Ludämiliä Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt

Ludämiliä Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
Short Name: Ludämiliä Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
Full Name: Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Ludämilia Elisabeth, 1640-1672
Birth Year: 1640
Death Year: 1672

Ludämilia Elisabeth, second daughter of Count Ludwig Gunther I. of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, was born April 7, 1640, at the castle of Heidecksburg, near Rudolstadt, and was educated there along with her cousin Emilie Juliane (q.v.). In 1665 she went with her mother to the dowager castle of Friedensburg near Leutenberg; but after her mother's death, in 1670, she returned to Rudolstadt, where, on Dec. 20, 1671, she was formally betrothed to Count Christian Wilhelm of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen. At this time measles was raging in the district, and her eldest sister, Sophie Juliane, was seized, and died Feb. 14, 1672. By attending on her, Ludämilia and the youngest sister, Christiane Magdalene, caught the infection, and both died at Rudolstadt on March 12,1672. (Koch, iv. 50-56; Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie xix. 365-367, &c.)

She received a careful and pious training, was a good Latin scholar, and well read in divinity and other branches of learning. Her hymns show her to have been of a deeply pious nature, and of intense love to Jesus. They were composed rather for her own edification than for use in public worship. Ten of them were included in the Budolstadt Gesang-Buch, 1682. They, were collected, to the number of 206, and edited by her cousin Emilie (probably assisted by A. Fritsch) as Die Stimme der Freundin, das ist: Geistliche Lieder welche, aus brünstiger und biss ans Ende beharrter Jesus Liebe verfertiget und gebraucht, &c. Rudolstadt, 1687. This was reprinted, with an introduction by W. Thilo, at Stuttgart, 1856.

Three of those hymns have been translated viz.:—
i. Jesus, Jesus, nichts als Jesus. [Love to Christ] 1687, No. 104, p. 312, in 5 st. of 6 1., entitled “Resignation to the Will of God." The initials of the stanzas form the word Jesus, and each stanza ends, "Herr, wie du willt." It seems to have appeared in the 2nd edition of A. Fritsch's Jesus Lieder (not in the first edition of 1668. No copy of the 2nd edition is now known), and in the 3rd edition, Jena, 1675, is No. 43, Rambach, iii. 188, gives it from the Vermehrtes Gesang-Büchlein, Halberstadt, 1673. In the Berlin Geistliche Lieder, ed. 1863. The translation in common use is :__
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus only. In full, by A. Crull, as No. 282 in the Ohio Lutheran Hymnal, 1880.

Other translations are :—(1) "Jesus, Jesus, nought but Jesus, Shall my wish and," in the Supplement to German Psal., ed. 1765, p. 11. (2) "Jesus, 'tis my aim divine," by Miss Dunn, 1857, p. 107. (3) “ 'Tis Jesus that's my sole desire," by Dr. G. Walker, 1860, p. 92. (4) "Jesus, Jesus, naught but Jesus, Can my," by R. Massie, in the British Herald, July, 1865, p. 103, and in Reid's Praise Book, 1872, No. 393. (5) "Jesus, Jesus, nought but Jesus, Shall my wish be," in Cantica Sanctorum, 1880, No. 97.

ii. Jesu Blut komm über mich. [Holy Communion.] A Passiontide Hymn on the Blood of Jesus. 1687, p. 45, No. 14, in 8 st. In the Blätter für Hymnologie, 1886, p. 180, it is cited as in the 2nd ed., 1679, of A. Fritsch's Himmels-Lust (1st ed., 1670, does not contain it); and as there marked "S. J. G. Z. S. V. H.," the initials of the elder sister, Sophie Juliane.
Translated as:-—"Jesus' Blood come over me," as No. 448, in pt. i. of the Moravian Hymn Book, 1754.
iii. Sorge, Vater! sorge du. [Morning.] 1687, No. 168, in 7 st., entitled "On Resignation to the Care of God," and founded on 1 Peter v. 7. Previously in the Rudolstadt Gesang-Buch,1682, p. 692.
Translated as:—"Care, O Father, care for me," in the Monthly Packet, xiv., 1872, p. 211. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Ludmilla Elisabeth of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (also Ludomilla or Ludämilie; 7 April 1640 – 12 March 1672 in Rudolstadt) was a German noblewoman and a hymn poet. She was a Countess of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt by birth.

