Frans Michael Franzén

Frans Michael Franzén
Short Name: Frans Michael Franzén
Full Name: Franzén, Frans Michael, 1772-1847
Birth Year: 1772
Death Year: 1847

Franzén, Franz Michael, was born at Uleabôrg, Finland, in 1772, and educated at the University of Abo, where he became Librarian and Professor of Literary History. He was subsequently Minister at Kumla, Orebro, Sweden, and then of Santa Clara, in Stockholm. He was consecrated Bishop of Hernosand, in 1841, and died there in 1847. (See Supplement to Longfellow's Poets and Poetry of Europe.) Of his pieces one is in English common use. It begins "Jesum haf i ständigt minne," translated by Mrs. Charles in her Christian Life in Song, 1858, p. 250, as "Jesus in Thy memory keep" (Looking unto Jesus). Usually it begins with stanza ii., "Look to Jesus, till, reviving."

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

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Frans Michael Franzén (9 February 1772 – 14 August 1847) was a Swedish and Finnish poet.

Texts by Frans Michael Franzén (52)sort descendingAsInstances
Ack, döden hafver hädanrycktF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
Ack! vi äro alla Adams barn, O Gud!F. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
Ajar the temple gates are swingingFranz M. Franzen (Author)3
Allt fullkomnadt är, o Jesu! och du farF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
Anda, full af nådeF. M. Franzen (Paraphraser)2
Around you, O Lord JesusFranz M. Franzén, 1772-1847 (Author)3
Awake, the watchman criethF. M. Franzen (Author)6
Bereden väg för Herran!F. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)3
Come, O Jesus, and prepare meFranz M. Franzen (Author)6
Dawn bursts o'er death's prisonFranz M. Franzen (Author)2
Den korta stund, jag vandrar härFranz M. Franzen (Author)5
Din sol går bort, men du blir närF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)3
Din spira, Jesu, sträckes utF. M. Franzen, d 1847 (Author)4
Du, som var den minstes vänF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
Fader, ogsaa denne gangFranz M. Franzen (Author)2
Fridens Gud! oss frid förlänaF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
Gud, min Gud! som ville än F. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
Hör, Gud! ännu sin nåd dig bjuderF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
He liveth foreverF. M. Franzen (Author)3
Hvad ljus öfver griften!F. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
Hvart flyr jag för Gud och hans eniga lag!F. J. Franzen (Translator)2
Jag lefver och upphöjerFrans Michael Franzen (Author)2
Jag tår ej se Guds dagF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
Jesu dig i djupa nödenF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
Jesu, lär mig rätt betraktaF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
Jesus haf i ständigt minneF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
Jesus in thy memory keepFranzen (Author)2
Jesus keep in memory everF. M. Franzen (Author)3
Kom, o Jesu, väck mitt sinneF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)3
Look to Jesus Christ thy SaviorFrans Mikael Franzén (Author)4
Look to Jesus till revivingFranz M. Franzen (Author)1
Milde menniskornas vänF. M. Franzen (Translator)2
Min hvilotimma ljuderF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
Når allt omkring mig hvilarF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)3
O Gud, vär broder Abels blodF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
O Gud! vi lofve digF. M. Franzen (Translator )2
O Herre Gud! gör nåd med migF. M. Franzen (Translator)2
O Jesu, än de dinaF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
O morgonrodnad! helga ljusF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
På Sinai stod Herren GudF. M. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
Prepare the royal highwayFrans Mikael Franzén, 1772-1847 (Author)10
Prepare the way, O ZionFrans Mikael Franzen (Author)28
Säll är den man som fruktar GudF. M. Franzen (Translator)2
S'll den somFranz M. Franzen (Author)2
The day departs, yet Thou art nearFrans Mikael Franzén (Author)6
The little while I linger hereFranz Mikael Franzen (Author)6
The Savior is risen Light bursts from the tombFrans Mikael Franzen (Author)6
Thine own, O loving SaviorFrans Mikael Franzen (Author)9
Thy scepter, Jesus, shall extendFrans Mikael Franzen (Author)9
Til dit Hus med TakkesangFranz M. Franzen (Author)4
Vak upp, hör väkten ljuderF. J. Franzen, d. 1847 (Author)2
When vesper bells are callingFrans Mikael Franzén (Author)3

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