W. O. Cushing

W. O. Cushing
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Short Name: W. O. Cushing
Full Name: Cushing, W. O. (William Orcutt), 1823-1903
Birth Year: 1823
Death Year: 1903

Cushing, William Orcutt , born at Hingham, Massachusetts, Dec. 31, 1823, is the author of the following hymns which appear in I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos:—

1. Beautiful valley of Eden. Heaven.
2. Down in the valley with my Saviour I would go. Trusting to Jesus.
3. Fair is the morning land. Heaven.
4. I am resting so sweetly in Jesus now. Rest and Peace in Jesus.
5. I have heard of a land far away. Heaven.
6. O safe to the Rock that is higher than I. The Rock of Ages.
1. Ring the bells of heaven, there is joy today. Heavenly Joy over repenting Sinners.
8. We are watching, we are waiting. Second Advent anticipated.

Mr. Cushing has also several additional hymns in some American Sunday School collections, and collections of Sacred Songs.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology


Cushing, W. 0., p. 274, i. Other hymns are:—
1. O I love to think of Jesus . Thinking of Jesus.
2. There is joy in heaven! there is joy to-day. Angels joy over returning Sinners.
3. When He cometh, when He cometh. Advent.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

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تحت جناحيه وجدت الأمناW. O. Cushing (Author)1
在憂傷、痛苦、危險四圍之時 (Zài yōushāng, tòngkǔ, wéixiǎn sìwéi zhī shí)William O. Cushing (Author)2
在祂翼下,平安穩妥我居住 (Zài tā yìxià, píng'ān wěntuǒ wǒ jūzhù)William O. Cushing (Author)2
我今願跟隨耶穌 (Wǒ jīn yuàn gēnsuí yēsū)William O. Cushing (Author)2
A band of children free weWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
A puni a'e au ina mea onouWilliam O. Cushing, 1823-1902 (Author)3
All over the valleys so green and fairRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)4
Ao vale calmo irei tranqüilo com JesusWilliam Cushing (Author)2
Apples are ripeWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Art thou he that should come, dear LordW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Bajo sus alas habito seguroWilliam O. Cushing (Author)2
Bajo sus alas ¡seguro descanso!W. O. Cushing (Author)2
Be ready to labor with heart and willWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)6
Be ready with the heart, be ready with the handWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
Beautiful valley of Eden! William Orcutt Cushing (Author)74
Beyond the sea, life's boundless seaWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
Blessed are the friendsWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Breaking through the mists and shadowsRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)9
Bright is the morning of the day of jubileeWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Bring some one to Jesus todayWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Cheer, O cheer, ye sons of ZionRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)3
Children, rally, rally for the armiesWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
Chime on, sweet bells, let the notes rejoiceWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Climbing up the steeps of gloryWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)4
Come, come, come, the bellsWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Come to the meadows againWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Cuando venga JesucristoW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Down in the valley with my Savior I will goWilliam O. Cushing, 1823-1902 (Author)134
Drunten im Tale, wo die stillen WasserWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)4
Es Cristo el amigo de todos los niñosWilliam O. Cushing (Author)2
Fair is the morn on that radiant shoreRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)2
Fair is the morning land, bright is the shoreRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)7
Follow, follow, I would follow JesusW. O. Cushing (Author)1
Freude ist im Himmel! denn ein Sünder kehrtWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)4
From the shining morning landWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
Gathering home to the silent shoreRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)4
Goodbye, goodbye, we hope again to meet youW. O. Cushing (Author)4
Hail the joyful tidingsWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Hark, 'tis the angel chorus repeatingWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
He came in his beauty, strength and prideWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)4
He came in the hush of the silent nightW. O. Cushing (Author)3
Hear them chiming forth his gloryRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)6
Hear them chiming forth the Master's gloryWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Heavenly Father teach the wayWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)7
Herrliches, liebliches ZionWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)5
Home, Home, brightest and fairestRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)3
Home, home, sweet, sweet homeWilliam Cushing (Author)1
Homes for the children our Lord is preparingW. O. Cushing (Author)4
How sad it would be, if when thou dost callW. O. Cushing (Author)37
I am clinging to the Rock, Though the waves are wild and darkRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)9
I am glad we're on the rock when the storms are wildWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)8
I am longing for heaven, for the bright land of EdenRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)3
I am resting so sweetly in Jesus nowRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)1
