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W. A. Ogden

W. A. Ogden
Short Name: W. A. Ogden
Full Name: Ogden, W. A., (William Augustine), 1841-1897
Birth Year: 1841
Death Year: 1897

William Augustine Ogden USA 1841-1897. Born at Franklin County, OH, his family moved to IN when he was age six. He studied music in local singing schools at age 8, and by age 10 could read church music fairly well. Later, he could write out a melody by hearing it sung or played. He enlisted in the American Civil War in the 30th IN Volunteer Infantry. During the war he organized a male choir which became well known throughout the Army of the Cumberland. After the war, he returned home, resumed music study, and taught school. He married Jennie V Headington, and they had two children: Lowell and Marian. He worked for the Iowa Normal School, Toledo Public School System. Among his teachers: Lowell Mason, Thomas Hastings, E E Baily and B F Baker, president of the Boston Music School. He wrote many hymns, both lyrics and/or music. He later issued his first song book, “The silver song” (1870). It became quite popular, selling 500,000 copies. He went on to publish other song books. Ogden also taught music at many schools in the U S and Canada. In 1887 he became superintendent of music in the public schools of Toledo, OH. His works include: “New silver songs for Sunday school” (1872), “Crown of life” (1875), “Notes of victory” (1885), “The way of life” (1886), “Gathering jewels” (1886). He was known as a very enthusiastic person in his work and a very congenial one as well. He died at Toledo, OH.

John Perry

Texts by W. A. Ogden (260)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A fountain of life is opened wideW. A. O. (Author)English5
A heavenly home foreverWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
A mensagem do Senhor - Aleluia!William A. Ogden (Author)Portuguese2
A sinner, I came, for my Lord to seeWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English1
Ah, weary child, a moment stayWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
All day long have I gleanedWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
All the air is hushed and holyW. A. O. (Author)English2
And Jesus, when He was straightway baptizedWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English1
Angels are waiting our comingWilliam A. Ogden (Author)3
Anywhere, dear Savior, in Thy vineyard wideW. A. O. (Author)English8
Anywhere with Christ I'll goW. A. O. (Author)English2
Are you ready for the Bridegroom's comingW. A. O. (Author)English7
Are you tenting toward the highlandsWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English7
Are you walking in the light of the gospel?William A. Ogden (Author)English1
Are you willing that the Lamb of God shall beWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
Art thou waiting for the moving of the waters?William A. Ogden (Author)English1
As doves to their windows we're coming to theeW. A. O. (Author)English5
Ask for the old path, for the better wayWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
Awake, O daughter of ZionWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
Baptize us anew With fire from on highW. A. O. (Author)English18
Bautízanos hoyW. A. Ogden (Author)Spanish2
Be of good courage, be not afraidWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
Blessed be the fountain of life todayW. A. O. (Author)English11
Blind I sit by the waysideW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
Brightly, sweetly, toiling for the MasterWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English25
Clinging to the Rock of Ages, that was cleft in love for meW. A. O. (Author)English3
Come home, prodigal sonW. A. Ogden (Author)English3
Come, let us worship and adore HimW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
Come, O come, 'tis the Savior's messageW. A. (Author)2
Come to the feast that the Lord hath spreadW. A. O. (Author)English1
Come to the Savior, children, todayWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English5
Come up to the help of the LordWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
"Cuando vengas en tu reino, Cristo, acuérdate de mi"W. A. Ogden (Author)Spanish2
Dios mensaje para todos me ha dadoW. A. Ogden (Author)Spanish3
Do not falter when the tempter comesWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English1
Dulces promesas son las del SeñorWilliam Ogden (Author)Spanish2
Dyrbara loeften, ackWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
Earnest workers for the MasterW. A. O. (Author)English4
என்றும் வாழ்ந்திட மோட்ச வாழ்வு உண்டென்கிறார் (Eṉṟum vāḻntiṭa mōṭca vāḻvu uṇṭeṉkiṟār)W. A. Ogden (Author)Tamil2
Everlasting life, 'tis the promise givenW. A. O. (Author)English5
Far away amid the desert Jesus sought meWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Fresh as the dew of morningW. A. O. (Author)English2
Freudig will ich zeugen von dem HeilandW. A. Ogden (Author)German1
Frisch und frölich ziehn als muntre PilgerW. A. O. (Author)German3
From the throne of God is streamingW. A. O. (Author)English3
Gathering home in the ransomedWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
Give to the Lord of thy treasureWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English1
Gladly, gladly toiling for the MasterW. A. O. (Author)English10
Glory to God, the angels are singingW. A. Ogden (Author)English7
Go and find the wandererWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English4
