Lavinia E. Brauff

Short Name: Lavinia E. Brauff
Full Name: Brauff, Lavinia E. (Eliza), 1851-1920
Birth Year: 1851
Death Year: 1920

Lavinia E. Brauff was born in Pittsburgh 12 October, 1851. She was blind from infnacy. She was educated at the School for the Blind in Philadelphia. Her first hymn was published in 1894 to the music of H. P. Danks.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

Texts by Lavinia E. Brauff (77)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A Baby once slept in a mangerLavinia Eliza Brauff (Author)English3
All our songs of grateful praiseLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
As a shepherd seeks his flockLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Christ has a home just beyond the shining skyLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
Christ, the tender ShepherdLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
Christ was once a little babyLavinia B. Brauff ()5
Come to the Fount of love now flowingLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English3
Cristo fué un pequeñitoLavinia E. Brauff (Author)Spanish2
Easter morn is breaking over land and seaLavinia E. Brauff (Author)3
Farewell, farewell, Christmas mornLavinia Brauff (Author)3
For me the bread of life was brokenLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
God's word is a bright and shining lightLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Hallelujah filled the skyLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
Hearts grow firm and strong, as we march alongLavinia E. Brauff (Author)5
I am simply trusting in my SaviorLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
I am the tender ShepherdLavinia E. Brauff (Author)3
I have a blessed SaviorLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
I have a friend in Jesus (Brauff)Lavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
I have found in Christ a SaviorLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English3
I have found in Jesus Grace to live each dayLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
I have never found a friend like JesusLavinia E. Brauff (Author)7
I walked in the paths of sin far away from JesusLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
I was once a weary pilgrim sore distressedLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
If our walks with Jesus here belowLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
Jesus died for you and meLavinia E. Brauff (Author)3
Jesus, I have heard Thee speakingLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English3
Jesus is pleading with the sinful soulLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Jesus will come in and supLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Just a little carolLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
Let every heart rejoice and sing The songLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Let every thankful heart rejoiceLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Let us be ready for the KingMrs. Lavinia E. Brauff (Author)English3
Lord, I come to Thee in deep contritionLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
Lord, we know that thou wilt hear usLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Messages of welcomeLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English3
My heart is fixed on Jesus, the sun of all my thoughtLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English11
My presence shall go with thee, and I will give theeLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
O Lamb of God, reveal thy Holy Spirit's powerLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
O the blessedness of knowingLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
On the highway of sin I wanderedLavinia E. Brauff (Author)6
Our hearts are filled with gladnessLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Our song is one of loving praiseLavinia E. Brauff (Author)4
Our way grows bright with a holy lightLavinia E. Brauff (Author)3
Over the river of death, there is a land of restLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
Pearly dew drops glistenLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Praise the Lord for all his goodness (Brauff)Lavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Put on the armor of the LordLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Rejoice in Christ your SaviorLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Thanks be to God for the clear morning lightLavinia E. Brauff (Author)3
The air is full of melodyLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
The field is white with ripened grainLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
The golden light of Easter dayLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
The light of truth is burningLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
The Lord, our dear King, goes before usLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
The love of God is boundlessLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
The morning bright, with its golden lightLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
The sepulchre was empty, The women stood withoutLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English3
The songs we sing in our Sabbath homeLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
The study of God's word revealsLavinia E. Brauff (Author)3
The world was hushed in a dreamless sleepLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
There is a home among the blestLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
There is a land of perfect peaceLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
There is music in the streamletLavinia E. Brauff (Author)4
They tell me all the rosesLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Trust in Jesus all the wayLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
We are children of a SaviorLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
We are marching onward, Singing as we goLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
We are marching to the heavenly landLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
We know that Jesus loves to hearLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
We may sing of sunlit meadowsLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
We may sing of the stars that crown the nightLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
Wells of salvation, plenteous and freeLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
When Jesus first told me my sins were forgivenLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
When rays of golden splendorLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
Winter storms have passed awayLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
With joyful songs and happy cheerLavinia E. Brauff (Author)2
Within the ark of safetyLavinia E. Brauff (Author)English2
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