Hymns for Galatians 1

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TitleScriptureMatching Instances
To God Be the GloryGalatians 1:4-54
I Come with Joy to Meet My LordGalatians 1:42
Out of My Bondage, Sorrow, and NightGalatians 1:41
My God, I love thee; not becauseGalatians 1:201
God of Grace and God of GloryGalatians 1:1-121
The world is very evilGalatians 1:41
Jesu deine tiefe heilge WundenGalatians 1:3-41
I Greet Thee, Who My Sure Redeemer ArtGalatians 1:41
My faith looks up to theeGalatians 1:201
Lord, Dismiss Us with Your BlessingGalatians 1:41
Awake, my soul, and with the sunGalatians 1:201
Crown him with many crownsGalatians 1:201
I Gave My Life for TheeGalatians 1:41
Plunged in a gulf of dark despairGalatians 1:41
Come, O thou Traveller unknownGalatians 1:201
And can it be that I should gainGalatians 1:201
Almighty God, Thy Word Is CastGalatians 1:1-121
Glory be to God the FatherGalatians 1:51
I Stand AmazedGalatians 1:11-241
Thy life was given for meGalatians 1:41