Wilhelm Andreas Wexels

Wilhelm Andreas Wexels
Short Name: Wilhelm Andreas Wexels
Full Name: Wexels, Wilhelm Andreas, 1797-1866
Birth Year: 1797
Death Year: 1866

Wexels, Wilhelm Andreas. (Copenhagen, Denmark, March 29, 1797--May 14, 1866, Oslo, Norway). Lutheran. After studies in Copenhagen and Christiana (Oslo), became catechist and curate of Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Christiana. Preached against the inroads of rationalism, emphasizing the need for spiritual revival. Church historians claim that his ministry was the turning point in the Church of Norway. Failed in his attempt to give Norway a hymnal, but many of his hymns survived.

--J. Irving Erickson, DNAH Archives

Texts by Wilhelm Andreas Wexels (31)sort descendingAsInstances
Arise, my soul, this Easter morningWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)3
Bed, mit Hjerte, inderligWexels (Translator)2
Dig evig' Gud, ske ÆreWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)4
Enhver, som æder dette BrødWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)4
Har vi følt udi vort HjerteWexels (Author)2
He, alina ny androW. A. Wexels (Author)2
Herre, naadig dig forbarmeWexels (Translator)2
Herre, vor Gud, med det ømmeste hjerteWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)5
Hevero ny fihaonam-beW. A. Wexels (Author)2
Hvad kan veie op den GlædeWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)3
Hvorhen skal jeg dog flyWexels (Translator)3
Jehovah ZanaharyW. A. Wexels (Author)2
Jesus, Livets rige KildeWexels (Translator)3
Jo større Kors, des mer til HimlenWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)2
Lovet være Herren, somWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)1
Milde Jesus, her vi staaWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)4
Nu skrider dagen underWexels (Translator)3
O happy day, when we shall stand Amid the heavenly throneW. A. Wexels, 1797-1866 (Author)17
O happy day when we shall stand In heaven with the savedWilhelm A. Wexels (Author)2
O Naadens Sol og GlædeWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)5
O öppna ditt hjärte för HerranW. A. Wexels (Author)2
O precious thought, Some day the mistWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)1
O se, hvor lifligt det dog erWexels (Author)2
O tänk, när i Guds fröjdesalW. A. Wexels (Author)2
O tænk, naar engang samles skalWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)10
One radiant morn the mists will all surrenderWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)3
Some day, I know, the mist that life is veilingA. Wexels (Author)4
The day is fast decliningWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)3
Tænk, naar engang den Taage er forsvundenW. A. Waxels (Author)4
Uværdig er jeg, HerreWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)3
What joy, to think of that vast hostWilhelm Andreas Wexels (Author)3
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