Adolfo Robleto

Short Name: Adolfo Robleto
Full Name: Robleto, Adolfo, 1917-1994
Birth Year: 1917
Death Year: 1994

Born: Jan­u­a­ry 4, 1917, Ma­na­gua, Ni­ca­ra­gua.
Died: Ap­ril 1, 1994, Tex­as.

Daniel R. Di­az
Pablo Fi­lós

Robleto at­tend­ed the Co­le­gio Bau­tis­ta in Ma­na­gua (grad­u­at­ed 1940), and the Bap­tist Sem­in­a­ry in New Or­leans, Lou­i­si­a­na, and pas­tored church­es in Ni­ca­ra­gua, Cos­ta Ri­ca and Tex­as. He al­so di­rect­ed the De­part­ment of Ad­min­is­tra­tion of Church­es and Pas­tor­al Lead­er­ship, ed­it­ed The Chris­tian Home for the Casa Bau­tis­ta de Pub­li­ca­ci­on­es, and trans­lat­ed about 200 hymns from Eng­lish to Span­ish. His works in­clude:

501 Ilus­tra­cion­es Nue­vas
Doctrina Cris­ti­a­na
Dramas y Po­em­as pa­ra Dí­as Es­pe­cial­es
Que Hacer En Tiem­pos de Cri
Sermones pa­ra el Nue­vo Mi­len­io

Texts by Adolfo Robleto (5)sort descendingAsInstances
Llena, oh Santo EspírituAdolfo Robleto (Translator)2
Los hombres lloraránAdolfo Robleto (Translator)2
Oh gracia admirable, ¡dulce es!Adolfo Robleto (Translator)2
Quitada fue la piedra allíAdolfo Robleto (Translator)3
Una noche de luzAdolfo Robleto (Translator)2
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