Go and gather them in, go and gather them inW. A. O. (Author)English3
Go and tell the story to thy friends todayW. A. O. (Author)English5
Go forward, O worker for JesusW. A. O. (Author)English5
Go glean in the Master's vineyardWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Go through the gates, prepare ye the way, Lift up a standard for the people (Ogden)W. A. O. (Author)English8
God's eye watches over meWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
God's ways are past our understandingWilliam A. Ogden (Author)4
Great was the pain that He sufferedWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Hark, the song of angelsW. A. O. (Author)1
Hark, the song of Christmas mornWilliam A. Ogden (Author)4
Hark, 'tis the bugle sounding, forward we goW. A. O. (Author)English4
Hark, 'tis the voice of the Savior Wanderer, calling for theeWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
He is able to deliver, sing the joyful strainWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English12
He leadeth me, He leadeth me, His light and love around me shineW. A. Ogden (Author)English4
He lono ko'u mai Iesu maiWilliam A. Ogden, 1841-1897 (Author)Hawaiian2
He was despised and rejected of men, The man of many sorrows was taken and slainW. A. O. (Author)English5
Hear the promise of the LordWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English15
Hear ye the call of the LordWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
Ho, everyone that thirsteth, Come, O come ye to the watersW. A. Ogden (Author)English4
Honor bright, honor brightWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
Hört die kunde von dem herrn, hallelujaW. A. O. (Author)German3
How precious the bloodWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Hoy quiero trabajarW. A. Ogden (Author)Spanish2
I am coming, Lord, to thee, with a trembling heartW. A. Ogden (Author)English19
I am Jesus' little Lamb, Happy all day long I amWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English14
I am the Way and the LifeW. A. O. (Author)English2
I have a friend to guide meWilliam A. Ogden (Author)4
I have heard of Jesus in Bethlehem bornWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
I love to tell the story (Ogden)William A. Ogden (Author)2
If thy walk is upward in the narrow wayWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
If you meet a comrade on the Sabbath dayW. A. O. (Author)English5
I'm a child of His promiseWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English5
I'm a little pilgrim, And a stranger hereWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English4
In happy song our voices we will raiseWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
In Highest Praise our songs we singW. A. O. (Author)English2
In the name of Christ advancingW. A. O. (Author)English2
In our Sunday school so dearWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
In righteousness be doingWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English1
In the Lamb's book of life Will my name there appear?W. A. Ogden (Author)English7
In the land of light and gloryWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
In the mansions eternalW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
In the name of Christ, With our flag unfurledWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
In the roll call of heavenW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
In the shadow of a mightyWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
In Thy blessed word, our FatherW. A. Ogden (Author)English3
Into the fold of the grace of GodWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Into Thy temple, Lord, I comeW. A. O. (Author)English2
I've a home far away in the regions immortalWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English8
I've a message from the Lord, Hallelujah!W. A. Ogden (Author)English140
I've learned to love the SaviorW. A. O. (Author)English2
I've two little hands to work for JesusW. A. O. (Author)English63
I've wandered in sorrow and sinW. A. Ogden (Author)English6
Jeg et budskab har fra GudW. A. Ogden (Author)Norwegian2
Jesus bowed in the garden, seeW. A. Ogden (Author)English3
Jesus is calling, "Come to me and live"W. A. Ogden (Author)English3
Jesus nimmt die Sünder an, HallelujaW. A. Ogden (Author)German2
Jesus stands by my sideWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
Jesus, the loving ShepherdW. A. O. (Author)English43
Jesus, the Shepherd, is calling, wanderer, calling for theeWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
Joyful we in our Sabbath homeW. A. Ogden (Author)English5
Knocking, knocking, who is there? Knocking, knocking, O how fair!W. A. O. (Author)English3
Lass mich, Herr Jesu, freundlich sie ladenWilliam A. Ogden (Author)German2
Let the lamp of faith be burningWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Let the tones of triumph ringWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
Leuchtend als Vorbild steht Jesus vor dirW. A. Ogden (Author)German1
Like gems we may shine in the crown of our KingW. A. O. (Author)English2
Like rays of golden sunshineWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English5
Like sheep in the desert we’re strayingWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English4
Lo! a stranger standing thereWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English7
Lo! His kingdom, blessed kingdom is nigh unto youW. A. O. (Author)English2
Lord, our praises here begunW. A. O. (Author)English4
