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Carolyn Winfrey Gillette

Carolyn Winfrey Gillette
Short Name: Carolyn Winfrey Gillette
Full Name: Gillette, Carolyn Winfrey, 1961-
Birth Year: 1961

Carolyn Winfrey Gillette has been a pastor in rural, small town, suburban, and city churches; she has also served as a hospice chaplain, a hospital chaplain, and a school bus aide helping children with special needs. She and her husband Bruce are pastors of the First Presbyterian Union Church in Owego, NY.

Carolyn is a gifted hymn writer who has written over 400 hymns. These hymns have been sung by congregations throughout the United States and around the world — from the Washington National Cathedral to St. Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland to St. George's Cathedral in Cape Town, South Africa to small town churches and small household congregations; they have also been sung at national church and international ecumenical meetings.

She has written four books: "I Sing to My Savior: New Hymns from the Stories in Luke's Gospel", "God's World is Changing: New Hymns for Advent and Christmas", "Gifts of Love: New Hymns for Today's Worship" (Geneva Press) and "Songs of Grace: New Hymns for God and Neighbo"r (Upper Room Books). Her hymns have been published in over 20 books. Two of her hymns have been published by the Choristers Guild as anthems. Carolyn was commissioned to write the lead article for the special issue on "Singing Our Lives" for Baylor University's "Christian Reflectio"n journal. Her hymns have also been in "Call to Worship" journal, "The Chorister" (cover story), "Reformed Worship," "The Presbyterian Outlook" and posted on thousands of web sites. All of her hymns can be found on her website with indices to scriptural references, topics, tunes, and the three-year cycle of the Revised Common Lectionary:

The World Council of Churches, National Council of Churches, Church World Service and Churches Uniting in Christ have asked her to write hymns. Habitat for Humanity International used a hymn by Carolyn for their 30th anniversary celebration. Family Promise (Interfaith Hospitality Network) did a music video of her hymn for their ministry with homeless families. The Humane Society of the United States did a music video contest of her hymn for their Blessing of the Animals service. The Presbyterian Church (USA) 216th General Assembly presented her with the "Ecumenical and Interreligious Service Recognition." Sojourners did a short video about her hymn writing. A Canadian scholar wrote her biography for the "Cambridge Dictionary for Hymnology."

Feature stories about Carolyn's hymns addressing concerns facing the Church, nation and world, were done by The New Yorker, The Christian Century, America, National Public Radio, national PBS-TV, and newspapers (Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post, New Jersey Courier Post, Delaware News Journal, and others).

Carolyn is a graduate of Lebanon Valley College and Princeton Theological Seminary. She finds joy in parish ministry, hymn writing, and most of all in her family as a wife, mother (and foster mother), grandmother, sister, and human parent to a rescue dog, "Annie."

Carolyn sees her hymn writing as a partnership and is very grateful for prayers for her hymn writing, suggestions for hymns, gifts for hymn use and commissions, and invitations to speak at conferences, workshops, and church gatherings (in person and online). She hopes her hymns nurture people in their discipleship and support churches in their worship and service in the world. Sing to the Lord a new song!

Copied from "About the Author" in "I Sing to My Savior: New Hymns from the Stories in Luke's Gospel."