I am waiting all dayWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
I am waiting by the river, And my heart has waited longW. O. Cushing (Author)32
I ask not why some days are fairRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)10
I have heard of a land far awayRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)10
I heard them say in the holy cityWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
I love to think of Jesus as he sat beside the seaWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
I see the shining domes afarRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)2
I sometimes think 'tis too good to be trueRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)4
I want to so live that my heartRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)2
I will praise my GodRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)2
I will tell what the LordW. O. Cushing (Author)2
I would toil in the field where he calleth me to goWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)18
If I were an angel, with a bright and starry crownWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)4
If you want to see the lightWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
I'm resting so sweetly in Jesus nowRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)4
In the land where the bright ones are gatheredWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)4
Ingen moerk dal mera paa Jesu dagWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
I've anchored my soul in the haven of restWilliam O. Cushing (Author)1
Jesús de los cielos William Orcutt Cushing, 1823-1902 (Author)2
Jesu Cristo ha venidoW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Jesus knows thy sorrowWm. O. Cushing (Author)6
Keinen Heiland, keinen JesumW. O. Cushing (Author)3
Let all within me praiseW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Let my heart be pure from sinW. O. Cushing (Author)3
Let us never sigh nor falterW. O. Cushing (Author)5
Let us rally round the wordWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
Let us strew their path with rosesWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Lift up your facesWilliam Cushing (Author)1
Lift up your head, desponding ChristianWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Listen to the chime of the bellsWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
Little children, little children Who love their RedeemerWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Live to do good, this world should beWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)5
Live to do your dutyRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)3
L'utet, Himmelsglocken, Freude kuendet heutWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
Make hay, while the sun shinesWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
Malalo o Kona eheu malu wau laWilliam O. Cushing, 1823-1902 (Author)2
March on, march on, for the Lord is before usRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)3
Mihira, ry mponina ao an-danitraW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Mine be a hope that is changeless and sureW. O. Cushing (Author)3
Minha esperança, Jesus, assegurasWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Morn so fairWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
My days are passing sweetlyWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
My Father, while on earth I stayW. O. Cushing (Author)6
My heart is glad for this I knowW. O. Cushing (Author)2
My mother's cot was by the seaWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Naar han kommer, naar han kommerWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Ned uti dalen med min Jesus vill jag gaWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Nede i dalen med min Jesus vil jeg gaaW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Nere i dalen med min Jesus vill jag gåW. O. Cushing (Author)2
No one can tell whatWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
När han kommer, när han kommerWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)7
O banner of Jesus, in triumph advancingW. O. Cushing (Author)5
O Christian, now be trueRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)3
O give thy heart to JesusWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)4
O herre min klippa min salighets borgWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
O I love to think of Jesus as he sat beside the seaWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)21
O Jesus, star of the morningWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
O safe to the Rock that is higher than IWilliam O. Cushing (Author)197
O Savior, we pray theeW. O. Cushing (Author)4
O sokkertil Klippen, vel proevet, jeg ty'rWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
O sweet are the moments, so hallowed in feelingW. O. Cushing (Author)2
O the children may come to the Savior nowW. O. Cushing (Author)2
O the name, the name of JesusRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)14
O the Sabbath hours are so calmWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
O they need not depart, no, they need not departW. O. Cushing (Author)2
O wanderer, come to the Father's homeRev. W. O Cushing (Author)2
O watchman on the mountain heightRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)3
O we have studied hard nowWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
O'er the wide ocean where tempests are sleepingWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)4
O blessed promise of my GodW. O. Cushing (Author)2
O children, come to your Father's houseRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)4
¡Oh! salvo en la Roca más alta que yoW. O. Cushing (Author)2