Love the Lord with all thy heartWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English1
Manos pequeñas Dios me ha dadoWilliam Ogden (Author)Spanish2
Many hundred years ago, Angels sang the storyWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Many mansions are In my home so fairW. A. O. (Author)English3
My father in heaven I know, I knowWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Neath the shadow of a rockW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
Ni ujumbe wa BwanaW. A. Ogden (Author)Swahili2
Not for crown love I my SaviorWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
O come thou and see what the Lord hath doneWilliam A. Ogden (Author)3
O come, 'tis a bright Sabbath morningWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
O come to the fountain of love todayW. A. O. (Author)English6
O dies Verheißungswort, tröstlich und süßWilliam A. Ogden (Author)German3
O for a faith that clingethWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
O I love to think of Jesus by the blue, blue seaWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
O shall I sing the glad new songWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English4
O soul, look up and thou shalt seeW. A. Ogden (Author)English8
O swift to the rock that is higher than IW. A. O. (Adapter)English1
O! the cross is all my gloryW. A. Ogden (Author)English3
O the love and compassion the Savior doth showW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
O this world is beautifulW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
O 'tis sweet to bring to JesusWilliam A. Ogden (Author)5
O weary pilgrim, gone astrayW. A. O. (Author)English2
O wonderful words by the Master spokenWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English4
O Zion that bringest good tidings, lift up your glad voice to the skiesWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English10
O brother, with a willing heart W. A. O. (Author)English2
O hear the good news!W. A. O. (Author)English2
O I love to think of Jesus, as He journeyed to and froW. A. Ogden (Author)English10
O if my house is built upon a rockW. A. Ogden (Author)English8
O the Savior's at the doorW. A. O. (Author)English4
On Christian soldier, on to the conflictW. A. O. (Author)English2
On the well at Sychar by the dusty wayWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
Once a lovely stranger Stood beside my doorW. A. Ogden (Author)English5
One by one the loving MasterWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English5
One drop of the bloodW. A. Ogden (Author)English8
Only for a little whileW. A. O. (Author)English2
Over Judea's plains of lightWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
Praise the Lord, his bannerWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
Ring out the bells for ChristmasWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English1
Sabbath home, dear Sabbath homeW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
Sailor on the ocean sailing, sailingWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English9
Satan tares is sowingW. A. O. (Author)English3
Saved by grace O blessed tidingsW. A. Ogden (Author)English12
Saved by His goodness I amWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
Savior, lead me all the way Lest from the path of peaceW. A. O. (Author)English2
Scattering precious seed by the way-sideW. A. Ogden (Author)English85
Searching the scriptures, the blessed scripturesWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English8
See the sons of God in faith advancingWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Seeking the lost, yes, kindly entreatingWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English137
Selige Verheißungen, herrliches WortW. A. Ogden (Author)German1
Send the Bible to distant landsW. A. Ogden (Author)2
Shall I meet you in the golden morningWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English4
Shall we gather in His Kingdom, you and IW. A. O. (Author)English2
Shall we meet in the land of the blest?William A. Ogden (Author)English6
Simply an armor-bearer, lo! I standWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Since Christ for sin atonement madeW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
Since thy Father's arm sustains thee, peaceful beW. A. O. (Author)English1
Sing we of the grace of GodWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English4
S'ist das hohe Lied, das vom Himmel klingtW. A. Ogden (Author)German1
S'ist das schönste Wort, das auf erden klingtWilliam A. Ogden (Author)German3
Skjønne er løfterne, lifligt Guds ordW. A. Ogden (Author)Norwegian2
Sowing seed, precious seedW. A. O. (Author)English2
Sowing the precious seedW. A. O. (Author)English3
Sowing the seed by the daylight, sowing the golden grainWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English1
Stand for the right, brother, Stand for the rightWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Step by step the Lord will safely lead usWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Streue des Wortes köstlichen SamenW. A. Ogden (Author)German3
Streuet den Samen aus auf den PfadenWilliam A. Ogden (Author)German1
Sweet are the promises, Kind is the wordWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English169
Sweet songs, precious songsWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
Tell the good news, the wondrous storyW. A. Ogden (Author)English6
Tenderly lead us, Savior aboveW. A. Ogden (Author)2
The blessed Savior died for meW. A. Ogden (Author)English6
