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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
3501Over the river they call me[Over the river they call me]TextScoreAudio
3502Never alone do we journey below[Never alone do we journey below]TextScoreAudio
3503Night serene and fair[Night serene and fair]TextScoreAudio
3504Warned of that vindictive dayST. GEORGE'S WINDSORTextScoreAudio
3505Then, then th’intestine war is o’erVATER UNSERTextScoreAudio
3506Keep the banner flying[Keep the banner flying]TextScoreAudio
3507When you start for the land of heavenly rest[When you start for the land of heavenly rest]TextScoreAudio
3508Would you be a victor over every foe[Would you be a victor over every foe]TextScoreAudio
3509Soldiers for Jesus, rise and away[Soldiers for Jesus, rise and away]TextScoreAudio
3510Blessèd Jesus, day by day[Blessèd Jesus, day by day]TextScoreAudio
3511Now to the Fountain of Life I am going[Now to the Fountain of Life I am going]TextScoreAudio
3512Have you grown discouraged, weary[Have you grown discouraged, weary]TextScoreAudio
3513Keep on praying to God on high[Keep on praying to God on high]TextScoreAudio
3514Keep silence, all created thingsTWENTY-FOURTHTextScoreAudio
3515If there is abundance of joy in your heart[If there is abundance of joy in your heart]TextScoreAudio
3516Jesus, Savior, oh, how trustfully[Jesus, Savior, oh, how trustfully]TextScoreAudio
3517Keep thy heart with earnest effort[Keep thy heart with earnest effort]TextScoreAudio
3518Keep Thou my way, O Lord, be Thou ever nigh[Keep Thou my way, O Lord, be Thou ever nigh]TextScoreAudio
3519Keep your colors flying[Keep your colors flying]TextScoreAudio
3520Keep thyself pure! Christ's soldier, hearPENTECOSTTextScoreAudio
3521Teach my little hands and feet[Teach my little hands and feet]TextScoreAudio
3522Oh, to be Kept for Jesus[Oh, to be Kept for Jesus]TextScoreAudio
3523King of glory, King of peaceGWALCHMAITextScoreAudio
3524The King of Glory standethGOSTERWOODTextScoreAudio
3525The King shall come when morning dawnsST. STEPHENTextScoreAudio
3526From all the dark places of earth's heathen races[From all the dark places of earth's heathen races]TextScoreAudio
3527The kings of the east are ridingWALLACE (Hamilton)TextScoreAudio
3528The King of Heav'n His table spreadsDUNDEETextScoreAudio
3529Wherever you may be, whatever you may see[Wherever you may be, whatever you may see]TextScoreAudio
3530The King is coming in glory[The King is coming in glory]TextScoreAudio
3531O thank the Lord, the Lord of love[O thank the Lord, the Lord of love]TextScoreAudio
3532The King of love my Shepherd isST. COLUMBATextScoreAudio
3533I am a stranger here, within a foreign land[I am a stranger here, within a foreign land]TextScoreAudio
3534O the kindly light is shining on my pathway[O the kindly light is shining on my pathway]TextScoreAudio
3535Kindly spring again is hereDA CHRISTUS GEBORENTextScoreAudio
3536Kind words can never die[Kind words can never die]TextScoreAudio
3537King of the City SplendidCITY OF LIGHTTextScoreAudio
3538This world is fair, this life is sweet[This world is fair, this life is sweet]TextScoreAudio
3539Come, gather, all tribes and all nationsKINGDOM OF SONGTextScoreAudio
3540Rejoice! Rejoice! our King is coming[Rejoice! Rejoice! our King is coming]TextScoreAudio
3541O kings from eastern shore[O kings from eastern shore]TextScoreAudio
3542Zion's mount His royal seat[Zion's mount His royal seat]TextScoreAudio
3543The King of saints, how fair His faceALLMÄCHTIGER GOTTTextScoreAudio
3544The King rejoiceth in Thy strengthFALCONERTextScoreAudio
3545We are the treasures of Christ the KingKNOB LICKTextScoreAudio
3546Knocking, knocking, who is there?[Knocking, knocking, who is there?]TextScoreAudio