O the bells, the joyful bellsRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)3
O the wells of salvation that in Jesus I findRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)3
O to have no Christ, no SaviorWilliam O. Cushing, 1823-1902 (Author)24
Once more, O Lord, we prayWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)4
One soul redeemed by Jesus' bloodW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Our Lord is crowned Immanuel, KingRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)2
Over the hills are the pasturesWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)4
Peaceful and beautiful haven of restRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)4
Peaceful are the tents of the people of the LordRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)3
Precious is the hope that in Jesus we cherishW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Ring i himlens klockorWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Ring med Himlens KlokkerWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Ring the bells of heaven! There is joy todayRev. Wm. O. Cushing (Author)182
Saliga himmelska edenWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Salinongna, agtaeng toy cararuacW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Schallt, ihr Himmelsglocken, Engel, jubelt heut'William Orcutt Cushing (Author)5
See, O see the shining angelsRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)3
See, the sun is peepingWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Sitting by the wayside, sinful, weak and blindRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)4
Skjoenne og herlige EdenWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
So many, many merciesRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)2
Someone must go to the far off landsWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)4
Suenen dulces himnos, gratos al SeñorWilliam O. Cushing (Author)5
Summer days are coming, comingWilliam Cushing (Author)1
Sunny weather, sunny weatherWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Sweet are the bells of the morningW. O. Cushing (Author)9
Sweet is the sunlightWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Ten thousand hearts are bowing at the feet of Christ our KingW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Tenting by the shoreW. O. Cushing (Author)4
The banners of peace are unfurledWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
The Christian, faint and weary, still journeys bravely onRev. Wm. O. Cushing (Author)2
The day is departing, its hours are pastWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
The evening dews are fallingWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)5
The fishers sat within their boatWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)4
The hosts of God are marchingWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)1
The Savior is waiting and callingW. O. Cushing (Author)2
The sky was dark aboveWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
The temperance banner shall triumph yetW. O. Cushing (Author)2
There are millions now who have heard his voiceWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)6
There in the glory of the shining landRev. Wm. O. Cushing (Author)2
There is no dew on the mountains of ZionWilliam Cushing (Author)2
There were many children's voicesW. O. Cushing (Author)4
There'll be no dark valley when Jesus comesWilliam O. Cushing, 1823-1902 (Author)66
There'll be no more sorrowRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)2
There's a bright, happy home high in heaven aboveWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)4
They have triumphed at lastRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)3
They tell me there are dangers, In the path my feet must treadWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)9
They were watching on the hillsidesWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)8
This little lamb is DollieWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Though all men forsake Him, yet we must not fearW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Times flies, they say, it fliesWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
'Tis only just a step that weRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)2
'Tis wrong to be cross, dearWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Tossed by the tempestWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
Tread softly, tread softlyWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
Under hans vinger i tryghed jeg dvælerRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)2
Under his wings I am safely abidingWilliam O. Cushing, 1823-1902 (Author)106
Waiting still whate'er betideW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Wake, O wake, the bells of morningRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)3
We are all a band of scholarsWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)3
We are watching, we are waiting For the bright prophetic dayRev. Wm. O. Cushing (Author)41
We should think how we all feel the power of sinW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Wenn der Heiland, wenn der HeilandWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)7
When he cometh, when he comethWilliam O. Cushing, 1823-1903 (Author)341
When my feet shall come to the golden gateRev. William O. Cushing (Author)2
When summer blooms are rarestW. O. Cushing (Author)2
When the children all come seekingRev. W. O. Cushing (Author)4
Who may be this wondrous StrangerW. O. Cushing (Author)2
Who will meet me when I dieWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)10
Wo sind Tod und SchreckenWilliam Orcutt Cushing (Author)2
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