The children for Jesus, their hearts for His throneWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
The fountain of salvationW. A. O. (Author)English7
The gate of love and mercyWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English1
The gospel's joyful tidingsW. A. O. (Author)English2
The Lord loveth a cheerful giver, Therefore with gladness we will bring (Ogden)William A. Ogden (Author)English4
The Lord of the vineyard is waitingW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
The precious blood of Jesus, the precious bloodWilliam A. Ogden (Author)5
The precious blood, the precious bloodW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
The precious seed be sowingW. A. O. (Author)English2
There are errands sweetWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English1
There are little children singing round the throneWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English4
There are many beauteous mansionsWilliam A. Ogden (Author)3
There's a land of rest, for the heart opprestW. A. Ogden (Author)English3
There's a light in the valley, There's a light I seeW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
There's a name that we loveW. A. Ogden (Author)English4
There's a promise which is writtenWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
There's a song my heart is singing, In my soul its tones are ringingW. A. O. (Author)English7
There's a tender voice that whispers to the soul with care opprestW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
There's a wonderful theme in the gospel tongueWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English11
There's One that I love dearlyWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English1
They're [They are] gathering homeward from every landW. A. Ogden (Author)English1
Thronging the temple like those of oldWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Through the desert while weWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
Thy word is a lamp to my feet, O Lord (Ogden)W. A. Ogden (Author)English2
'Tis dividing the worldW. A. O. (Author)English5
'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus every little careWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
'Tis the gospel invitation, come and seeW. A. O. (Author)English6
'Tis the grandest theme through the ages rungWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English159
'Tis the voice of him that criethWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
To the Master we are goingWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Today at the feet of my blessed Lord I waitedWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
Trusting in the promises, we march alongWilliam A. Ogden (Author)3
Tsvakanyi wese wakarasikaW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
'Twas the voice of God in the great commandWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
Two little hands to work for Jesus, One little tongue His praise to tellWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English8
Unvailed in my sins at the cross of my LordW. A. O. (Author)English2
Up and labor, the MasterWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Washed and redeemed, O wonderful thoughtWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
We are going home to that land so fairW. A. O. (Author)English2
We are little children (Ogden)William A. Ogden (Author)3
We are little reapers, toiling all the dayWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English12
We are marching on, a happy bandWilliam A. Ogden (Author)3
We are toiling on toward the land of restWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
We give thee best endeavorWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
We have met to praiseWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
We know in whom we have trustedWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
We praise Thee, O God, for the Son Thou hast givenW. A. O. (Author)English3
We shall end our careWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
We'll take up our [the] stand for the youth of our landWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English9
We've enlisted in the army, in the army of the LordW. A. O. (Alterer)English1
What is the song the angels singWilliam A. Ogden (Author)1
What's this vain world to meWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English1
When I awake in the likeness of GodWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
When thou comest in thy kingdomWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English12
When to Jerusalem he cameW. A. O. (Author)English2
When we gather by and byW. A. O. (Author)English2
Whither do you journey along, brotherWilliam A. Ogden (Author)4
Who is He that yonder liesW. A. Ogden (Author)English3
Whosoever believeth, precious words I hear Him sayW. A. O. (Author)English5
Whosoever will may truly comeW. A. O. (Author)English5
Why stand ye here idle? the fields to the harvest are whiteWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English2
Wilt thou not believe HimW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
With a tender hand he willWilliam A. Ogden (Author)2
With joy we are marching to Zion's bright abodeWilliam A. Ogden (Author)English3
Working O Christ with TheeW. A. Ogden (Author)English2
Wŷn bach Iesu Grist a DuwWilliam A. Ogden (Author)Welsh1
Zwei H'ndelein fuer Jesu ArbeitWilliam A. Ogden (Author)3
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