George Bennard

George Bennard
Short Name: George Bennard
Full Name: Bennard, George, 1873-1958
Birth Year: 1873
Death Year: 1958

George Bennard (1873-1958) was born in Youngstown, OH. When he was a child the family moved to Albia, Iowa. He served with the Salvation Army in Iowa for several years before he was ordained in the Methodist Episcopal Church. His hymn "Speak, my Lord" appears in Triumphant Service Songs (Chicago: Rodeheaver Hall-Mack Co., 1934). He wrote words and tune for his best known hymn "The Old Rugged Cross" in 1913.

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George Bennard (February 4, 1873 – October 10, 1958) was an American hymn composer and preacher. He is best known for composing the famous hymn, "The Old Rugged Cross".

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在遠山聳立著 (Zài yuǎnshān sǒnglìzhe)George Bennard (Author)2
في مكان مرهوب في ظلال الغروبGeorge Bennard (Author)1
فوق تل بعيد - دق عود الصليبGeorge Bennard (Author)1
All of my burdens went rollingGeorge Bennard (Author)4
All of my burdens went rolling awayGeorge Bennard (Author)3
As Jesus was standing on Olivet's hillGeorge Bennard (Author)4
Blessed lamb of CalvaryGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Blessed Rock in time of stormGeorge Bennard (Author)3
Carry the news to the nationsGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Christ the Lord from heaven cameGeorge Bennard (Author)3
Come, come to the Savior, poor sin-burdened soulGeorge Bennard (Author)5
Don't turn the dear Savior awayGeorge Bennard (Author)6
El Señor Jesús está llamandoGeorge Bennard (Author)2
En el monte Calvario se vio una cruzGeorge Bennard (Author)3
En el monte Calvario estaba una cruzJ. Bennard (Author)4
Every heart has its sorrowGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Exceeding great and precious are God's promisesGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Gathered are we in the name of our GodGeorge Bennard (Author)5
God answers prayer, O do not doubt HimG. B. (Author)4
God looked in pity on our poor lost worldGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Have you, my brother, the spirit receivedG. B. (Author)3
He loved me and gave himself for meGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Hear the Lord of harvest sweetly callingG. B. (Author)41
Heaven is a city, a high and holy cityGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Higher than the highest heavenGeorge Bennard (Author)2
How grateful am IGeorge Bennard (Author)2
I am so happy in Jesus, my LordGeorge Bennard (Author)3
I have a wonderful SaviorGeorge Bennard (Author)3
I have crossed the Jordan's fordG. B. (Author)4
I heard a voice, a sweetGeorge Bennard (Author)1
I need Jesus when the storm cloudsGeorge Bennard (Author)2
I want to be more like Jesus (Bennard)George Bennard (Author)2
I was on the downward way, Far from GodGeorge Bennard (Author)3
I was very far from shoreGeorge Bennard (Author)2
If I go not away, said the SaviorGeorge Bennard (Author)2
If you've heard the wondrous story of his loveGeorge Bennard (Author)3
I'll trust him when the sun is shiningGeorge Bennard (Author)2
I'm a pilgrim and a stranger passing through a foreign landGeorge Bennard (Author)2
I'm enjoying the blessing of holinessGeorge Bennard (Author)2
I'm living now in CanaanGeorge Bennard (Author)2
In God's good bookG. B. (Author)2
In the book of God so preciousGeorge Bennard (Author)11
In the fullness of the blessingGeorge Bennard (Author)4
Is it nothing to you, O ye that pass byGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Is it well with your soul todayGeorge Bennard (Author)2
It was for me my Lord in loveGeorge Bennard (Author)3
I've grieved thee, Lord, my heart is sadGeorge Bennard (Author)2
I've left the valley of death and sinGeorge Bennard (Author)11
Jesus is my loving SaviorG. B. (Author)14
Jesus, my Savior, to thee I'm comingGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Jesus paid our ransom long agoGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Jesus, see me at thy feet, with my sacrifice completeG. B. (Author)21
Jesus the Lamb left his glory and his throneGeorge Bennard (Author)3
Let go, and let God have his wayGeorge Bennard (Author)3
Like a mighty oceanGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Like a river broad and deepGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Long long ago on Calvary's browRev. Geo. Bennard (Author)2
Lord, lead us back to PentecostGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Love never faileth, love will stand the testGeorge Bennard (Author)4
Mao a'e l ahe ke'a kahiko a pa'aGeorge Bennard, 1873-1958 (Author)3
March along, sing a song, sing it merrilyGeorge Bennard (Author)3
My heart says, Yes, to JesusGeorge Bennard (Author)2
My meditation of him shall be sweetGeorge Bennard (Author)1
My poor life was full of sadnessGeorge Bennard (Author)2
My sins, which were many, have all beenGeorge Bennard (Author)2
O come, behold Mt. CalvaryGeorge Bennard (Author)2
O I dearly love to ponderGeorge Bennard (Author)2
O my soul is filled with gloryGeorge Bennard (Author)2
O sing again the sweet old songs my mother sang to meGeorge Bennard (Author)2
O what would I do without Jesus, When burdened with guiltGeorge Bennard (Author)1
O wondrous love, how can it beGeorge Bennard (Author)1
On a hill far away stood an old rugged crossGeorge Bennard (Author)301
Out of the heart of GodG. B. (Author)2
Outside the gate did Jesus goGeorge Bennard (Author)4
Religions, creeds, and theoriesGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Rude cruz se erigiuGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Shower of blessing sent from aboveG. B. (Author)4
Sing, O sing of the precious bloodGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Sing we of the precious fountainG. B. (Author)2
Sometimes life's sky is over-shadowedGeorge Bennard (Author)1
Speak, for thy servant heareth, speak LordGeorge Bennard (Author)3
The battle is raging, the foe we're engagingGeorge Bennard (Author)2
There is a beautiful fountainGeorge Bennard (Author)2
There is a fountain filled with blood, a fountain deep and wideGeorge Bennard (Author)2
There is work that must be done (Bennard)George Bennard (Author)4
There's a bright shining path where the Savior has trodGeorge Bennard (Author)2
There's a Canaan of perfect loveG. B. (Author)2
They told me love's sweetest old storyGeorge Bennard (Author)4
This question comes to allGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Thy will, not mine, my heart has learned do sayGeorge Bennard (Author)2
Wandering in sin, no peace withinGeorge Bennard (Author)3
We come, we come, with hearts so full of loveG. B. (Author)3
We have launched for a voyageG. B. (Author)2
We're here on business for our KingGeorge Bennard (Author)2
We're in the onward march of nationsGeorge Bennard (Author)2
What value, my friend, dost thou place on thy soulGeorge Bennard (Author)2
When I read the sweet old story of my SaviorGeorge Bennard (Author)2
When I think of how my Savior left his gloryGeorge Bennard (Author)4
When Jesus comes in glory with saints and angels fairGeorge Bennard (Author)2
When the King comes back againGeorge Bennard (Author)2
While I journey in this world belowGeorge Bennard (Author)3
While the sun hangs highGeorge Bennard (Author)2
With aching heart and spirit sore distressedG. B. (Author)7
You must meet him at the judgmentGeorge Bennard (Author)2

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