Email from Bruce Gillette

Texts by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (152)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A Roman centurion sought out the LordCarolyn W. Gillette (Author)English2
A voice was heard in RamahCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English6
Abraham journeyed to a new countryCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
All of life is filled with wonderCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
All of you who walked in darknessCarolyn W. Gillette (Author)English2
All the music sung and played here is a gift, O God, from youCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
An eagle is soaring and turning and divingCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Another son is killedCarolyn W. Gillette (Author)English3
At the dawn of your creationCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)2
Be doers of the word of GodCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
"Bigger barns are what I need," so a rich man said one dayCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Blessed are the poor among you, Jesus saidCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Blest are God's peacemaking ones, Sent to work in countless ways--Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Children are welcome, Christ said one dayCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Christ be with us, Christ behind usCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Christ taught us of a farmer who went out sowing seedsCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Christ, you are the SaviorCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Christ, you walked among the grain fields, Finding lessons all aroundCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
"Come, you hungry ones," Jesus saidCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Creator God, you made the earthCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
Creator of the water that makes the world so greenCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Creator, we thank you for all you have madeCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
"Do not turn away the childrenCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Down by the Jordan, a prophet named John was baptizingCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
Early on a Sunday, women went to weepCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
"Fear not!" the angel said, "God's joy is in the air!Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
"For freedom, Christ has set us free!" What joy is ours to claim!Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)3
For this land in all its wonder, for each city, farm, and townCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Gifts of love our Lord has given, Words of life "I'm your God!Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Giving God, we pause and wonder: What would happen if we tithed--Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Go walk with God in all you doCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
God bless the poet's heart and hand, creating songs of faith and praiseCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, how can we comprehend --Carolyn W. Gillette (Author)English4
God, how many are a thousandCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, in joy we gather, giving thanks for marriageCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
God made the heavens and the earthCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, may your justice roll down like the waters you send hereCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God of all learningCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God of creation, We have seen the horror--Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God of generations, we are all your childrenCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God of love, we sing youir glory and we offer you our praiseCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God of the women who answered your callCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, we await your advent hereCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, we have come from our families and homesCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, we have heard it, sounding in the silenceCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, we join in celebration of your love and faithfulnessCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, we sing and worship, joining friends and neighborsCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, we spend a lifetime growing, learning of yoiur love and careCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
God, we walk through death's deep valleyCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, we've know such grief and angerCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
God, what a faith-filled mysteryCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God whose love is always stronger Than our weakness, pride and fearCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English5
God, with joy we look around usCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, you called our church by graceCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, you give us recreation, rest and play when work is throughCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, you love the world! You sent your only SonCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, you wrap your love around usCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, your blessings overflow!Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, your gift of peace is preciousCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God, your love and care surround us every moment, every dayCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
God's great love is so amazing!Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English4
Have the mind that was in JesusCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
"Hear my prayer for unity"Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Ho Dio, mankas vortoj por la hodiaŭa kri'Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)Esperanto3
How lovely is your church, O LordCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
I believe in God the Father the Almighty God aboveCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
"If only I had known the cost of human greedCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
In a feedbox, in a stableCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
In Cana at a wedding feastCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
In Haiti, there is anguish that seems too much to bearCarolyn W. Gillette (Author)English2
In times of great decision, Be with us, God, we pray!Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
Jesus asked one day, "What do others say?"Carolyn Winfrey Gilette (Author)English2
Jesus sat and watched the crowdCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Jesus, we know your love in thisCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Jesus, you once called disciples, choosing twelve to follow youCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Listen, sisters! Listen, brothers!Carolyn W. Gillette (Author)English3
Long ago, God reached in loveCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Long ago, when Pharaoh's daughter walked along the riversideCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Looking back, O God, we wonder of that time in historyCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Lord, what a cloud of witnessesCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
Lord, what is all our fighting for?Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
Mary gladly told her cousinCarolyn W. Gillette (Author)English2
Mary heard the angel's messageCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
முன்னோர் நாளில் பார்வோன் மகள் (Muṉṉōr nāḷil pārvōṉ makaḷ)Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)Tamil2
No longer Jew or Greek, no longer slave or freeCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
No one knows the day or hourCarolyn W. Gillette (Author)English2
O Christ, when you ascendedCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
O God, be merciful to meCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
O God, each day you bless us with gifts of yoiur shalomCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
O God, in your love you have made us uniqueCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
O God of life, your healing touchCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
O God of light, may our light shineCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
O God of mighty wind and flameCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
O God, our Creator, you work every dayCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
O God, our hearts were shatteredCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)2
O God, our words cannot expressCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
O God, the things that make for peaceCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
O God, we rage at hurtful thingsCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
O God whose loving has no endCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
O God, you give welcome; you care and provideCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
O God, you made the Sabbath dayCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
O Jesus, you were born to beCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
O Lord, as you were on your way to where you'd one day dieCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
O Lord, you called disciples, proclaiming, "Come and see!"Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
On the beach, the waves of watersCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
On this day of celebrationCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
One day, the news was grimCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Our God, we are a church reformedCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Our God, we sing and celebrate! Your grace to us is clear!Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Our God, you called to Moses to set your people freeCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Our Lord, you stood in Pilate's hallCarolyn W. Gillette (Author)English3
Our Lord, You were seent to a place wild and vastCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Perhaps you have been chosenCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Peter said, "I'm going fishing"Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English4
Remember me--the God who saves--Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
She came to Jesus from outside the foldCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)3
Sing out! Sound the trumpets! Proclaim jubilee!Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Spirit of God, you moved over the watersCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
The candle of hope we light in this hourCarolyn W. Gillette (Author)English2
The children come, not sure where they are goingCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. Creation reminds us, O God, of your loveCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
The fruit of the Spirit is love for our sharingCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
The love of Christ Jesus is urging us onCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
The storm came to HondurasCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
There are many ways of sharing, But God's Spirit gives each oneCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
There is a mighty questionCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English4
To a place of celebrationCarolyn W. Gillette (Author)English2
We come to this table, O God, with thanksgivingCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
We enter your church, Lord, through welcoming doorsCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
We gather at your table, LordCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
We hear, Lord, your promise: "My grace is sufficient!"Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
We join in proclaimingCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
We look to you, O Jesus, in faith, our PioneerCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
We love to sound yoiur praises To lift our hands aboveCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
We thank you, God, for teachersCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
What a joy, this Habitation!Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
What a world of sound it must haveCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Whatever you do to the least ones of theseCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
When did we see you hungry, Lord?Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
When hands reach out and fingers traceCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English7
When Mary hugged her newborn sonCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
When Mary poured a rich perfume ;on Jesus' weary feetCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English4
When Thomas heard from JesusCarolyn W. Gillette (Author)English2
When we were a younger nationCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
"When you are praying," Jesus saidCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
"Where is bread?" the great crowd murmured--Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English3
"Who is my neighbor?" a lawyer asked Jesus, to test himCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
"Why is this night different from all of the others?"Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
You call us, Lord, to worship; the day is set asideCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
You formed us in your image, Lord; You call us your own childrenCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
Your word is like a lamp, O LordCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2
You've called us together, O God, by your graceCarolyn Winfrey Gillette (Author)English2

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