Jean-Baptiste de Santeul

Jean-Baptiste de Santeul
Short Name: Jean-Baptiste de Santeul
Full Name: Santeul, Jean-Baptiste de, 1630-1697
Birth Year: 1630
Death Year: 1697

Santeüil, Jean-Baptiste de, was born in Paris of a good family on May 12, 1630. He was one of the regular Canons of St. Victor, at Paris, and, under the name of Santolius Victorinus, was distinguished as a writer of Latin poetry. Many of his hymns appeared in the Cluniac Breviary 1686, and the Paris Breviaries 1680 and 1736, and several have been translated into English, and are in common use in Great Britain and America. He was very jocose in disposition and singular in his habits. When on a journey he died at Dijon, Aug. 5, 1697. His Hymni Sacri et Novi were published at Paris in 1689, and again, enlarged, in 1698. [George Arthur Crawford, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Jean-Baptiste de Santeul (45)sort descendingAsInstances
All honour and praise, dominion and mightJean Baptiste de Santeuil, 1630-1697 (Author)2
An image of that heavenly lightJean B. de Santeuil (Author)2
Behold the messengers of ChristJean-Baptiste de Santeul (Author)5
Blest Trinity, from mortal sightJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)12
Captains of the saintly bandJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)9
Christ in highest heaven enthronedJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)5
Disposer Supreme, and Judge of the earthDe Santeuil (Author)13
Far from their home, our fallen raceJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)1
Fearful thought of endless doomJean B. de Santeüil (Author)2
First of martyrs, thou whose nameJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)5
For man the Savior shedJean-Baptiste de Santeul (Author)2
From Sinai's trembling peakJean-Baptiste de Santeul (Author)1
Gainst what foeman art thou rushingJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)2
Holy Love towards her foesJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)2
How strongly and how sweetly stillJean-Baptiste de Santeul (Author)2
In stature grows the Heavenly ChildJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)11
Lady of the visitationJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)2
Let no hopeless tears be shedJ. B. de Santeul (Author)1
Not by the martyrs' death aloneJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)2
Now, my soul, thy voice upraising, Tell in sweet and mournful strainClaude de Santeüil (Author)15
O Captain of the martyr hostJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)2
O Christ, uplifted to the skySantolius Victorinus (1630-1697) (Author)4
O Christ, who hast prepared a placeJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)8
O cross, that only knowest the woesJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)2
O Zion, open wide thy gatesJean Baptiste de Santeüil, 1630-1697 (Author)13
Our Lord the path of suffering trodJean de Santeüil (Author)1
Rightful Prince of martyrs thouJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)2
Slow and mournful be our toneJean-Baptiste de Santeul (Author)1
Sweet incencse breathes aroundJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)2
The angel spake the wordJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)1
The growing limbs of God the SonJ. B. de Santeuil, 1630-97 (Author)2
The heavenly child in stature growsCanon J.-B. de Santeüil (Author)6
The herald lights from heaven on golden wingJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)2
The Son of God his glory hidesJean de Santeul, 1630-1697 (Author)3
This is the festal light, Salvation's heraldJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)2
Thou from the cradle to the graveJean B. de Santeüil, 1630-1697 (Author)2
Thrice Holy God, of wondrous mightJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)2
Twin princes of the courts of heavenJ. B. de Santeuil, 1630-97 (Author)2
What mortal tongue can sing thy praiseJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)14
Where the angel-hosts adore TheeJohn Baptiste De Santeuil (Author)13
Whither, Saul, this raging senseJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)1
Whither thus, in holy raptureJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)7
With hymns the heavenly courts are ringingJean B. Santeuil (Author)2
Ye mountains, bend ye lowJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)3
Zion, ope thy hallowed domeJean Baptiste de Santeuil (Author)2
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