3547Source from whence the stream of mercy[Source from whence the stream of mercy]TextScoreAudio
3548A king might miss the guiding starBIS WILKOMMENTextScoreAudio
3549On the hilltops, on the mountains[On the hilltops, on the mountains]TextScoreAudio
3550Dost thou know at thy bolted heart's door tonight[Dost thou know at thy bolted heart's door tonight]TextScoreAudio
3551King of saints, to whom the numberEVERTONTextScoreAudio
3552Kum ba yah, my Lord, kum ba yah[Kum ba yah, my Lord, kum ba yah]TextScoreAudio
3553Know ye the Lord hath borne awayMINSTER COURTTextScoreAudio
3554Look to the world, ’tis a temple fair[Look to the world, ’tis a temple fair]
3555Beautiful, wonderful morning![Beautiful, wonderful morning]TextScoreAudio
3556Let angels and archangels singGLADDENTextScoreAudio
3557In the harvest field there is work to do[In the harvest field there is work to do]TextScoreAudio
3558Do you hear the voice of God[Do you hear the voice of God]TextScoreAudio
3559Let all the earth Jehovah fearFRANCESTextScoreAudio
3560Let all on earth their voices raiseREX GLORIOSE MARTYRUMTextScore
3561Life is like a soaring aircraftEL PASOTextScoreAudio
3562Lord of all being, thronèd afarLOUVANTextScoreAudio
3563Let all that breathe Jehovah praiseWARDTextScoreAudio
3564Leaving all to follow Jesus[Leaving all to follow Jesus]TextScoreAudio
3565Light's abode, celestial SalemREGENT SQUARETextScoreAudio
3566Laden with guilt, and full of fearsST. SAVIOUR (Baker)TextScoreAudio
3567Lord, all I am is known to Thee:BELMONTTextScoreAudio
3568Lord of all power and mightSTOWELLTextScoreAudio
3569Lamb of God, I look to TheeALCESTERTextScoreAudio
3570Up to the throne of God is borneWAREHAMTextScoreAudio
3571Lord, a Savior's love displayingMERTON (Monk)TextScoreAudio
3572The Lord ascendeth up on highASCENDIT DEUSTextScoreAudio
3573If I walk in the pathway of duty[If I walk in the pathway of duty]TextScoreAudio
3574Lord, as to Thy dear cross we fleeST. ANNETextScoreAudio
3575Lord, at this closing hourBOYLSTONTextScoreAudio
3576The Law commands and makes us knowOLD 100THTextScoreAudio
3577The law of God is good and wiseERHALT UNS, HERRTextScoreAudio
3578Lord of all worlds, let thanks and praiseDUANE STREETTextScoreAudio
3579Lord, as we Thy name professSAVANNAHTextScoreAudio
3580Oh, come, sinner, come! 'tis mercy's call[Oh, come, sinner, come! 'tis mercy's call]TextScoreAudio
3581If never the gaze of sun and moon[If never the gaze of sun and moon]TextScoreAudio
3582The Lamb's high banquet called to sharePADDINGTONTextScoreAudio
3583Lamp of our feet! whereby we traceBEATITUDOTextScoreAudio
3584The lands that long in darkness layERNANTextScoreAudio
3585The earth shall melt with fervent heat[The earth shall melt with fervent heat]TextScoreAudio
3586Lord and Savior, true and kindHALTON HOLGATETextScoreAudio
3587Father, I scarcely dare to praySAGINATextScoreAudio
3588Laurels, fresh laurels, for the Sunday School we bring[Laurels, fresh laurels, for the Sunday School we bring]TextScoreAudio
3589The law that the Lord has ordainedESKRIDGETextScoreAudio
3590Lord, it belongs not to my careEVANTextScoreAudio
3591Lord, bless and pity usST. MICHAELTextScoreAudio
3592Lord, behold us with Thy blessingCLIFTON COLLEGETextScoreAudio
3593The Lord be with us as we bendDALEHURSTTextScoreAudio
3594Lord, be Thy Word my ruleEDEN (Feilden)TextScoreAudio
3595Little children, come away[Little children, come away]TextScoreAudio
3596Little children, can you tellCHRISTMAS MORNINGTextScoreAudio
3597Let Christian faith and hope dispelST. MAGNUSTextScoreAudio
3598Love consecrates the humblest actTWENTY-FOURTHTextScoreAudio
3599A little child is born tonight[A little child is born tonight]TextScoreAudio
3600Love came down at ChristmasGARTONTextScoreAudio

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