Texts by Ludämiliä Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (49)sort descendingAsInstances
Bis hieher hat mich Gott gebrachtLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)28
Care for me, O God of graceLaudamille Elisabeth, 1640-1672 (Author)1
Care thou, Father, care for meLudaemilie Elisabeth von Schwarzburg (Author)3
Create in me, Lord, O God, a clean heartElisabeth Ludaemilia (Author)2
Draw us to Thee, Lord Jesus, And we will hasten onLudämilia Elisabeth, Countess of Schwarzburg Rudolstadt (Author)5
Ein Wetter steiget aufLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)6
Einer ist es, den ich liebeLudemilla, Gräfin zu Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, g. 1640, d.1672 (Author)1
Erhalt uns, Herr der HerrlichkeitLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)9
Es mag, was auch willElisabeth Ludaemilia (Author)2
Es muss rein ausgetrunkenLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)3
Gott, mein Herz dir dank zusendetLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)5
Gott sei Lob, der Tag ist kommenLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)4
Gott Vater, Sohn und heiliger Geist, mein GottLudämilia Elisabeth, Gräfin zu Schwarzburg (Author)3
Gud Fader være æretLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)1
Gud Hellig-Aand, jeg flyr til digLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)2
Han, som har hjulpet hidindtilLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)2
Hvo ved, hvor nær mig er min ende?Ludaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)2
Ich bin in allem wohl zufriedenLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)21
Ich bin vergnügt, und halte stilleLudämilia, Gräfin zu Schwarzb. Rud. 1610-1672 (Author)3
Ich will froehlich sein in GottL. E. Schwarzenburg-Rudolstadt (Author)3
Jesum Jesum, Jesum sigterLudämilie Elisabet (Author)1
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus sigterLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)4
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus onlyLudamilla Elizabeth of Schwartzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)3
Jesus, Jesus, nichts als JesusElis, Gräfin zu Schwarz-Rudolstadt, 1640-1672 (Author)34
Jesus, Jesus, nought but JesusLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)4
Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus L. Elisabeth, 1640-72 (Author)30
Kdo vi, jak blizko me skonaniLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)2
Mein Jesus lebt in mirLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)2
Min kjære Ven, ak tør jeg digLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)1
O heilige dreieinigkei, Erhalt uns unsre obrigkeitLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)2
Schaffe in mir, Gott, ein reines Herz, Mein Herz ist ganz verderbetElis., Gräfin zu Scharzburg-Rudolstadt, 1640-1672 (Author)25
Schaff' in mir, Gott, ein reines Herz, Ein Herz das stets sich HimmelwärtsJ. A. Freylinghausen, 1670-1739 (Author)2
Send mig vinger, vær nu snarLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)2
Sørg, o kjære Fader duLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)6
Sorge, Vater, sorge duLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)8
Srdce ciste stvor mi, PaneElisabeth Ludaemilia (Author)2
Syrg, min kjære Fader, du!Ludämiliä Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)2
The Lord hath helped me hithertoLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)10
Wer weiss, wie nahe mir mein EndeEmilie Juliana, Gräf. v. Schwarzb. Rudolf. (Author)71
Who knows how near my end may be?Countess Emilia Juliana (Author)11
Who knows how near my life's expendedLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)3
Who knows how soon my days are endedEmilie Juliane, Countess of Schwartzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)2
Who knows how soon my life be endedLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)1
Who knows when death may overtake me (Hoppe)Ludaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)2
Wo ist doch so ein Gott zu findenLudämilia, Gräfin zu Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)5
Wo ist ein solcher Gott zu findenLudämilia Elisabeth, Gräfin zu Schwarzburg (Author)7
Wo ist Jesus, mein verlangenLudaemilie Elisabeth Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)51
Wo ist Jesus verlangenElisabeth Ludaemilia (Author)3
Zeuch uns nach dirLudamilia Elisabeth, Grafia von Swarzburg-Rudolstadt (Author)3

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