŭ' alajkumOLD-TIME RELIGIONText InfoTextAudio
570mayka wash kopa djizEs pilpilWASHED IN THE BLOODTextAudio
571Wotanin waste nahon poNETTLETONTextAudio
572Halelu', halelu', halelu', haleluja. Gloire au Seigneur!Text Info
573Minuit, chrétiens, c'est l'heure solennelleText
574Un flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle
575Brüder, singt ein Lied der Freude
576Halelu', halelu', halelu', haleluja. Preiset den Herrn! (polyglotte)Text Info
577Zwei Segel erhellend die tiefblaue BuchtZWEI SEGELTextAudio
578Halelu', halelu', halelu', haleluja. Δοξα Θεου!Text Info
579Aloha au kou aupuni
580O kou aloha no
581Halelu', halelu', halelu', haleluja. !הללוּיהText Info
582sxalom' hxaverim'

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