Dale Grotenhuis

Short Name: Dale Grotenhuis
Full Name: Grotenhuis, Dale, 1931-2012
Birth Year: 1931
Death Year: 2012

Grotenhuis grew up in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) and graduated from Calvin College with a music major. He obtained his Master's degree in music from Michigan State University and completed doctoral studies at Ohio State University. While in the Army, he was chief music arranger for the 2nd Army Band and conducted its Male Chorus.

Before coming to Dordt, Grotenhuis taught music at Christian high schools in Washington and Michigan. Under his direction, the Dordt College concert choir participated in annual tours that took members throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. He loved the church and the music of the church. His favorite song was "All Glory Be to God on High".

http://www.dordt.edu (last two sentences from Joy Grotenhuis, daughter-in-law)

Tunes by Dale Grotenhuis (66)sort descendingAsInstances
AINDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
ARIRANGDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)4
ARISE, SHINE (Glass)Dale Grotenhuis (Arranger)3
ARTHUR'S SEATDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
LET US BREAK BREADDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
BUNESSANDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)7
CANONBURYDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)4
KAS DZIEDAJADale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
CENTENNIAL PRAYERDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
CHRIST IST ERSTANDENDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)3
CHRISTE, DU LAMM GOTTESDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)4
ALLELUIA NO. 1Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
CLAP YOUR HANDS (Owens)Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)3
CLAYDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)6
DETROIT (Bradshaw)Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
DIR DIR JEHOVAHDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
EARTH AND ALL STARSDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)7
ELEANORDale Grotenhuis (Composer)2
EPIPHANY (Wesley)Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
EVERLASTING LOVEDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
FOUNDATIONDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)8
GENEVAN 100Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
OLD 107THDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
OLD 124THDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
GENEVAN 138Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)4
GENEVAN 150Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)3
GENEVAN 19Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
GENEVAN 27Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
GENEVAN 65Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)4
GENEVAN 81Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)4
GENEVAN 95Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
GENEVAN 97Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
RENDEZ À DIEUDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)5
GLORIFY THY NAMEDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
HE IS LORDDale Grotenhuis, b. 1931 (Harmonizer)4
JORDAN (Barnby)Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
KOMT, VERWONDERTDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
LASST UNS ERFREUENDale Grotenhuis, b. 1931 (Composer (descant))1
LESTERDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)4
LOBET UND PREISETDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)7
LORD, REVIVE USDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
EISENACH (Gesius)Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
MAG ICH UNGLÜCKDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
MASON (Sherwin)Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)4
[Come every soul by sin oppressed] (Stockton)Dale Grotenhuis (Composer (desc.))1
O HEILAND, REISS DIE HIMMEL AUFDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)4
OH QUE BUENODale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)5
OUR GOD REIGNSDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
PHILIP (Grotenhuis)Dale Grotenhuis (Composer)2
REJOICE (Anonymous)Dale Grotenhuis (Arranger)1
RESIGNATION (Southern Harmony)Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)9
ROBERT (Grotenhuis)Dale Grotenhuis (Composer)2
ROK NOVYDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
SHEPHERD'S PIPESDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
SING ALLELUIA (Stassen)Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)8
SLAVA BOGUDale Grotenhuis (Arranger)1
[Beams of heaven, as I go]Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
STAR IN THE EASTDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
TE VENGODale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)3
THE CHURCH'S DESOLATIONDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)1
THOMAS (Grotenhuis)Dale Grotenhuis (Composer)2
TORONTO (Seerveld)Dale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)3
VERGEEF, O HEERDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
VRUECHTENDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
WORKERS' SONGDale Grotenhuis (Harmonizer)2
WYATT (Grotenhuis)Dale Grotenhuis (Composer)2
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